How to improve your businesses local SEO in 2020


If you know a thing or two about local SEO, well you will know that things regularly change.

That’s to say perhaps Google’s algorithm will change so that websites with low-quality backlinks will be demoted.

Or perhaps the algorithm will change so that businesses that have really good business reviews, that are written on their Google My Business account will see their website go up the ranks.

As a well-known SEO agency we thought it would be a good idea to write a guide on how you can improve your businesses seo in 2020.

However, before we do start, we must say that all seo work that you implement must be white hat.

Onsite SEO

Okay, so first things first, the onsite SEO, this is where our digital marketing agency normally starts work.

And this is no different whether you run a solicitor’s practice or say a local bakery, a good place to start improving your businesses seo is to start with the businesses onsite seo.

However, before you do start, we would strongly recommend that get a good grasp of white hat seo rules. Alternatively, you may wish to hire a marketing agency who should be able to tell you the rules and perhaps write you out a marketing strategy.

However, here’s another piece of advice, not all marketing agencies offer quality white hat advice, so you do have to pick which marketing company you choose wisely.

Meta titles and meta descriptions

A good place to start is to write meta titles, and meta descriptions for every page and every blog post.

Now you may think well that sounds really difficult to do write? Well, that’s wrong, and that reason for that is because if you have a WordPress website, well there’s a lot of really good plugins such as SEO Yoast.

With Yoast you can add meta titles, meta descriptions very easily. The reason adding meta titles and meta descriptions because so easy is once you’ve logged into your WordPress Dashboard, and you’ve scrolled to the bottom of a page or blog post, you will see your SEO Yoast plugin, and you then just add your meta title and meta description.

Content marketing

Don’t know what content marketing is? Well, you must, you must also know how to write content marketing in a white hat way.

So, for example, lets say that you run a solicitors practice, your marketing agency should understand the areas of law that your solicitors practice offers advice for, and then write very good blog posts.

The content marketing must be high-quality, and what do we mean by high-quality? Well, that’s simple, you must understand the questions that your customers often have, and then offer really good advice.

So, for example, let’s say that you run a bakery, and you specialise in making wedding cakes, and you often have questions such as, how many tiers can a customer have on their cake, and also what type of fillings do you offer?

So, you may choose to write a blog post about wedding cakes, and how many tiers your bakery can build. And then you may wish to supplement this with pictures of the cakes you have already made.

And you as the business owner may well be thinking, well all this will take a great deal of advice, plus I am giving away free advice, so where’s the benefit?

Well, the benefit is that content marketing is an important part of local SEO, and without it your business may not get ranked on the first page.

Also, its worth keeping this in mind, one seo agency may well state that your business will receive content marketing, but here’s the thing, the work must be top quality.

Top quality content marketing can help you business to improve its seo, poor quality content marketing that’s been written by a low-quality seo company, well, that could mean that your business triggers a Google Panda penalty, which means that your business could be removed off Google.

So, our best advice is always in invest in white hat work, and always hire a good quality seo company.

Is the websites design up to scratch?

You may wish to hire the best online marketing agency in the whole world, but if your company’s website is not well designed, for example the main menu is difficult to use, well your SEO will suffer.

So often a website designer and an SEO consultant or agency often have to work closely together.

Sometimes this will involve split testing, which some marketing agencies call A/B testing, all this means is that some companies will try a number of different website design changes, such as changing the main menu, or changing the homepages design, until the company reaches a point where it starts to increase its sales.

So often a website design company will often work closely with the seo agency.

Anchor text

Is your anchor text on your website over optimised? So let’s say for example that you well cement mixers, and that’s your best selling product on your website, so you then write “cement mixers” on every anchor text on your website-good idea?

No, most definitely not, the anchor text should be written so it provides to the reader a good idea of where the link points to.

So for example, lets say your business sells candles, and a link within the blog post will take the reader to the product section that sells beeswax candles, we would recommend that the anchor text states “beeswax candles that we sell”.

This way when GoogleBot, which is used by Google to update its algorithm reads the anchor text, it will know straightaway that the link is about beeswax candles.

All anchor text must therefore be written in a white hat way.

Internal backlinks

You may well be wondering what are internal backlinks? Well, let’s say you are looking to purchase a new winter jacket, well that page may have to the side other clothing items that people buy when they purchase a winter jacket, such as a winter coat.

For example, the page may have a link that says “gloves” or “scarfs” for example, these are examples of an internal backlink.

And why are they important when it comes to SEO? Well, that’s an easy one to answer, that’s because internal backlinks make it much easier for a page to be crawled and indexed by GoogleBot.

So this simply means GoogleBot can spot the internal backlink, read the anchor text, and then follow the backlink so that the work can be indexed.

This also means that Google’s algorithm can then calculate the SEO importance of the page, for example the page may have a lot of good quality backlinks, which may help to improve the pages SEO and the websites SEO.

So having internal backlinks are important, as it allows GoogleBot to index the work.


What does Schema mean? Well, quite simply put it’s a form of structured language, and this simply means that Google’s algorithm can better understand the information.

So, let’s give you an example, lets say that you run a business here in Cardiff, lets say you run a hairdressers within Cardiff Bay.

Now, on your website you may have thousands of words of text, so how would GoogleBot and Google’s algorithm know where your business is based, and what your businesses phone number is?

Well, this is why SEO companies, like Adore will use Schema to make sure that the NAP information is marked using Schema, this way the businesses NAP (Name of the business, its address and phone number) are all marked-up using Schema.  


