Here are our marketing agencies top-tips when writing content marketing

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a global business employing thousands of people, or a sole trader- one thing is for sure, that is if your business needs to improve it’s SEO (search engine optimisation), then you’re probably going to need to invest in content marketing.

Whether you’re investing money or your time, there’s definitely a few things that you should know about content marketing.

In a nutshell not all content marketing is created equal, and what do we mean by that statement?

Well, it’s simply not a matter of looking at your direct competitors, and thinking well they have written 40 odd blog posts, if I were to write say 50 then I bound to beat that business.

Nope, this is a sure-fire way of your SEO failing.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, the solution is simple, invest in quality

Now we do appreciate that “quality” is a rather vague term, in matter of fact it can be used describe anything from a new car through to a loaf of bread!

So the description “quality” doesn’t tell us much at all really does it?

Yet with that said, here’s our best advice in a nutshell, that is quality content marketing can help to improve your seo, yet low-quality content marketing, such as work that has been duplicated for example, well, that could damage your businesses seo, and in some cases even mean that the business incurs a penalty.

Yet, with that said, we thought it would be useful for us to write a blog post that’s dedicated to explaining what quality means when it comes to writing content marketing.

Yet, if your in a bit of a rush, and you just want to just read the bullet pointed version, well here’s what we think makes a piece of content marketing quality:

·        Must be super useful– that’s in terms of answering the persons question

·        Well-researched

·        Backlinks that show where you researched the subject, for example did you extract a survey from a newspaper article online? If so link to the work via a backlink

·        Should include meta titles

·        Meta descriptions

·        Alt tags

·        Internal backlinks

·        Title

·        Over 1000 words

·        Well-written

·        H1-H6


Every piece of content marketing that you add to your company’s website should be high-quality, and what do we mean by this?

Well, allow us to elaborate a bit further….

Not created equal

So, let’s say that you run a plumbing business, let’s say that you specialise in boiler repair, so you look at which businesses are on the first page for “boiler repair” within your area.

And you think right, I will write the same number of articles, let’s say 30, and I will just quickly write say 500 words for each, sound like a good strategy?

Well, its most definitely not a good idea!

That’s because the content marketing must be of a certain quality (white hat) for it to improve your businesses seo, if it is not high-quality and white hat, that’s to say the content marketing is low-quality, well, this could damage your business seo.

It could even mean that your business incurs a penalty.

Penalties fall broadly into one of two categories, that’s to say they could be an algorithmic or a manual penalty.

If the penalty is algorithmic, for example if it’s a Google Penguin penalty, then this means that the algorithm that Google uses has flagged that your website does not meet Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Yet, if the penalty is a manual penalty, then this means that someone that works for Google has reviewed your businesses website, and found that it doesnt meet the Webmaster Guidelines also.

A business can see if it has incurred a manual penalty by logging into the businesses Google Search Console account.

However if the penalty is an algorithmic penalty, then often there will be no notifications.

A respected white hat SEO agency, like Adore should then be contacted as to what would be the best way for your business to recover from a manual or an algorithmic penalty.

However, the business that you use to help your business recover from the penalty, must be white hat, and must offer high-quality work.


Okay, so what do you think are the essential qualities that a piece of content marketing should have?

·        Well researched

·        Well-written

·        Written to help the reader, not written just to improve the businesses SEO

·        High-quality and better than other blog posts that are currently on the first page


What do we mean by “better quality than other blog posts or pages that are currently on the first page?”

Well, that’s a really easy one to answer, let’s say you’re about to start a business that builds garden fencing.

Yet, on the first page there are 10 businesses, each has written blog posts about how to build a feather edge fence, well, your business, if it’s to have stronger SEO than those businesses, must offer better quality content marketing.

So, for instance, you could make your blog post better by offering advice that’s clearer, for example a step by step plan, and also advice on how to build feather edge fencing on difficult ground, such as a slope.

Now, you might be thinking, well, we want to start a garden fencing business, why on earth would we want to give away advice on how a customer can build a fence themselves?

Well, here’s the thing, a lot of businesses give away free advice that’s because it’s used to improve the businesses seo, once the business improves its seo, then it can sometimes generate more business.

So, by giving away free advice, the business can benefit, that’s if the seo is done right

Here’s how a business can benefit from writing content marketing:

·        The business may receive more visitors to the website

·        The websites bounce rate may reduce

·        The business may obtain more quality backlinks

·        The businesses website may well be deemed more relevant, because it has applied white hat seo

And what do we mean by relevant?

Well, lets say that you run business, and your business sells organic beer, if your business is blogging about organic beer, and the work is white hat, then when someone is looking to purchase organic beer, then your website could be deemed more relevant, so it appears higher in the SERP’s.

So, what makes content marketing “high-quality”?


You must do your research, so for example, let’s say you run a car dealership, and you want to start selling more electric cars, so you want to write a few blog posts about electric cars.

Well, before you start writing your blog posts, it’s a good idea to do some research, for example what’s the best-selling electric car?

Which electric car has the best range?

Which electric car can be charged the fastest, all of this information can then be incorporated into your blog post, which is much more likely to be a more interesting to read.

Know your business inside out

Your blog post should be written by an expert, so for example, let’s say you sell double glazing, its important someone with a high level of knowledge about your products works with your marketing company, this is so that the blog posts have a lot of detail about your products, which can help to improve your businesses seo.


It’s important to reference where you get your facts, so for example, if you found the model of electric car that was the best seller last year, you should incorporate a link to where you found that fact. Then you could ask your marketing company to add the link and the anchor text.

