Does your SEO company guarantee results?


When we pay for goods or services, we expect them to be delivered when agreed. So, when business owners are looking for an agency to partner with, often the first question they ask is, do you guarantee results?

However, what often mystifies business owners is why a lot of the leading agencies do not guarantee results.

Often the business owner states well if you do not have confidence that you can deliver, neither should.

 Well this may sound like a fair comment, however after reading this blog post you will be all the wiser as to why a lot of seo agencies do not guarantee results.


The benchmark is already set

There’s no two ways about it, for some business’s SEO has, and is still delivering the bulk of their sales.

That’s to say some businesses have become dependent on seo to drive sales for the business.

As the business has grown, and has seen what SEO can do, a lot of businesses then reinforce their strong position by investing more.

This often means that some businesses will have invested for many years. Therefore, the amount of SEO work that has been already implemented, well it can sometimes be substantial.

So, you guessed it, the benchmark set by your competitors may already be set very high.

That is why its important that when a business starts to invest in SEO, it’s crucial that the client acknowledges that the competition can sometimes be very strong, and the investment needed to catch-up with the competition can sometimes be a lot.


So, are you saying there’s no point in competitive business sectors?

For some business sectors there is no point trying to reach the top with an seo agency, if the budget that one business is investing is minuscule in comparison to some companies.

The reason being is that the companies that have heavily invested will have strengthened what us SEO’s refer to as “ranking signals”.

There are thought to be over 200 ranking signals in total. On a regular basis the search engines, such as Google read these signals, and the websites with the strongest signals will rank at the top of Google.

That’s of course if the website is also relevant for the question that is asked to Google.

So with that said, businesses that are at the top will have built sometimes many hundreds, if not thousands of good quality backlinks. Many hundreds of good quality content marketing articles may have been added. In a nutshell the competition may had the jump-start.

This is why its important to assess the mountain that needs to be climbed when investing in seo.


Why you should be wary of an seo agency that says yes to everything

Good quality seo takes a lot of time, yet if the quality is good Google, and the other search engines can reward you.

This means that a lot of time is needed to implement seo, and therefore the good quality agencies reflect this within their prices.

However, then you have the more unscrupulous agencies, these may say yes to anything. They may say that you can get your business to the top of Google in a short amount of time.

Basically, they may state the sky is the limit, and they are the geniuses that you need to pay.

For a temporary blip in time they may even appear to be fulfilling their promises, that’s to say visitor numbers are up, and some goods are flying out of the door.

Then things go quiet, very quiet. This unnerving quietness is caused by the website possibly incurring a penalty.

These can be an algorithmic or manual penalty, and this can basically mean that the website drops in terms of where it ranks.

If the seo has been really bad, in terms of quality, well the website may disappear altogether.

And this is when the business often finds out why that agency was so cheap, and why they were so willing to say that the sky is the limit.


Quality matters

As you can see, when it comes to SEO quality really does matter. This means in order to improve where a business ranks, you should invest in white hat seo. This basically means that the seo is of high quality.

Yet, do beware, there are so many rubbish seo agencies, that implement poor quality seo that still call themselves “white hat”.

However, choosing the right agency for your business that offers good quality work is important, as a website that’s hit by a penalty can be costly.

Costly for two reasons, one that it can take a long time sometimes to recover from a penalty, secondly if a marketing agency is appointed to rectify the penalty, then this can sometimes be rather expensive.

If you require help with your businesses online marketing, then why not give us a ring?