This may sound really basic, but its one of the most important areas that some businesses and SEO companies forget, that is does your business have a page for each main service that it offers?

So, let’s give you an example, let’s say you own a garage, and you sell classic cars, yet you don’t just sell classic cars, no you also specialise in car restoration, and also car repairs for classic cars.

But has your website designer made a page for each service that you offer, that’s to say one for classic cars, one for car restoration and one for classic car repairs?


Well, your business could be missing out, that’s to say an SEO company may get the business on the first page for say “classic car dealerships in + name of city” but what if someone has a classic car, and is looking for a local garage to repair the car?

So your website designer and your SEO company should make sure that every service that your business offers has its own page.


Has your business got a blog?


Well it should, however with that said, some businesses hire a local SEO business, which will write the blog posts for the business.

However, you should only partner with a good quality SEO agency, if the work is not white hat, then this won’t improve your SEO, in matter of fact it could mean that your business receives a penalty, which means that the business may drop down the ranks.

This is why businesses should only partner with a white hat company.

Your business should then have blog posts added, the blog posts should have a meta title, meta description, alt text, internal backlinks.

White hat

All of the SEO work should be white hat, if you are unsure what white hat means then you should consult with an SEO agency.

If the work is not white hat, then your business could incur an algorithmic or manual penalty. For example, lets say your business hires the wrong seo company, this means low-quality backlinks could be built, which could mean that your business incurs a Google Penguin penalty


It’s really important that NAP details are added to your website, if you do not know what NAP means, then NAP simply stands for name of your business, your businesses address, or phone number.

We always recommend that this information is added within the footer of your website, then on the contact page, and also use Schema to mark-up this information.

The reason that we always recommend using Schema is because Schema can be easily read by GoogleBot.

And as this blog post is about how to improve your businesses local SEO, its really important that your business has its NAP information written on your website so that GoogleBot can read this information.

Mobile version

Is there a mobile version of your website? If you do not have a mobile version, then we would strongly recommend that you speak to a website designer, this is so a mobile version of your website can be built.


You may want a AMP version of your website, AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages, this simply means that a mobile version of your website can be loaded quicker.

You may wish therefore to have a mobile version of your website created by a website designer.

Has your business got a Google My Business account?

Often a business will forget to obtain a Google My Business account, however its really simple to do, and this could really help to improve your businesses local SEO.

Our SEO agency recommends that once you have a Google My Business account, you should add the following information:

·        Opening hours

·        Address of your business

·        Phone number of your business

·        Website address

·        A description of your business

What is Google My Business?

Let’s say that you are looking for a local builder here within Cardiff, South Wales.

So you type “local builders”- now often what you will see are PPC (Pay Per Click) ads, right at the top of Google, then you will normally have local businesses next to a map, for your business to be shown here, your business will need a Google My Business account.

Yet our digital marketing agency would recommend that you spend some time setting up your Google My Business account, that’s to say make sure you write a good company description, and fill in as much detail as you can.

Our SEO agency recommends that you add as much detail as possible because having a Google My Business account can help to improve your businesses local SEO.

For example, a marketing agency may recommend that business citations are created, that a Google My Business account is set-up and that your businesses onsite seo is also improved.

Most marketing agencies, ours included will often offer a fixed monthly price to improve your businesses local seo and also organic seo as well.

Why are Google My Business reviews important?

Once you have set-up your Google My Business account, and made sure that your business or the marketing agency have verified the account, then your business can start to obtain business reviews that are left by customers on your Google My Business account.

Now, our marketing agency, and marketing agencies that offer good quality advice will always recommend this, that is never write fake business reviews.

Fake business reviews can often mean that your account is removed. Google’s algorithm is very good at detecting low-quality seo, so do not write fake business reviews.

Is your NAP information correct?

Make sure that your businesses NAP information is correct, for example some businesses change the NAP information on the contact us page, but not the footer.

Also, sometimes a business will update its website but not all of its business citations, this can cause SEO problems.

The reason it can cause problems is that your website may state you are located at your new address, yet your business citations may state you are still at your old address.

This can confuse your customers, but also it may confuse GoogleBot, which can mean that your website is moved down the ranks, and a website that has better quality SEO is moved up.

So, here’s what our marketing agency recommends:

·        Your NAP details are consistent on your website and on your business citations

·        That you ask your SEO company to make sure that these details are kept up to date, i.e if you change address all NAP details are updated.

Has your phone number changed?

One of the most common problems that we encounter is a business will change its main phone number, but not update its business citations.

We would recommend the following when it comes to phone numbers and local SEO:

·        You try and retain your phone number

·        You use a local phone number and not a mobile number

·        That you make sure your NAP information, name of business, address and phone number is kept up to date across all business citations.

Have you verified your account?

As a business owner you will be busy, so often you may quickly read a blog post like this on how to improve your businesses SEO.

Over a cup of coffee you may write down a few notes, such as you need to set-up a Google My Business account, and you may sign-up to an account, yet often to finish off the registration process you often need to wait for a post card to be sent by Google, this will have a code that will need to be entered to verify your account.

Now often a lot of businesses may forget to do this, so the Google My Business account is then not verified.

So, this is why you must ensure that you do verify your account, or you could ask a SEO agency in Cardiff, like Adore to make sure that your Google My Business account is set-up correctly.

What does offsite SEO mean?

Offsite SEO could refer to backlinks, business citations or just mentions of your business name within say a newspaper website.

Offsite SEO is really important, as most seo companies believe that backlinks are still an important SEO signal.