Googlebot follows links, that’s to say Googlebot crawls and indexes each businesses website, so if you were to write say 2000 words on the best selling electric cars in the U.K, then you may wish to add backlinks to where you read that information.

Then Googlebot can follow those links, and many SEO agencies think that if you incorporate facts into your blog posts, and these facts are correct, that’s because Google has knowledge of these facts through its Knowledge Vault, your website can start to be deemed a source or reliable information.

So for example, you may mention a make and model of a car, and how many were sold last year, when you may state the number of cars that were sold, you could highlight say the number, lets say its 10,0000, and then link to the article where you read that number of cars that were sold.

Many seo consultants believe that if your website contains a lot of reliable facts, and this can if done in a white hat way this can improve your company’s seo.


The content marketing should be well written

You should most definitely not grab a double shot espresso and then just start typing thousands of words, as this is likely to be a low-quality article, and if it overly focuses on improving the businesses seo, and not offering reliable information that’s been researched, well, its likely to damage your businesses seo and not help to improve it.

Will the content marketing help the reader?

This bit is crucial, so many businesses make the mistake of writing content marketing just to try and improve the businesses seo.

So for example, lets say you run a law practice, and you want more customers who would like help and advice in terms of employment law,well you may start writing “employment law solicitors” a high number of times, in a poor attempt to try and improve your businesses seo for this term.

We would highly recommend that you do not do this, as your business could incur a penalty.

So, what’s the solution?

The solution is to write high-quality content marketing that will help someone who’s needs an employment solicitor.

So, for example, the marketing company then may work with the solicitor, that’s to work out which questions the business gets asked a lot, and to write blog posts that answer these questions.

Then you could write a blog post that answers these questions, this could help to improve your businesses seo.

Must aim to be the best

The work should aim to be the best.

How can you improve the SEO of each piece of content marketing?


Each piece of writing should have structure, so for example make use of titles, H1- H6 tags.

Word count

We would recommend a high word count, but the work must also be quality.

Page speed

The website should load quickly.

Mobile friendly

The website should be mobile friendly.


The business should work with the marketing company to amplify the content marketing.

How we can help:

If you would like a quote for SEO, then why not call us?


What does “high-quality” content marketing even mean?

It’s a question that’s as old as the hills, okay well not quite, but it is a question that digital marketing agencies get asked a lot- that is what qualities make content marketing “high-quality”?

As after all the description “high-quality” is a rather subjective one- it can be used to describe anything from a used car through to food you buy at the local supermarket- yet that doesn’t help someone who’s trying to figure out how to write “high-quality content marketing”.

So here at Adore we thought that we would be super helpful, and that’s by writing down a few things that we think you should think about when you are writing a blog post for your company’s website:

And if you’re in a bit of a rush, or turbo charged through drinking too much coffee, well here’s some bullet points on what we think needs to go into your content marketing for it to be deemed as “high-quality”:

·        Must be white hat

·        Well-written

·        Researched

·        Written by an expert on the subject

·        Have outward bound backlinks to where you sourced the information, for example, if you read a statistic on the BBC’s website, then you should link to that page using anchor text and an outward-bound backlink

·        Should have a high word count, we believe a blog post shouldn’t be below 500 words

·        Should not have the keywords that you wish to rank for repeated too much

·        Must follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

·        Should have a title

·        Should have H1-H6 tags

·        Should have a meta title

·        Should have a meta description

·        Should use alt text

#1 Is content marketing still king?

The short answer to this question is yes, most definitely.

However, with that said, here’s the thing, every year so many digital marketing agencies come and go, that’s because they may fail to implement quality white hat SEO.

Sure, some of the work will be white hat, but that’s like saying “our cars just about meet the standards that are applicable in order to sell our vehicles in Europe- they do not aim to exceed the standards set”.

Now if you were thinking of buying that brand of car, well, would that statement inspire much confidence for you to purchase that car?

It applies that the company does the absolute minimum required in order to be able to sell the cars, when people will be looking for quality and car manufacturer that aims to excel, beat the competition, and offer a product that you want to own because it’s a quality product.

Well, this is exactly the same when it comes to content marketing, that’s because so many digital marketing agencies just produce content to tick a box, that’s to say that piece of work is done, let’s bill the client!

That’s to say a copy writer may well be tasked with writing 2000-3000 words a day, and they do just that, write to hit a word count.

Yet this will never work- think for a second of Google’s algorithm, it will be able to supply millions of different businesses to supply an answer to a question- now why would it serve a business that doesn’t put much effort into answering the question?

Well exactly it wouldn’t.

That’s why your content marketing must aim to be the best, and by this we mean:

·        Expertise- are you an expert on the subject? Well make sure that this is shown when you write the article

·        Sources- where did you source the information, is there a perspective that you have noted in your article, say by a journalist, well why not link to their work?

·        Effort- has enough effort been exerted to answer the question to a good standard? I.e will the reader walk away happy they got an answer to their question?

So here’s the thing, when your writing a piece of content marketing, you really shouldn’t be thinking of improving your SEO at all.

We here you gasp- and shout, well why not- that’s the whole point right?

No, its not, the whole point is to supply a quality answer to a question, so that the person who reads your article thinks that it really helped them.

And then this will help your seo, because that person may link to the work, the bounce rate for your website may well be low, plus your whole website may start getting quality backlinks, as your business becomes a source of quality information.

So, for example let’s say that you sell car parts, but if you have a really good blog section on your website, or an area that offers advice, on say how to change the oil on your car, then this may attract backlinks.

If these backlinks are good quality, Google’s algorithm will spot this, it will notice that you  have possibly hundreds, if not thousands of good quality backlinks, and this could really help to improve your company’s seo.

