Does your business deserve to be on the first page?


It goes without saying that most businesses want to be ranked on the first page of Google. And yes, that is the whole point of investing in seo.

However, with that said, we think it’s crucial that some businesses turn their perception of SEO on its head- and dare we say it, even some agencies as well.

The reason being is this, most people think that when you pay for seo, that if a certain amount of work is implemented then rankings will increase.

This is regardless of how well the audience, which are your potential customers perceive the SEO work to be.

Some businesses therefore think that investing in set seo packages, that roll-off work like a set menu at a restaurant is the way to go.

We are going to say it right here, right now, punching out seo work just to satisfy a checklist of work is a dead approach to seo.

New era of SEO

Were now in a totally new era of seo, and your website is kind of like a gladiator within a stadium.

To survive, and to win the battle the work must be of such high quality it will impress the audience.

The audience therefore want to see the website survive. Well the websites that don’t impress, that don’t make their mark, well they are swiftly taken out of the stadium, and no longer will be a victor.

We are in a new era of seo, we are now competing within a sort of popularity contest.

Monitor the stats

It used to be the case that an seo agency would say we are going to build so many backlinks for you per month. We will also going to write so many articles, and in return you will pay a monthly fee.

The customer thought that the more work that they were obtaining for that fee, the more they were getting for their money.

This idea of seo is what left so many businesses marketing strategies destined to fail.

Instead the agency that is bold enough to say, we are done with offering quantity, your website needs a diet.

The only thing that we are going to feed your website with is quality. This quality work is going to be of real use to your customers.

It’s going to offer a new perspective, its going to answer this common questions better than any of your competitors. It is these agencies, and clients that are now winning.

Time on site

Write 400 to 500 words of sheer marketing rubbish and you will most likely bore your audience to death.

Write an article that helps them to solve a problem, find a solution and you are on the right path.

Bounce rates

If you opened a brand new restaurant, and each week you opened your doors you seen customers come in, then leave straightaway you would start asking questions, right?

Yet so many businesses spend many thousands of pounds on their websites, yet their bounce rates are sky-high.

A sky-high bounce rate is exactly the same as owning a shop, and having people fly in, and then fly back out again.

If your agency is ignoring your sky-high bounce rate, then ask why, better still change agencies.

How long are people spending on your website?

It’s one thing to have your bounce rate reduced, its another to keep your visitors on your website for a long time.

Your website should have the same objectives as a leading comedian. That is you must keep your audience interested, lose their interest, and you will lose the objective.

A comedian has to constantly keep an audience’s attention, otherwise it’s easy for a stadium or hall to empty quickly. The same can be said about your business’s website, you must keep the audience engaged.

Monitor the average time on site figures within your businesses Google Analytics account, and then constantly aim to keep your visitors’ interested for longer, and longer.


Rubbish seo methods are dead, no longer can you get away with stuffing the text with keywords, or asking a friends business to link to yours. These methods are old fashioned, rubbish and quite frankly finished with.

We are now in the era of RankBrain, which is an era which means sophisticated AI technology is being mixed with conventional ranking signals.

This means that the search engine giants like Google now have more than ever, a better understanding of if you are boring your audience to death, or if they like your business’s website, and what your business has to offer.


400 words of nonsense

So many people flock to certain agencies because they have so many staff, or they have won an award somewhere.

Yet, behind the scenes there are so many agencies that are using rubbish methods of seo. Slowly their clients are noticing that their seo is not as powerful, the amount of customers are slowly dwindling away.

Why is this? Why are so many agencies losing the powerful impact they once made on a business’s website?

The answer is simple. The answer is the same as how so many powerful businesses have failed over the years, they have failed to innovate.

Believing that everything will stay the same, is the single biggest mistake that so many agencies make.

The most common mistake is this, writing 400- 500 words of content marketing that is written to satisfy a wordcount.

Instead now content marketing must be so much more, it must have a real purpose, be useful or it will actually damage a websites rankings.

Google Analytics

Do you ever drive your car and ignore the dashboard? No, of course not, before you know it you would be going too fast, or the car would run out of fuel.

So why would you run a business, that relies on its website to generate sales, yet ignore Google Analytics?

Google Analytics will tell you everything you need to know about how your website is performing.



Your business may have recognised the importance of seo some time ago, to stay ahead of the curve you may have hired either an agency, or someone within your business to manage the companies seo and social media.

You may have grilled the person during the interview, to understand if they knew everything there was to know about seo, but did you do the same about your business sector?

Do they understand what you do? Or do they just understand the business and what it offers on a superficial level?

Knowing that a few keywords need to be promoted. Well this strategy is going to fail, we believe and we know that it far better to have someone that understands seo, but now more than ever they have to understand what your business has to offer as well.

This may sound so basic, but take a look at some businesses social media accounts right now. Does the person understand what the business offers? Or is it the same rubbish everyone else is doing?

Do they offer a unique perspective? Something that will really interest your audience? Well they should be.


Don’t preach, listen

So many seo companies and businesses preach, yet some of the best agencies listen to what customers want, then respond.

If you are launching a product or a new service, if you are moving offices, if you are writing about what your product does, listen to what your customers are saying.

They will offer you a free insight into common problems that your customers are facing prior to purchasing.

For instance, perhaps they do not know how your product differs from a direct competitor.

It’s now time to write that blog post, or new social media campaign explaining how your new feature is doing something new, something that the competitors are not offering.

Then use the questions that have been asked within the work, so that your business is listening, and then responding.

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