So for example, as most marketing agencies will tell you, there are over 200 SEO signals, however with that said, not all SEO signals are worth the same, for example our seo company would say that high-quality backlinks are much more important than say a meta description on your website.

So often if you hire an SEO business, that business will need to balance their time between making sure that they strengthen the most important seo signals, yet strengthen as many as they can with the time they have allocated.

It’s also important to keep this in mind, let’s say that you run a business here within Cardiff, lets say for example that you sell car insurance.

Now your business is brand-new, so your marketing agency must start from scratch, yet your main competitors that you want to beat, well they have hired a SEO business for say the last 8 years, so now you will begin to appreciate that in order to beat these businesses, that your company has a lot of catching up to do.

We say this simply because for your business to beat another businesses SEO, your businesses SEO must be deemed stronger by Google’s algorithm.

Now there are over 200 seo signals, yet with that said if another business has been implementing seo for a long time before your business, then there seo will most likely be much stronger.

For example, where your business has 10 backlinks, your direct competitor may have say 10,000 backlinks, so this has to be kept in mind that organic and local seo are a slow process, plus your seo budget must be realistic if you want to overtake your direct competitors, as in some cases they may have invested millions of pounds.

What are backlinks?

So, let’s say that you run a business that lists cars for other car dealers, now your shopping for a brand of car, and you find the car that you want to purchase.

You click the link which will take you to the car dealers’ website, this is called following a backlink.

Now as you can see a backlink is really useful to the customer, as they can then land on the car dealers’ website without having to type the websites address.

Yet from an SEO perspective it’s the link that can help to improve your company’s SEO, that’s because if your business manages to accrue the following types of links, then this could improve your businesses local SEO:

·        Quality

·        Built in a white hat way

·        From a high-quality website

Link Equity

Often a business that does not understand SEO will sometimes think that the more backlinks the better, however this is most definitely not the approach to take.

Businesses that build low-quality backlinks, sometimes referred to as spam will often incur a penalty.

An example of a link penalty would be a Google Penguin penalty. This is why its so important that your businesses backlinks are built in a white hat way, plus the backlinks must be quality.

Anchor Text

So many businesses make the mistake of just adding the words they want to rank for within the anchor text of the link. So, for example, lets say that you run a web design business, well you may write “web design + name of city” into every link, however this is not white hat.

Instead the anchor text must be written so that it helps the reader, that’s to say forget about the SEO and instead write the anchor text so that will help the reader to know where the link is pointing.

Google’s Algorithm

Google’s Algorithm is what will decide if the link’s you have built are quality or not, and if the links are not quality, that’s to say not white hat, then your business could incur a penalty.

This is why often a white hat SEO company is needed, as only white hat links should be built.


All backlinks must be quality.

Earn don’t buy

We recommend not purchasing backlinks, we think its always better to earn. So for example, lets say that you run a business here in Cardiff, and you sell bikes, you may wish to write a blog post about electric bikes, or mountain bikes, and this blog post may help people who are unsure on what mountain or electric bike to buy.

If the blog post is really good other websites, such as bike blogs or a bike magazine may link to the work. If the backlinks are really good quality then this may improve your seo.

What are business citations?

Earlier on within this article we mentioned that NAP (Name of your business, your business address and your company phone number) is important information when its comes to improving your seo.

This means that your business should have NAP information on your website, and on business citations.

Employ an SEO business

You may wish to hire an SEO company, often a business that wants to improve its local SEO will hire a local SEO agency.

The reason for this is that organic seo and local SEO are not a one-off process, often a business will need to work with a marketing agency for many years.

If you run a business here within Cardiff, and you want to invest in local SEO, then why not call us?

What does “NAP” mean?


So you’ve got a new website for your business, it looks great, but it doesn’t seem to be generating any sales, so what’s the solution?

Well, its now time to invest in quality SEO, and if your looking to sell your goods or services locally, well you will require local SEO.

And an important part of the local SEO process is to build citations, detail your businesses NAP information and make sure that all business citations are consistent.

This is where we can help, so if you want to find out more about what NAP means, and how NAP can be used to improve a businesses SEO, well this is the blog post for you.

What does NAP mean?

NAP simply means name of the business, its address and the businesses phone number, it really is as simple as that.

Why is NAP important?

Well, lets say you run a business here within Cardiff, and you mention your businesses address on your website.

Well, how would Google’s algorithm know if that information is up to date, that’s to say you could have changed address, or changed your phone number.

So many SEO agencies believe if all of your business’s citations, and the NAP information on your website is the same, well this sends a message to Google that the NAP information is more likely to be accurate.

This is why SEO companies always recommend that the NAP information is kept up to date, that’s both on your company’s website, but also on your businesses NAP details.

How can it be used to improve my businesses SEO?

That’s a simple one to answer, let’s say someone is looking for a “bike shop in Cardiff” and one business does not have any business citations.

Yet, the second business has 100 citations, these all say that the businesses address is within Cardiff, so which business do you think that Google’s algorithm is more likely going to rank higher?

That’s right the business that has over 100 citations, which are all built in a white hat way.

Why must my businesses NAP details be consistent?

This is another really important point to make, that’s because your businesses citations, and NAP information must all be consistent, so you shouldn’t write ST, if another citation says Street for example.

What are business citations?

Business citations are just mere mentions of your businesses NAP information.

So, if I run a business within Cardiff, could this improve our local SEO?