#2 Search Quality Rating Guidelines

Whether you run a large digital marketing agency, or you’re a sole trader thinking of working on improving your businesses search engine optimisation, the Search Quality Rating Guidelines are most definitely worth a read.

So grab a coffee and have a read before you start to write that 2000 word article!

#3 High-quality and informative

So let’s say you run an employment solicitors practice, and you want to manage your SEO inhouse, so all your solicitors are flat out busy, so if one solicitor quickly writes a 300 word article which offers some insight into the company, and how the company is growing in terms of taking on new staff, attending award ceremonies, and also writing a bit about the employee of the month, that’s enough right?

That will improve the businesses seo?

Well, we would answer that with a big fat massive NO!

Your customers are not going to care too much about that, instead they will have questions, and you should answer these questions, and how do you do that?

Analyse commonly asked questions, for example if you run an employment law practice, you may write a detailed article that is titled, “how can I prove I am being bullied in the workplace”– that’s a question that employment solicitors may get asked a lot, so why not create a really detailed article explaining how an employee can do this?

People will then want to read this article, and if its high-quality, then this could improve your businesses SEO.

That’s to say the article may gain backlinks, plus also your business may have a low bounce rate, Google’s RankBrain and Google’s algorithm may then spot this good SEO work, and your business may go up the ranks.

#4 EAT Expertise, Authoritative, trustworthiness

This returns us back to our previous point, the days where a digital marketing agency can write 300 words of complete nonsense in the vague aim of improving your businesses organic seo are most definitely over.

Google’s algorithm is now very sophisticated, it will know if the work is quality or not.

And how does it do this?

Well, that’s a good question, here’s what our SEO agency in Cardiff thinks about how Google’s algorithm works out if the work is good quality or not:

·        Entities- does the article talk about known entities, if so, are the facts correct? Such as the date an event occurred, such as when a new algorithm roll-out occurs?

·        Bounce rate- has the website got a low or a high bounce rate?

·        Internal links- does the article link to other articles, so does the business talk a lot about a subject, such as a business that sells bikes, do they write a lot about mountain biking

·        External backlinks- does the business link out to websites where they obtained quotations or lets say a statistic?

·        Is the website easy to use, i.e is it responsive?

·        How many good quality backlinks lead to that page?

·        What’s the word count, is it high?

#5 Mobile friendly?

This point is worth making really quickly, some businesses stick with their website, even though it is very old, well, you have to make sure that the website is mobile friendly and responsive, as if your website does not work on mobile phones, well, your seo efforts may well be wasted.

#6 White hat?

All SEO work must be white hat. All work that your marketing agency offers, or that your business does to improve your seo must be white hat.

If your seo work is not white hat, then your business may incur a penalty. There are two main types of penalties, algorithmic and manual, an example of an algorithmic penalty would be a Google Penguin penalty– your business should avoid getting any type of penalty.

An algorithmic, or a manual penalty will mean that your business could be removed from Google, or your website could drop, and by drop we mean move from page 1 to page 10, so you really do have to make sure that all work is high quality.

#7 How our digital marketing agency can help

If your business requires help to improve its organic SEO, then why not call us?

We are a marketing agency that’s based in Cardiff, we work with businesses from right across the city, that’s from Cardiff Bay right through to Roath, so why not give us a ring?

#8 Why not give us a call?

Why not give us a call today?

How can we improve our businesses on-site SEO?

Okay, so it really doesn’t matter whether you run a large business or your a sole-trader, as its safe to say that most businesses would benefit from improving their on-site SEO.

As we will come onto later in this article, on-site seo is a large part of the seo process, simply because there is so much work to do, for example adding meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, internal backlinks, content marketing, anchor text and so much more.

But let’s now have a look at a few ways that you could improve your businesses onsite search engine optimisation.

Meta descriptions and Meta titles

What are meta title’s and meta descriptions?

Well, let’s say that your looking to purchase a pair of ice skates, you know the make of ice skates that you want, so you are scanning your eyes down Google’s results (SERP’s), so that you can see that make of ice skate, and if the retailer stocks the ice skates that you are looking for.

Then you see result number three, it has the following description:

Meta title: We stock a range of different ice hockey skates, plus we offer free delivery

Meta description:  Welcome to “company name” we stock a range of different ice skates, including the following “brand name” plus we can deliver the very next day for free.

This is an example of a meta title and a meta description, plus it’s a really good one- and why do we say that?

Well, it is likely to improve the businesses CTR (Click Through Rate)– and what does that mean?

Well, no matter how hard your digital marketing agency works, your business is always going to be just one business that’s listed in the SERP’s. So for example in the organic results, your business will normally be just one of the listings, and there are normally 10 in total.

So sure, the marketing agency may get your business into the number one position, yet if the business result in the number 3 position says something that the shopper is looking for, then that might grab their interest.

Such as the exact product they are looking for, plus an offer, such as free delivery.

So, your marketing agency should spend a lot of time making sure that the meta titles, and the meta descriptions are well written. We recommend Yoast if you do have a WordPress website, as this can be used to ensure that the meta title and meta description are written to the right word count.

What does white hat mean?

Well, what we mean is write as if you are trying to encourage a shopper to visit your website, don’t just cram the meta title, and meta description with loads of different brands, or offers, as if they click on that page, and it doesn’t offer what the shopper wants, then the businesses bounce rate is likely to increase, and this could adversely affect the businesses seo over the long run.

Use Google Analytics to monitor your company’s bounce rate.

So, do adhere to white hat seo methods always.

Content marketing

Are you adding blog posts to your website?

But your SEO does not seem to be improving much?

