Common reasons why so many businesses do not invest in organic SEO


So, as a business owner, or let’s say the manager of a marketing team, well you will have loads of different options when it comes to choosing which marketing option is right for your business.

For example, your business may opt for many different options, you may opt for radio advertising, print advertising or let’s say a T.V commercial.

And often if you run say a T.V commercial, well your brand is potentially going to be watched by millions of people, so your business may see a surge in business.

However, with forms of marketing like organic SEO, well you could pay a digital marketing agency a lot to improve your company’s SEO, yet you may not see results for many months.

And this means that in many companies there is still a lot of opposition to investing in SEO.

So, we are going to look at some of the common questions that our business gets asked when a business is sceptical whether or not to invest in SEO.

#1 SEO takes too long to see results

This is very true, it’s a fact often it takes some time to generate results, sometimes many months.

So, if you think that organic SEO is a quick process, well often you will be mistaken.

So, if you contact a digital marketing agency and they say, well we can your business on the first page in weeks, or say just a few months, well sometimes this is simply not possible.

And when we say not possible, we mean if the business is investing in white hat SEO, which is the only form of SEO that our business offers.

#2 Organic SEO will bring people to our website that will not purchase anything from the business

Sometimes a business will believe that certain forms of marketing, such as organic SEO will not work for their business model.

Well, we would say that it does depend on which business you run, but what we would also say is that if people are looking for businesses in your business sector online, well why wouldn’t your business want to invest?

So, whether you sell double glazing, or let’s say you run a solicitor practice, people will be looking for the services that your business offers.

And now because it’s an absolute piece of cake to ask your smartphone “Hi Google, can you find me businesses that install double glazed windows near me”- well surely you would want your business to appear?

#3 White hat SEO can cost a lot

The old saying is very true, you do get what you pay for, there will always be online marketing companies that offer low prices, but then deliver rubbish quality work.

So, if you want really good quality SEO, then you need to hire a business like us, and we always give honest estimates for how long it will take your business to reach the first page using white hat seo.

Plus, if the work is quality, and by this we mean white hat, well this often takes a lot of time, so often white hat SEO will cost more.

And we only recommend hiring a business that offers quality SEO, and the reason for that is if a business invests in low-quality SEO, well the business could incur a penalty, such as a Google Penguin penalty.

#4 There are so many companies that will just take our money, and we will not see any results

Well, sadly this is true, there’s no getting around it, there are digital marketing agencies, freelancers, marketing companies and anybody that’s offering to implement seo, that sometimes just want to do it to pull the wool over the business owners eyes or the person in charge of marketing.

So this is why you need to hire a respected business, one that will offer assurances that the work is white hat.


#5 We won’t know if our SEO business is actually doing any work

Okay, so if your business was to invest in say a radio advert, well it is simply a case of listening to that station, and seeing if your radio adverts are being played as scheduled by the radio station..

However with SEO its often the case the digital marketing agency will need to work on improving the businesses backlinks, writing content marketing, improving the businesses onsite SEO and also if its local SEO that needs to be improved well business citations, and your businesses Google My Business will often need to be improved.

So how as a business do you keep on track of what work your online marketing agency is working on?

Well, our online marketing agency will always explain what work we plan on implementing, so that our clients are fully informed of what SEO work we are working on.

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