Yes, but only if its done in a white hat way. If implemented incorrectly then your business could obtain “conflicting business citations”- which are business citations that do not match, which means that this could damage your businesses SEO, rather than helping it.

Why must all work be white hat?

It doesn’t matter if you own a bike shop, run a hair dressers or have a website that sells candles, all SEO work must always be white hat, if its not, well your business could incur a penalty.

Google My Business- how it can help to improve your SEO


Do you run a business here within Cardiff, South Wales?

If so then you will undoubtably want your business to standout online, and for this to happen an SEO agency, such as ours will normally be hired to improve a businesses organic SEO as well as the businesses local SEO as well.

And as any digital marketing agency will agree with, is one way a business can improve its local SEO is to create a Google My Business account.

A Google My Business account can allow a business to appear within the map listings, plus also for the business to improve its NAP information.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business allows a business to set up an account which will state key facts about the business, such as store opening hours, the address of the business, the phone number and also the businesses name.

So let’s say you run a pet shop within Cardiff, you could set up a Google My Business account, and then when someone is looking for a local pet shop, your business may appear in the map results.

How can my business obtain a Google My Business account?

This is really easy to do, just follow the link here, and you can start setting up your own Google My Business account.

What information should my business write on our Google My Business account?

It’s really important that you mention your businesses NAP information, so this means your businesses name, its address and phone number.

Will this help to improve our local SEO?

Yes it can, but we would say don’t think that your business will appear like magic within the Google My Business results, and the organic results, as normally more work is needed.

For example, your business will need to obtain real customer reviews, write content marketing and also often your business will need high-quality backlinks.

How can my business optimise our Google My Business account?

Customer reviews

It’s important that your business obtains real customer reviews, we say real because so many businesses write fake business reviews, but then Google’s algorithm can detect this.

This then means your business could incur a penalty.

So the reviews must be genuine, so that means left by real customers.

NAP + Business citations + NAP on your company’s website

The NAP information written on your businesses Google My Business account should match exactly with the NAP information written on your businesses website, and with business citations, its widely thought by many SEO companies that this when implemented correctly, can help to improve your businesses SEO.

Do you run a business within Cardiff, South Wales?

If you do, and your business wants to invest in white hat SEO, then why not give our digital marketing agency a call?

Why is my digital marketing agency insisting that we invest time into creating content marketing?

So let’s be absolutely fair, it doesn’t matter if you run a multinational business, or a small business, if your investing in organic SEO you want to make sure that every single penny is being invested wisely.

That’s to say should you may well be investing in social media advertising, SEO or perhaps your business needs a new website?

Well, if you’ve recently hired a digital marketing agency, and you’ve attended a meeting where they have generated a few ideas on how to promote your business, then you may have heard the marketing agency mention “content marketing”.

And your online marketing agency may well be saying let’s spend say 70% of your digital marketing budget on this, so you may now be wondering well, why is this such an important area of SEO?

Attract the right customers

“Hi there, we are just knocking doors to see if you would be interested in getting double glazing fitted?”

Hmm, how many doors need to be knocked before someone says yes, well, we are guessing a lot!

What’s a better form of advertising in our view?

Well, being ranked at the top of Google, and having a lot of genuine reviews from customers, so when someone does actually want to find a double-glazing business, then there you are right in front of the customer.

This is why we think SEO is such an effective form of advertising, as when someone is looking for the product or service that your business offers, there your business is, right in front of the nose of the person that’s looking for a company like yours.


And what is one of the main methods that SEO companies like ours use to help get businesses get onto the first page of Google?

You got it, through adding content marketing to a website, plus using content marketing to earn backlinks.

But here’s the thing, the content marketing must be quality, it must be white hat, it must be useful.

So many businesses think that writing content marketing and obtaining backlinks is an absolute piece of cake, however, a lot of businesses have also obtain Google Penalties, such as Google Penguin and Panda penalties because they have built links in the wrong way, or because their content marketing is simply not white hat.

So its really worth making sure all SEO work is white hat.


Does it really help to build backlinks?

Banklinko released a study of 912 million blog posts and found that 94% of all blog posts published have no external links pointing to them.

So it could be argued that a lot of blog posts do not obtain backlinks, however, you have to ask yourself, the really useful blog posts well they might.

So let’s say you have a DIY job planned for the weekend, your fitting a new bathroom suite, so you’ve found an article that explains how to fit a shower tray easily.

Now, why did that article come in the top three results for “how do you install a shower tray”- well its most likely because that article has a lot of backlinks.

A lot of other people may have found it useful, for example they may own their own blogs, where they have blogged about how they renovated their homes, and written their own blog posts, then linked to that website.

And if your website does obtain quality backlinks, then this can help to improve your SEO.

How we can help:

If you run a business within Cardiff, South Wales, and your business requires help with it’s SEO then why not call us?

Common reasons why so many businesses do not invest in organic SEO


So, as a business owner, or let’s say the manager of a marketing team, well you will have loads of different options when it comes to choosing which marketing option is right for your business.

For example, your business may opt for many different options, you may opt for radio advertising, print advertising or let’s say a T.V commercial.

And often if you run say a T.V commercial, well your brand is potentially going to be watched by millions of people, so your business may see a surge in business.

However, with forms of marketing like organic SEO, well you could pay a digital marketing agency a lot to improve your company’s SEO, yet you may not see results for many months.

And this means that in many companies there is still a lot of opposition to investing in SEO.

So, we are going to look at some of the common questions that our business gets asked when a business is sceptical whether or not to invest in SEO.