Well, here’s the thing, so many marketing agencies offer local SEO, yet they do not get the content marketing right.

And, what do we mean by this?

Well, some digital marketing agencies still think that if they write the content marketing to improve the businesses SEO, and not focus on offering useful information to your customers, that this will improve the businesses SEO, however Google’s algorithm is far too sophisticated for a marketing agency to be writing content marketing that is just aimed solely at improving where a business ranks.

So for example, lets say your business sells winter jackets, now if your marketing company just keeps writing articles that mention “winter jackets” and “winter coats” repeatedly, well guess what, this is not going to improve the businesses SEO, its actually called “keyword stuffing”- and it is bound to negatively affect your businesses seo.

However, if the company hires a respected marketing agency, like Adore Online Marketing to write a high-quality article which explains the latest fashion styles, when it comes to winter jackets, and which options would be best for this winter, well, this is likely to do much better. 

So when writing content marketing, we always think that you should follow the following rules:

·        Must be white hat

·        Must be useful, so does it answers the shoppers questions?

·        Must be well-written

·        Should include some links to show where the information was obtained

·        White hat anchor text

·        Meta title and meta description

·        Should have a word count that exceeds 1000 words

New pages

Does your business need new main pages added?

So, this is a really basic question, but sometimes a business will hire a web design business, and they will offer a really cheap quote, but that’s on the basis that the site may only have a few pages.

But as any good SEO consultant will tell you, its important that each main service that the company offers, has its own page.

This so when GoogleBot crawls and indexes that page, it can read a meta title, meta description, alt tag, content marketing, anchor text that are all written to describe that one service.

So, for example let’s say that you run a plumbing business, we would recommend that there’s one page for the boiler repair, one for boiler replacement and another then for emergency plumbing.

Then you can add the following to each page:

·        Title

·        H1-H6

·        Meta title

·        Meta description

·        Alt tags

·        Content marketing

·        Internal backlinks

Internal backlinks

Is your business using internal backlinks?

Make sure your website can be indexed

Can your website be indexed, or is the “no-index” button on? To check this you should speak to your website designer.

What are business citations (NAP)?

If your company is thinking of improving your businesses local or organic seo, then you may have asked a local marketing company like Adore, which is based in Cardiff, what services they can offer?

And the business may have said that they can build business citations (NAP) on a monthly basis or to make sure that your business has its NAP information written on your website such as in the footer on the contact us page.

Some agencies may have said that your business has a high number of outdated business citations, yet now they must work on making sure that the NAP information is consistent with your company’s new business citations- but what does this even mean?

For example, lets say that you run a business in Cardiff Bay, and you have say 40 business citations to a Cardiff Bay address, its just now the business moves to Roath, Cardiff, your marketing business must then update the old 40 business citations to the new address, for example in Roath, Cardiff, South Wales.

Business citations are an important part of the SEO process, but they should not be focused on in isolation

That’s to say your marketing agency should create a marketing strategy, and if your thinking about improving the businesses local seo, then the agency may wish to also think about improving:

·        Building high-quality backlinks in a white hat way

·        Building business citations

·        Rectifying conflicting business citations

·        Making sure that NAP information is consistent

·        Setting up a Google My Business account

·        Add quality content marketing

·        Making sure that each page has a meta title and meta description

·        Making sure that all the work is white hat

And these are just some of things your marketing agency should be working on, that’s because Google’s algorithm is thought to calculate the strength of over 200 ranking factors, that’s when working out how strong your businesses seo is.

That is why we say if your business is just focusing on building business citations, then this is likely to be a weak strategy. Instead often an agency is needed to build links, and write quality content marketing on a monthly basis.

What are business citations?

Business citations, sounds complicated doesn’t it?

Well, it shouldn’t.

That’s because business citations are just mere mentions of your businesses name, its address and phone number, nothing more and nothing less.

Yet, with that said, so many marketing company’s and businesses implementing SEO themselves get this wrong.

So here’s the thing, your business will need citations, but these must come from a quality business, plus all citations must be built in a white hat way.

So, what can happen is a marketing company builds business citations, they get the NAP information correct, yet then the business changes its address, yet the business citations still state the old address, this is what can cause conflicting business citations.

So not only should your marketing company be building citations, they should also be making sure that old business citations are kept updated.

Is NAP all that important?

When you call an SEO business to help improve your company’s seo, then those business then can then improve over 200 ranking signals, yet the work must be white hat.

And business citations, well they are well down the list of importance.

However, with that said, if done right they can help to improve a business’s seo. Your business may wish to focus on building backlinks, and writing quality content marketing first, as that’s often considered more important.

Why you shouldn’t confuse backlinks with business citations

A lot of businesses make the mistake of confusing business citations with backlinks, however it is often true that a business citation comes with a backlink.

However, the backlinks that often come with a business citations are often no-follow backlinks, or they are low value, so they will often not help to improve your businesses seo.

So what this means is that when an agency reviews your company’s backlink profile, often there will be a lot of business citations, however these are often not that important from an SEO perspective.

What are often needed are high-quality backlinks, backlinks from a website like The Times newspaper for example.

The real reason why most digital marketing companies build business citations is to improve a business’s NAP, which are mentions of your businesses name, address and phone number which can if completed in a white hat help to improve your businesses local seo.

How NAP works

It is widely thought that if your business has its NAP details, such as business name, address and phone number written in business citations, and this matches the NAP information on your website, then this can make the information more reliable.

For example, let’s say that wanted to purchase a new tennis racket, and you had a look for local businesses that sells tennis rackets locally.

Now, if one business had a website, and it said it was based in Cardiff’s city centre, yet the business citations said the business was in a different location, let’s say on Newport Road in Cardiff, and that’s because the business had moved, well you can see how the algorithm would be confused.

