You may have asked a SEO company for a quote, and within that quote for SEO you may have noticed that the agency mentioned that they will provide “content marketing”but what does this mean?

Well, if you were to ask any good SEO consultant that’s worth their salt, they will say this, that is that content marketing is an essential component when it comes to improving where a business is ranked.

So, no matter if you run a solicitor’s practice, a dental practice or let’s say you run a B&B business- content marketing can help your business to improve its organic SEO.


What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing could be a blog post, an article, or let’s say a piece of writing that’s published within a newspaper.

But here’s the thing, if content marketing is produced correctly, well, it can help to improve your businesses SEO.

However, if the business invests in low-quality content marketing, so say duplicated content marketing, well, this could damage your businesses SEO.


So, what forms of content marketing works best:

·        Content marketing that understands your business

·        That offers useful advice

·        That’s well written

So let’s say you run a business here in Cardiff that sells furniture, but you specialise in furniture that’s made using recycled wood.

So, you may write blog posts about where the wood comes from, and how you make your furniture, and how this form of furniture is good for the environment.

Now, you may write a number of blog posts about how you have made dining room tables and chairs from recycled wood, for example from scaffolding boards. So, now when someone is looking for “scaffolding board tables” or “handmade furniture Cardiff”– your business is more likely to appear.

This is how content marketing can help a business.

How can this help to improve my businesses SEO?

Well, let’s say for example you run a plumbing business, and your business sells bathroom suites locally here within Cardiff.

Now, a really poor SEO company may come along and say what you need to do is write “bathroom suites Cardiff” again and again into the written work- this however is really poor quality SEO.

However, a really good marketing agency, like us, well we would say you should write guides that your customers will find really useful.

So, for example, guides such as how to create a Victorian inspired bathroom, or how to install a shower area easily.


How will your SEO Cardiff agency use content marketing to improve our businesses SEO?


We will create high quality content marketing complete with:

·        Alt tags

·        Meta titles

·        Meta descriptions

·        Internal links


What is Google’s algorithm?

Google’s algorithm is what will spot when an SEO company, like ours here in Cardiff adds new SEO work to your website.

Then the algorithm will compare your businesses SEO with your competitors, the websites with the best SEO will rank at the top.

So, if a website gets updated regularly the SEO will be made stronger?

Yes, but only if the work is white hat and good quality.

Are blog posts a form of content marketing?

Yes they are.

Why does quality matter?

Because so many businesses think that quality does not matter, however it does, and that’s because if the quality is low, then the business could incur a penalty.

What is Google’s Panda update?

It’s a form of penalty, its placed on websites with low quality SEO.

How our SEO company can help:

We can offer you an affordable SEO solution, so why not call us for more information?