#1 SEO takes too long to see results

This is very true, it’s a fact often it takes some time to generate results, sometimes many months.

So, if you think that organic SEO is a quick process, well often you will be mistaken.

So, if you contact a digital marketing agency and they say, well we can your business on the first page in weeks, or say just a few months, well sometimes this is simply not possible.

And when we say not possible, we mean if the business is investing in white hat SEO, which is the only form of SEO that our business offers.

#2 Organic SEO will bring people to our website that will not purchase anything from the business

Sometimes a business will believe that certain forms of marketing, such as organic SEO will not work for their business model.

Well, we would say that it does depend on which business you run, but what we would also say is that if people are looking for businesses in your business sector online, well why wouldn’t your business want to invest?

So, whether you sell double glazing, or let’s say you run a solicitor practice, people will be looking for the services that your business offers.

And now because it’s an absolute piece of cake to ask your smartphone “Hi Google, can you find me businesses that install double glazed windows near me”- well surely you would want your business to appear?

#3 White hat SEO can cost a lot

The old saying is very true, you do get what you pay for, there will always be online marketing companies that offer low prices, but then deliver rubbish quality work.

So, if you want really good quality SEO, then you need to hire a business like us, and we always give honest estimates for how long it will take your business to reach the first page using white hat seo.

Plus, if the work is quality, and by this we mean white hat, well this often takes a lot of time, so often white hat SEO will cost more.

And we only recommend hiring a business that offers quality SEO, and the reason for that is if a business invests in low-quality SEO, well the business could incur a penalty, such as a Google Penguin penalty.

#4 There are so many SEO companies that will just take our money, and we will not see any results

Well, sadly this is true, there’s no getting around it, there are digital marketing agencies, freelancers, marketing companies and anybody that’s offering to implement seo, that sometimes just want to do it to pull the wool over the business owners eyes or the person in charge of marketing.

So this is why you need to hire a respected business, one that will offer assurances that the work is white hat.

#5 We won’t know if our SEO business is actually doing any work

Okay, so if your business was to invest in say a radio advert, well it is simply a case of listening to that station, and seeing if your radio adverts are being played as scheduled by the radio station..

However with SEO its often the case the digital marketing agency will need to work on improving the businesses backlinks, writing content marketing, improving the businesses onsite SEO and also if its local SEO that needs to be improved well business citations, and your businesses Google My Business will often need to be improved.

So how as a business do you keep on track of what work your online marketing agency is working on?

Well, our online marketing agency will always explain what work we plan on implementing, so that our clients are fully informed of what SEO work we are working on.

Would you like to hire us?

If you are looking for an online marketing company within Cardiff, then why not call us?


How your business within Cardiff can improve its local SEO


Whether you run a small business here in Cardiff, or perhaps you’re a large business that relies on obtaining customers locally, its now essential for many companies to invest in SEO.

So, whether you’re a local hairdressing saloon, or you’re a large law practice employing many hundreds of staff, you’re bound to want to get more customers.

SEO for those that don’t know what it means stands for search engine optimisation.

And normally most digital marketing agencies, normally split their SEO services into two main categories, they are “local SEO” and also “national or organic SEO”.

So, to help your business to improve its local SEO, so you can focus on one city or town, we thought we would right a blog post explaining different ways that you can improve your local SEO.

#1 Set up a Google My Business account

Haven’t done this yet? Well, why not?

It’s super easy to do, so you just provide to Google information about your business, such as its Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP).

Then you should ask an SEO company to make sure that your NAP information is consistent, i.e on your website you have your businesses name, address and phone number written.

Then this should match your businesses Google My Business account, plus it should also match all of your business’s citations.

#2 Add Schema

Okay, so as an SEO consultant, you have to think like Google’s algorithm, so for example let’s say you run a car dealership, well your likely to have say 100 cars listed on your website.

There will often be information about the brand of the car, its mileage and also information such as what extras does it have such as air conditioning.

So, this means that Google has a lot of information it has to index, yet how does the algorithm know what the businesses address is, its phone number or let’s say the businesses name?

That’s to say each page may have over 1000 words on it, so how does Google’s algorithm know where to find the businesses name, address and phone number?

Well, this is what Schema is for, it allows the SEO agency to mark-up the businesses NAP information, so that the algorithms know exactly what the businesses name is, its address and phone number, this can help to improve the company’s local SEO.

#3 Earn high quality backlinks

High-quality backlinks are important, so let’s say for example you run a dental practice, and you want your business to be ranked number 1 for “dentists Cardiff”- for this to happen normally the business will need high-quality backlinks.

#4 Employ an SEO agency to add content marketing

A lot of businesses here in Cardiff employ a digital marketing agency to write content marketing and to add this to the company’s website every month.

The work must be high-quality, and how much content marketing is needed is dependent on how competitive your business sector is. So for example, a solicitors practice will normally need a lot of good quality content marketing, where a less competitive business, let’s say a company that makes wedding cakes in Cardiff, may need less written content marketing.

#5 Onsite SEO

If you employ an SEO company, they should work to improve your businesses onsite seo, so this could be writing meta titles, meta descriptions, anchor text, adding content marketing.

#6 Google’s algorithm

Some digital marketing agencies may implement SEO work which is not white hat, which means that Google’s algorithm could penalise the business. So only invest in quality white hat SEO.

#7  Update your website

You must update your website, so whether that’s updating plugins, or it could be working with an SEO company to make sure that they are adding blog posts to your website.