That’s to say where is the business, Newport Road, Cardiff or the city centre of Cardiff?

So, this business is likely to have weak seo.

However, a second business that sells tennis rackets has a shop on Albany Road, Cardiff, and its address on its website is correct, plus all of its business citations match, so you can see which business has better SEO.

How we can help:

If your business would like help to improve its seo, then why not call us?



How did Google’s Bert update change SEO?

You may well be a marketing manger for a large online business, on the other hand you may well be a small business owner operating a business right here in Cardiff, and you may well be working on  improving the businesses SEO yourself.

In either case you will want to know what Google’s Bert update was, and also how it may change how you improve your businesses SEO.

After all there has been many Google updates over the years, such as the Google Hummingbird update, the Panda and the Penguin update, all of these were really important.

And now the Bert update, yet where there was a lot of conversation about the Google Panda update and the Google Penguin update, there has been less so about Google’s Bert update, so we thought we would ask our team at our SEO agency to say a few things about what Google’s Bert update is all about.

So without further ado, this blog post is all about the Bert update.

What was the “Bert update”?

Bert stands for “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformer”- which is quite a mouthful, yet it’s important to understand what the Bert update means.

The Bert update basically allows Google to better understand the context of a question.

We will elaborate on this later, but just imagine this question for a second you are about to cook your dinner, you fancy a tasty curry so you as Google- “how do you make a chicken Madras?”

How do you make a chicken Madras- well to us humans that’s obviously someone who wants the ingredients and recipe for making a chicken madras curry.

And many search engines are now clever enough to know this, but here’s the thing, it wasn’t that long ago when people were being more exact when asking a query, so for example, they may just type “recipe for a chicken madras curry”- which is self-explanatory what the person wants.

Yet, on the other hand, asking “show me how to make a chicken Madras curry”, well that’s more informal, and almost as how you would speak to a human, so as more and more people are talking to Google as you would a human, well this is why the need for Bert has emerged, so Google can better understand what information the person needs.

AI and Google’s RankBrain

Artificial intelligence and SEO is nothing new, that’s because of Google’s RankBrain- however with that said, we think the Bert update is just another continuation of AI becoming more and more a part of Google’s algorithm.

We think that as people talk to Google as if they would a real human, Bert was needed so that the algorithm can answer the question accurately.

So for example, “what’s the weather going to be like today”?

Well, does this mean generally across the U.K, most probably not, the person who’s living in Cardiff Bay will want to know what the weather is going to be like in Cardiff, South Wales.

So it might well be that Google is using the Bert update so that it can answer the question much more accurately.


So, in a nutshell we think that the Bert update is all about understanding the context of a question better.

So for example, “what time does Cardiff City play tonight”-, if this sentence was taken literally, it would appear to the algorithm that the person mentions a capital city, and refers to an event that’s due to take place that night. But it might have confused Cardiff city with someone asking about the city and not the football team.

Yet, because of Google’s Knowledge Vault and understanding of entities, Google will know that “Cardiff City” is a football team, and “what time do they play tonight” would refer to what time does a match start.

So Google’s algorithm is therefore using Google’s Knowledge Vault, AI through RankBrain and also now the Bert update to better answer the question.

So, this is where Bert may help, this is so that Google’s algorithm can better understand the question.  

Voice search

As more and more people ask a question, rather than typing the question, we can see why Google needed Bert- that’s because the query, or as some SEO’s refer to the question as the “search string” is getting more complicated, as people talk to Google like they are talking to a real human.

How will this change SEO?

Well, do you know what, we don’t think by much, and why do we say that? Well we think the same old rules apply, businesses and seo agencies must still offer quality content marketing.

Quality content marketing + write for the user not the search engine

We think it’s important to remember this, that is seo company’s and businesses must offer quality content marketing.

And do not write just to try and improve your businesses SEO, no instead offer helpful advice.

If your business offers really good advice, then your website is more likely to be deemed more relevant for different queries.

So for example, let’s say you run a locksmiths, just as an example, and you publish blog posts about how you can improve the security of some ones home, by upgrading locks, then your business may receive more visitors.

The reason being is that if your website has quality content marketing, then your business is more likely to deemed more relevant when someone is asking a question about locks.

So our best advice, as a white hat SEO business is this, invest in high-quality, white hat content marketing.

How our marketing agency can help:

If your business requires a new website, or help with your organic seo, then why not call us?



We need to improve our local SEO, what are the most important areas to improve?

Okay, so you own a business right here within Cardiff, and you’re currently wondering well how can we improve our local SEO?

And you may have read a few articles, and you may have read that Google’s algorithm weighs up over 200 factors that’s when working out how strong your businesses seo is. So now you may well be at a loss as to where to start.

Well here at Adore we have a team that has a huge amount of knowledge on how to implement white hat seo, so we thought we would dedicate one article to explaining how businesses here in Cardiff can improve their search engine optimisation.

Here are some of the more important factors:

Content marketing

Let’s say you run a bakery, and you want to expand your bakery and start making wedding cakes.

So, you may hire a local SEO business for advice, and they say in order for your business to rank for “wedding cake makers Cardiff”- well your business needs to set-up a blog.

Then with the help of a white hat marketing company they may write blog posts for you, however the work bust be quality.

As quality content marketing, which explains more about your wedding cake business, then this can help to improve your company’s SEO.

So what we mean is that for your website to rank for certain terms, such as “wedding cakes” you must show that your website is an authority on the subject.

Now, this could be publishing guides on the various styles of wedding cakes, or it could be talking about the different sponges, icing, and how you source your organic ingredients.