#8 White Hat

Make sure that all SEO work is white hat, by this we mean that if you employ a marketing company here in Cardiff, to help improve your businesses local SEO, the must be white hat.

#9 Employ a local SEO agency

There are now thousands of digital marketing agencies, based all across Britain, so you could hire a business that’s based in London, but often the business will need regular meetings with its marketing company, so its worth bearing this in mind, as if your company is based here in Cardiff, then why not hire a local SEO company?

#11 Mobile friendly

Your businesses website should be mobile friendly, so this means that the website resizes to the screen of a mobile or tablet. If your website is not mobile friendly then you could possibly be losing customers.

# Business reviews

If your customers leave positive reviews on your Google My Business account, and these reviews are real, then this can help to improve your businesses SEO.


Here’s a really important tip, its important to make sure that your monthly SEO cost is affordable.

This may sound like common-sense advice, however many businesses choose an expensive SEO company, yet then do not appreciate that they have to invest for a long time normally before the business can see results.

So, if a business is thinking that it can improve its organic SEO in say just a few months, and the business faces a lot of competition, then often this is not possible. Often to improve a businesses organic SEO this will take a lot of time, and this often why SEO agencies ask companies to sign a 12 month contract.

How we can help:

If your business would like a quote for local SEO or organic SEO, then why not call us?

How should I evaluate SEO performance?


Okay, so you’ve teamed up with a local SEO agency, and you’ve attended a few meetings with them, and its safe to say you are satisfied that they know what they are talking about.

But obviously you want to check how your SEO performance is fairing, and whether or not you are getting good value for money.

Well, as you might already know some seo reports can be mighty confusing, that’s because some are full of line graphs and so much marketing jargon that often it takes some time to actually decipher what the seo agency are talking about.

But do not fear, as we have highly experienced seo consultants that work for us, and we asked them what we think are some of the most important SEO metrics are.

So if these are not included in your seo report, well we would recommend that you ask your digital marketing agency to include them.


Okay, so this is a really important point, that is your website needs high-quality and relevant backlinks.

Now these backlinks must be built in a white hat way, so this means that the seo agency should be getting every aspect right. For example, if the seo company was to get building the backlinks wrong, well your business could incur a penalty, such as a Google Penguin penalty.

So this is why its important to have sent to you a list of links that the seo agency have built. And you should check these to see if they are quality backlinks.

Of course not every business will know what a quality backlink is, so we would recommend that you partner with an expert and pay for this advice independent of your seo agency.

Now you may well be thinking I am already paying an seo agency to build backlinks, why would I pay more to a backlink expert to check the links are quality backlinks?

Well, there’s an important reason for this, that’s because if your seo company gets it wrong, and the backlinks are not build correctly, well, your websites rankings could drop.

Now only this but your businesses rankings may drop for some time, that’s because there are many businesses that have received a link penalty, and they have taken a lot of time for their business to recover where it once was.

This is why backlinks are important, but its also important to make sure your only obtaining quality backlinks.

Organic traffic

Some business owners get obsessed with where their business ranks, that’s to say when making their morning coffee they may well be asking Google everyday where their business ranks for a certain term.

For example, they may ask Google “Divorce solicitors + name of city” that’s because they run a family law practice in that city, and they know as the owner of that business how important it is to rank for that term.

But here’s the thing, one day you may well be ranked first, the next day 3rd and then the following day your business may well be 1st again.

What we are getting at is your business will fluctuate in terms of where it ranks, your business will move up and down depending on where the algorithm determines your business should be.

Now most SEO companies would say don’t just check where your business ranks in just one snapshot in time, instead use Google Search Console to open up a wider timeframe, say 1 week or 1 month to get an average figure for where you ranked for “divorce solicitors”- and this would be the correct way of doing things.

But then again don’t just check where your business ranks, no, instead check how many organic visitors you are getting.

Because here’s the thing, your business may rank number 1 for some terms, but if no one is searching those terms, well what’s the point?

For example, you may make wedding cakes that are made from organic ingredients, and your digital marketing agency may e-mail you one day and say you now rank number one in your city for “organic wedding cakes”- great!

But if no one in that city is looking for an organic wedding cake, well- what’s the point?

So, this is where your seo agency should be checking if there’s a search volume for the keywords your business wishes to rank for, then where you rank for that term, and then how many organic visitors your website is obtaining.

And this is where your business should be using Google Analytics, that’s to see how many organic visitors your website is getting.

So, think of this kind of like you are running a shop, well if you were in the shop you would obviously know how many customers your business is getting. Well, measuring the number of organic visitors is the same thing, that is how many organic visitors are visiting your business.

Time on site

Okay let’s say your out shopping on the high street, and you want to treat yourself to a new winter jacket.

Now you enter one shop and the jackets look cheap, so naturally you turn around and you leave the shop. In total you were in that shop for less than 60 seconds.

Then you enter another shop, this shops totally different, it has loads of jackets, they are the style you like as the shop is tailored to surfers and the clothes are more casual.

Now you spend ages in this shop, you are there for over 30 minutes, that’s before you find the jacket you like, purchase it and leave.

Well, if someone was monitoring your purchase they would say that the second business obviously provided what you was looking for as a customer.

Now most SEO’s think that search engines, such as Google could be doing this for online businesses.

And this is why we SEO’s monitor time on site, that’s to say how long is the average person spending on your website?

Are they leaving in say under 30 seconds? Is the bounce rate really high? Why are so many people leaving your business so quickly?

If we were to change the information on your website, and its design is this helping to retain shoppers for longer?

And this is exactly the sort of questions that your seo agency should be asking, they should be aiming to reduce your businesses bounce rate, while keeping shoppers on the website for longer.

And obviously the whole point of this is to boost conversions, and get your business more sales.

Do you need an SEO agency?

If your business is looking for an seo agency, then why not call us?



Why isn’t my website getting any visitors via our organic business listings?


Your busy running your business, yet with every spare second you are keen to improve your website, and to get more visitors coming to the website via the organic business listings.

Yet, despite your best efforts, there doesn’t seem to be many organic visitors that are coming to your company’s website- and why is that?

Well good question, we dragged our SEO boffins away for their SEO tasks for just a few minutes, and asked them what are the most common reasons a website will not have much in the way of organic traffic.

Its content thin

Its all well and good having a website that looks good, but what about the website’s SEO?

For example, you may sell luxurious furniture online, so you may have loads of pictures of your furniture in some industrial looking apartment building, and it may look great.

Then you’ve gone for a minimalist design on your website, so for a product description you’ve just written “industrial table, handmade from used scaffolding boards”.

Hmm, will this cut the mustard? Will it be enough for your website to succeed in terms of improving where the business ranks organically?

Nope, probably not.

And why is that so, well it all boils down to this, you need to offer good quality information. Okay, okay yes you are right, no one want’s to be reading thousands of words describing a table, but you have to give more.


Well let’s say you offer a product description that’s wordier. Let’s say you offer an internal link to an FAQ page about your tables.

Let’s say you add a new chunk of text, which describes what inspired that style of table.

Let’s say you add a few customer reviews of that exact product.

It’s got to be a bit wordier, a bit more descriptive, but don’t go overboard as if a reader sees a mass of text, well, they are likely to think, I haven’t got the time to read all that, I am off, so your websites bounce rate may increase?


Right before we go any further, here’s the thing with backlinks, you need them, but you only need quality links.

Now we had to get straight in them with that one, as some people will be sitting down with an espresso in hand, and a notepad and just write “we need more links”.

When you don’t just need more links, you need more quality links. Quality is massively important, if the quality isn’t good, well your website may incur a link penalty, which means it will drop down the organic ranks.

So how do you get these links?

Well we strongly recommend you earn them, and how do you do this? Well, you offer really good advice via your website?

How do you do that?

Well let’s say for example your business sells candles, yet these are not your bog-standard candles that can be bought cheaply.

Ohh no, these are your candles that are made from all-natural ingredients, and have a nice smell.

So, you know that a huge amount of people today are interested in interior design, so you write an article about how to create a certain interior décor style in your home, let’s say how to create a farm house look within your home.

Yet, within this article you mention your candles, and how they compliment such a design. Well you guessed it, a reader you owns say a blog that talks about interior décor well they may just read this article, and they may like it so much they link to your article, so this is how you can earn links.

But remember, your business only needs quality links, so you should employ a white hat seo agency to check the quality of your businesses backlinks.

Your blog

Okay so your business has a competitor, and your business spots that this competitor has been blogging for a long time, so you think right, I am going to grab a coffee, and I am going to write one million blog posts and catch up, does this sound like a good idea?

Well, no, no it doesn’t sound a good idea at all.

Because here’s the thing, quality matters! See there’s a recurring theme with seo, that is quality matters.

So, don’t write endless blog posts if they don’t offer useful advice, and if they have just been written to try and improve your businesses SEO.

It’s a waste of time, instead focus on who your customers are, what sort of questions do they have? Can you offer advice to these questions.

Let’s give you an example, let’s say you’re an accountant, and there’s going to be change that’s going to be made to say VAT laws, well if you write a blog post helping business owners to understand these changes, well, your may receive more organic traffic.

And with this increase in organic traffic may come more customers.

So, all its about writing blog posts which are useful to your customers.

Can our SEO agency help your business?

If your business requires help with its organic seo, then why not give us a call?

Why does it take so long to improve where a business ranks organically?


Okay, so let’s face it, this isn’t a question that most SEO agencies write about.

In matter of fact it’s a question that some seo companies actually avoid answering, and why is that so?

Well of course most seo business want to give the impression that they can sky-rocket your website up the ranks, and your phone will be ringing off the hook with calls in no time.

But in reality this is not the case, and the reason for this is it normally takes a long time to improve where a business ranks, and here’s why that is so.

It’s all down to how strong your competitors are

So, you’ve just paid your seo agency to improve where your business ranks organically, so you should start to see results more or less straightaway right?


Your business is in direct competition with all the other businesses that want to rank for that word or term.

So, for example, let’s say you run a construction business, well you may want your business to rank for “local construction businesses” or “constructions businesses that offer property extensions”.

So, you guessed it, your businesses website will have to have better SEO than your direct competitors in order to rank higher- and this is where we can help.


Okay, so how much does this “organic SEO cost”?

Again, this is often based on how strong your competitors are, for example if you have a competitor has invested heavily in SEO for many years, well, often a lot of work will be needed to overtake such a business.

That’s to say this competitor may have set the benchmark to beat very high. So, this means that the business may have many good quality backlinks, it may have invested in content marketing that has been written to a good standard, the business may have invested in onsite and offsite seo.

So this means that your business will have to have stronger SEO if it is to overtake this business.

This means that often many seo including ours set the price of our services depending on how strong your competitors are, and therefore how much SEO work is needed.


Yes, but why is my SEO company asking our business to pay monthly?