But what you must do is offer useful information, so which questions do you get asked the most?

For example, you may get asked, “how long before my wedding do I need to place an order for you to make my wedding cake?”

And you may write a whole blog post to this, now if the work is good quality, Google’s algorithm, using Googlebot and crawling and indexing your website will know that over time you are an authority on wedding cakes.

So your rankings should improve, notice how we use the word “should”- well we use that with good reason, because so many businesses think that content marketing is just about writing 500 words or so, and mentioning a few times the word, or the phrase that you want to rank for, such as “wedding cake suppliers”- however, if the work is low-quality, then this wont improve your businesses seo, it could actually mean that your business goes down the ranks.

So what’s the solution?

Well, that’s simple write really high-quality content marketing, that your customers will find useful.

Business citations

Does your business have NAP (Name, address and phone number) information on your website? Does this NAP information then match your businesses citations? You should work with a white hat marketing company that can help to build business citations for your business.

What do we mean by this?

Well, as Googlebot crawls and indexes not just your website, but all the other websites, it will spot that your company is mentioned, then it will spot your businesses NAP information, which stands for name of your business, its address and your company’s phone number, now if say 100 citations all say the same thing, well guess what?

Google’s algorithm will have much greater confidence that your business is based at that location, and if done right, so in a white hat way, this could improve your company’s SEO.

Google My Business

Has your business got a Google My Business account all sorted? If your business has not, then you may wish to work with a digital marketing company to help set your business set up with an account.

Then your marketing company should make sure that the NAP information matches with your website, your Google My Business account and your businesses citations.

Here’s another top tip, all of your businesses NAP information should match, that’s to say your company’s address and phone number and business name should match your website, with what’s on your company’s citations, with what’s on your businesses Google My Business account.

If they don’t, then your SEO agency may state to you, that you have “conflicting business citations” which means that more time may needed to correct your businesses citations.

Partner with an SEO company

Within Cardiff there are many marketing companies, however with that said, many company’s hire Adore Online Marketing.

Many company’s hire us for one simple reason, we have consultants that have been implementing white hat seo for over 10 years.

So we can offer the following:

·        Business citations

·        Adding Schema to your website

·        Setting up a Google My Business account

·        Building backlinks

·        Writing Content Marketing

·        Building WordPress websites

White hat

All SEO work should be white hat.


So let’s say that your wedding cake business publishes a blog post once a week, within these blog posts your business mentions how to make different wedding cakes, and how to make different icings for the cake, such as vanilla icings.

These blog posts, which talk about how to make different cakes may be read around the entire world, and sometimes a reader may have their own blog.

The owner of the blog may decide to link to your work, and this is how backlinks can be built.

How we can help:

If you are looking for a white hat marketing company here within Cardiff, then why not call us, we can offer:

·        Content marketing

·        Link building

·        WordPress websites

·        White hat SEO

·        Organic SEO

·        We are a marketing agency within Cardiff

Things that you should think about when choosing an SEO agency

There are now so many marketing companies in Wales to choose from.

Some are branded as “digital marketing agencies”– which often means that they can offer a wide range of different services, ranging from web design, through to local seo.

However, with that said, more and more businesses are noticing that they need a specialist seo agency, like us.

Sometimes a business will choose a marketing agency that specialises in their industry, so for example, if you run a solicitor’s practice, then there are marketing agencies that just work with solicitors.

However, if you are looking for an marketing business that works with a wide range of different businesses, then how do you go about choosing which agency to use?

After all here in Cardiff there are so many to choose from, so it doesn’t matter if your business is based by Roath Park, or say Cardiff Castle, you are bound to find a local company that’s just a stone’s throw from where your business is.

Yet, we would always say the number one consideration is to work with a white hat company, and to make sure the work is of a very high-quality.

So, for example, let’s say you run an online business that sells men’s clothing, you will want to invest in quality SEO that will improve your business for a range of products, such as t-shirts, men’s trousers and shoes for example.

And your business should therefore partner with a white hat and respected marketing agency, like us. That’s to say one that will use white hat methods to improve your company’s organic rankings.


That’s to say the work must be white hat, that’s so the algorithm will deem the work as high-quality


This means that for a clothing retailer, often the business will want national SEO, which means that the business normally has to build high-quality backlinks.

And this is an area that so many marketing businesses get wrong, that’s to say they do not build quality backlinks, they sometimes build low-quality backlinks.

This can mean that the business incurs say a Google Penguin penalty. And often the business will not know about penalties until the website has been hit by one, so this is why you need to choose your next SEO business carefully.

#1 So, you have to make sure the work is white hat

You must ensure that your business only invests in high-quality white hat seo.

#2 Will the cost be affordable over the long-term?

There’s no point in opting for the most expensive quote, from the most expensive marketing company, that’s if the business cannot afford the SEO over the longer term.

So, for example, let’s say that you run a construction business here in Wales, and you specialise in building commercial buildings, such as offices and shops, as well as restaurants.

Now sometimes a business will make a presumption that if they invest in SEO, that sales will increase straightaway.

This is often not the case- that’s because organic SEO takes a long time normally to improve where the company ranks.

Now you may well be wondering well, why does it take a long time for organic SEO to work?

Well, its often due to the fact that your direct competitors, so for example all the other commercial construction companies, they may have been investing in SEO long before your business, so to catch up often requires quite a long time.

#3 Do you feel that you can work with the agency?

If the marketing agency does not answer e-mails quickly, or call you back then this is when many businesses switch SEO company’s. A good SEO company should send you regular updates and SEO reports.

#4 Are you obtaining SEO reports?

You should obtain regular SEO reports, we always say that these reports should detail:

·        Number of visitors

·        Bounce rate

·        Are you improving for your businesses chosen keywords?

·        So, for example, if you run a plumbing business, you may want to improve where you rank for “plumber + name of city”.

How we can help:

If you would like a quote for organic SEO, then why not call us?

Will duplicate content marketing damage my businesses SEO?

You may well be just setting up a new business, or you may well be thinking about getting your existing website redesigned?

At the same time, you may currently be thinking over a cup of coffee how can you obtain more customers for your business?

That’s to say you may well be considering which advertising methods may work best for your business.

Are you going to invest in say PPC (Pay Per Click), flyers, or perhaps organic search engine optimisation?

And if you decide that search engine optimisation is the best method of advertising, well, there’s loads to think about.

That’s to say, sure there’s loads and loads of marketing agencies to choose from, but you do have to choose a company that will offer you quality work (white hat).

We would highly recommend not just opting for the cheapest quote- that’s simply because you will need to find agencies that only offer high-quality work.

Yet, with that said, some companies may try and do the seo work themselves.

After all, how hard can it be?

Well, here’s the thing, some people may say that organic seo is an absolute piece of cake, but it isn’t- but don’t just take our word for it.

One of the more common problems that can occur when a business implements seo themselves is they place duplicate text onto their company website, and this can cause “duplication issues”.

This may cause a Panda penalty– this basically means that the business may have copied text, say from another businesses blog, and then pasted it on their own.

Part of Google’s algorithm is designed to weed out spam, that’s to say if the SEO work is not up to standard, the algorithm can spot that the work is weak, or low-quality and move the website out of the index.

So, let’s say for example your about to launch a new business, and your business sells smartphones.

Yet instead of writing a product description yourself for each smartphone that you sell, well, instead you may copy and paste from a supplier’s website instead- and does that sound like a good idea?

Well, no- that’s because this will cause duplication issues

And because the duplicated content has been pasted onto your website, by way of copying product descriptions, this means your website could be hit by a penalty, such as a Panda penalty.

So, what’s the solution?

The solution is you should only work with a marketing company that offers high-quality work.

Because let’s face it, when we are looking to find a company, well who looks on page 4 of Google?

So, this is why all seo needs to be high-quality.

And as this article focuses on the Google Panda penalty and duplicated text, well, we would highly recommend that only quality content marketing that is white hat, and adheres to Google’s rules is added to your company’s website.

So, for example, let’s say that you run a solicitor’s practice and your business is based in Cardiff Bay.

Now, one marketing agency states lets add a blog post about the company once a week, they say the blog post should be 300 words, and they recommend that the blog post states what the company has been doing in terms of networking events that the business has attended, plus also awards that the company has obtained- does this sound a good idea?

Well, we would say no, we would say its far better for your solicitors to concentrate on what areas of law you wish to promote, and then write articles which are very well written, and are useful to your customers, and answer questions that your business most commonly gets asked.

So, for example, let’s say you run a solicitor’s practice, and you specialise in the area of divorce, well why not have your marketing company work with an experienced solicitor to write an article such as, what will happen to the family home after we divorce?

This may well be a commonly asked question that divorce solicitors get asked, one where many people need to find an answer to that question, so if the work is good quality, and by that we mean white hat, well your businesses SEO may well improve.

So, what is duplicated content?

Simply put its content, whether that be an entire chunk of text, or just one line of text that’s copied from another website.

And yes, Google’s algorithm is that sophisticated that it can spot duplicated content.

A common mistake that some businesses make is to think, well if I copy that blog post Google will think that I wrote the blog post, however Google’s algorithm is very clever, it will know which business wrote the article and which business is the author.

Our recommendation is to only use original content, that your business has written.

Plagiarism checker

There are many plagiarism checkers that can help to detect duplicated content.

Google’s algorithm

Google’s algorithm rewards quality SEO.

Does your business require help with its content marketing?

If your business needs help creating content marketing, or help with your business’s SEO in general, then we can help.


Can content marketing be used to help improve my businesses SEO?


It doesn’t matter if you own a dental practice, or whether you run a plumbing business, a lot businesses these days want to be on the first page of Google.

For some businesses it’s the only way the company obtains it’s customers, for others it’s an essential part of the marketing mix.

And if you were to talk to any good digital marketing agency, well, they are bound to say that content marketing is essential when it comes to improving a business’s SEO.

But what is content marketing?

Well, this article will explain why content marketing is so important in terms of being used to improve a business’s SEO.

We will also explain how Google’s algorithm rewards businesses that invest in high-quality content marketing.

So, it doesn’t matter if you run a multinational business, or you are a sole trader, if the content marketing is high-quality, then your business could earn high-quality backlinks, which in turn could improve your businesses SEO.

What is content marketing?

Mostly it’s what this blog post is, that is it’s written text, its text that Googlebot can read, and then relay the work back to Google’s algorithm.

So what do we mean by this?

Well, lets say that you run an online business, and your online business sells skiing equipment, so you sell winter jackets, hats, glasses, and not forgetting the all important skis!

So, let’s say you then employ a digital marketing agency, like Adore, and we start to add content marketing, we then write articles that your customers would most likely like to read, such as “where’s the best place to go skiing this year”.

This may have athletes who write there view, and then a few comments from people who are well-known as being experts when it comes to skiing, such as British athletes, plus also comments from manufacturers of ski products.

This article could then be promoted on social media, such as on Twitter and Facebook, and many thousands of people who are interested in skiing may read the article.

Some of the readers may have their own blogs, they may then mention the article and provide a backlink.