Most seo companies that offer to implement organic seo do so on a monthly basis, the reason is that often your competitors will never stop striving to reach the top. So this means the businesses that are already at the top, they will be working on retaining that position, and also the businesses that are below your business, they will often be looking to improve their seo so that they can overtake your business.

With Googlebot looking for improvements that have been made to a website, and then telling the algorithm whether these were SEO improvements or not on a regular basis, all businesses are therefore competing for the top spots.

This means that once your business reaches the top it isn’t guaranteed to stay there for any length of time, as when the rankings change again, which could be in matter of hours, a new business, that has stronger seo may take the top spot, or be stronger than your business.


Okay so your saying we need to pay for SEO forever?

Well, as long as your business want to maintain or improve where it ranks, often businesses pay per month to improve the businesses seo.


What does Google’s Sandbox period mean?

Some seo agencies, us included believe that there is built into the algorithm something called the Sandbox period, which basically means that it can take longer to improve where a new website ranks.

So, this basically means, say you are a start-up business, and you launch a brand-new website for your business, well, we believe it will normally will take that business longer to improve where it ranks.

That’s compared to say a business’s website that has been live for a while, yet hasn’t had any SEO implemented to it.

Okay, so your saying its easier to optimise a company’s website that has been live for longer?

Yes, we believe and so do many other seo that a website that has been live for longer is easier to optimise.

Can our business help?

Where so many seo agencies claim that they can get your business to the top of Google in no time at all, we are altogether more honest.

Plus, we only use white hat seo methods, so if you would like us to offer you a quote, then why not give us a ring?

How do you build backlinks?


Are you fed-up with your SEO company droning on about backlinks? Well to be fair most seo companies keep telling their clients that they need more backlinks for a good reason.

That reason is that backlinks are really important to the SEO process, the reason that is so is there’s thought to be over 200 signals that Google calculates in order to work out how important a website is.

And that’s right you guessed it! Backlinks are thought to be one of the more important signals, so this is why us SEO agencies spend so long building backlinks.


Okay, well I don’t know what backlinks are!

Well simply put backlinks can be internal backlinks, or they can be external.

Internal backlinks are used to help someone navigate your company’s website that bit easier. So, lets say for example you have an interior design blog, and you mention the term “farmhouse kitchen”- well you may think I have written about that before, in which case you could link to that page, that’s an example of an internal backlink.

Then there’s external backlinks, and from an SEO perspective these are the important ones, that’s because if the links you are building are high-quality, well you could be sending a lot of link juice to your website, and that’s right, that is really good for your business’s SEO.

So now you know a thing or two about backlinks, lets look at why they are so blooming important!


Why are backlinks so important?

Backlinks are important because they can give an idea of how important your website is.

Let’s provide you with an example, let’s say there are two websites, and both businesses specialise in employment law.

Now website 1 only has a few links, these are from local business directory websites, so from an seo perspective these links are not worth much.

Then there’s business number 2, this business has links from some really important websites, for example there are employment law news websites, these are respected by solicitors as a great place to get news on the employment law profession.

So which website do you think Google will deem as being more important?

That’s right! Business 2, as it has loads of good quality backlinks leading to it!


Okay, so what does link juice mean?

Think of link juice in the same way you would an electrical current, the more link juice the more power.

But here’s the thing, you don’t want link juice to come from low quality websites, for example a blog that asks for money in exchange for a backlink.

No, you want links from high quality websites, plus the websites must be relevant to what you do.

So for example, let’s say you are a dentist, and you run a dental practice, well you don’t want to be getting a backlink from a rugby club, you want backlinks that are to do with dentistry.


Does my business require “do-follow” or “no-follow” backlinks?

Both really. You may here some digital marketing agencies banging on about that you only need do-follow backlinks, but this isn’t true.

For those that do not know, do-follow links pass link juice, and no-follow backlinks do not. With that said most seo including us believe that for the backlink profile to look natural, well you need no-follow and you also need some do follow backlinks as well.

Now we know what your thinking, your thinking why do my backlinks need to look natural?

Well, here’s the thing, if you have 100 do-follow backlinks, and no no-follow, well it may look like you have bought the links, which is not good, as our seo agency recommends that you do not purchase backlinks.

So you want some do-follow and some no-follow backlinks.


Okay, so the more backlinks the better?

No. The more elaborate answer to that is this, you most definitely don’t want more backlinks if it comes at the cost of quality.

You only want quality backlinks.


What was the Google Penguin update all about?

If backlinks were built incorrectly, i.e low quality backlinks were built, well the website could incur a penalty.

For example, some businesses thought that they could fool Google into thinking their website was better than it was, that’s by purchasing backlinks, yet if the backlinks were low quality then this means the business will have most likely incurred a penalty.


So, sock it to me, what’s the best way to build backlinks?

This is the really important part, so listen up!

We think the best way to build backlinks is not to go looking for websites to contact, and then asking them for links.

We think the best way is to create simply brilliant content marketing. And what do we mean by brilliant content marketing? 

Well, lets say you are a dentist, and you want to promote your teeth straightening service, well we think you should write the best guide that you can explaining how your dental practice straightens teeth.

So for example, you could answer questions that your customers frequently ask, and when we say write, you don’t just have to use plain old text, no, you could use say a YouTube video within the blog post for example.

And here’s the thing, if the work is really good quality, and offers really good advice, well other websites may wish to link to the work.

So for example, a website that offers advice on how to look after your teeth may read your blog post and decide to link to it.


Can your SEO company help?

If your business requires help with your organic or local seo then we can help, why not call us today?