If the backlink is good quality, then this could help to improve your businesses seo, that’s because GoogleBot will spot the link, then Google’s algorithm will reward businesses that have high-quality backlinks.      

Why is it important?

Content marketing is important as if it’s done right it can inform Google’s algorithm that your business is relevant for a question that’s asked to Google.

So, for example, if someone was to search “local dentist”- which business will be ranked at the top of Google?

It will be the website that offers the best information, and also has the best links, a website with no information in the way of text will not rank on the first page of Google.

So for example, you may pay a web designer a lot of money for a new website, and the website for your dental practice may look great, but if the website hasn’t been designed with SEO in mind, then it might not rank very well.

So, this is where a digital marketing agency can help, they should write content marketing which has the following qualities:

·        Content marketing that is well-written

·        Written by an expert

·        Has links to show where the author has obtained their information to write the article

·        White hat

Why quality matters

You should only invest in high-quality SEO, if a business does not, then the business could incur a penalty.

For example, a plumbing business may hire a low-quality SEO business, and they may write “central heating repair” or “plumbers + name of the city” over and over again within the text, which can trigger a penalty, such as a Google Panda penalty.

How Google’s algorithm can decipher whether the work is quality:

White hat

All SEO work should be white hat, if not your business could incur a penalty.


All work should be researched, and often an SEO business will then offer a link to where the business found that information.


Back Links

If the work is of good quality, then other businesses may offer a link to the work.

Bounce rate

SEO agencies should aim to reduce a company’s bounce rate as much as possible.

Written by an expert

The content marketing should be written by an expert, or someone that understands your business.

Why you must find the right marketing agency

It’s important to invest in white hat seo.


How we can help:

We can offer white hat SEO.

Why is my marketing agency stating that we need to invest more in content marketing?


Okay, so you’ve hired a local marketing agency and you have tasked the marketing company with getting your business onto the first page of Google.

You’ve set a budget, and you’ve asked for a breakdown of where the monthly retainer is going to be spent.

And when you see the marketing proposal you quickly see that the marketing agency has stated that they plan on invest over fifty percent on content marketing for the first year, but this has you wondering, well what is content marketing?

Plus your also wondering, why is your marketing agency investing so much time and money into this?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, we are a marketing company that’s based in the centre of Cardiff.

When a business comes to us, and they want to improve their organic seo, then we normally recommend that a large amount of time is invested in to content marketing as well.

So it doesn’t matter if you run say a solicitors practice, hair dressers or say a vets, often marketing companies, such as ours will recommend that you invest in high-quality content marketing.

But notice how we used the wording “high-quality”-and this is really important, as some businesses do not invest in high-quality content marketing, instead they may try and hire the cheapest copywriter that they can find, and sometimes this will trigger a penalty.

For example, if a business, lets say a dentist hires a copywriter, or let’s say an SEO business, and the company then creates rubbish content marketing, so for example it keeps stating the wording “dentist + name of city” over and over again, in an attempt to improve the businesses seo, well this business is likely to incur a penalty.

And what do we mean by penalty, well the most common penalties that you are most likely to here of would be a Google Penguin penalty or a Google Panda penalty, but there are more.

And if a business invests, or implements seo themselves, and the seo work is low-quality, then the business could incur a penalty.

Which means that Google’s algorithm, sometimes referred to as “spam-filters” could deem a company website has having low-quality seo, so the website may well be de-indexed, so removed from Google, or it could be moved down the ranks.

So is cheap content marketing worth it? We would say no, most definitely not.


What is content marketing?

Content marketing could be a simple blog post like this, that’s to say often it’s just written text, like this article which offers advice.


Why is this so important?

A lot of businesses hire marketing companies to write content marketing for the business, that’s because it’s possible for content marketing that’s high-quality to help improve the businesses seo.

So, lets give you an example, lets say that you run a solicitors practice, you then hire us and our SEO experts to work alongside your marketing team, well we would write content marketing which fulfils the following criteria.

·        White hat

·        High-quality

·        Researched

·        Has internal and external backlinks

·        White hat anchor text

·        White hat content marketing

·        Has a high word count

·        Is written by an expert

What was the Google Hummingbird update?

Google’s Hummingbird update was when a significant change was made to Google’s algorithm, most SEO’s noticed that much more precise answers were shown for questions asked to Google.

Some marketing companies also stated that more complex answers could be found, such as “where can I purchase aluminium roofing ladders near to me”- now this is what us SEO’s refer to as a “longtail keywords”, and as the query had the terms “roofing” + “ladders” + “aluminium” + also “near me”, well this makes it quite a complicated question.

However, after the Google Hummingbird update, plus Google’s RankBrain update much more complicated questions, such as the question about aluminium ladders could be answered.

How will this help to improve my businesses SEO?

Your business should invest in good quality content marketing, this could then help to improve your seo if you hire the right seo company.


Why must the work be of high-quality?

If the content marketing is not high-quality then a business could incur a penalty, such a Google Panda penalty.

Why is my marketing agency stating that this could improve the number of backlinks that we have?

So let’s say that your business specialises in selling and repairing a certain brand of car, and your business writes an article about a common problem with a brand of car, and how this can be easily fixed.

Now some business owners may well think, well why on earth would I give away free information, about how to fix a car, when that’s what our business does?

Well, here’s the thing, if you give away free information, which other businesses or let’s say a blog about cars then finds useful, well you may gain high-quality backlinks.

If you gain high-quality backlinks, then you’re more likely to improve where your business ranks.

And if you improve where your business ranks, well you may find that people start bringing their luxury cars from all over the U.K for you to repair their cars as you are seen as the experts in that brand of car.