Want to know a bit more about SEO? Well, here’s an SEO guide for beginners


So you’ve got your business plan in your hands, you’ve been listening to “the eye of the tiger” and you’ve been drinking many espressos, you’ve decided that now is the time to get the ball rolling, and you want to start your company, and you’ve decided that Cardiff is the place to do it.

You’ve found the office, you’ve hired the staff, your now about to get on the dog and bone, that’s phone, and you want to hire a digital marketing agency.

Yet, you’ve had a shock, you’ve had to put down your espresso, pause the eye of tiger from playing in the background, that’s because all the seo agencies are saying the same thing, its going to take a while to improve the organic seo, some agencies are quoting 12 months, yet you hadn’t anticipated this, you were going to use organic seo, as the main method to advertise your business, yet you didn’t know it was going to take that long to start seeing results.

So, now, you’ve decided to learn a thing or two about seo, that’s so you have a better idea of what organic seo is all about. And what better place than the learn from Adore? After all, our agency has really experienced seo consultants, that know their stuff- yet we don’t like to brag or anything!

So, if you want to know a bit more about seo, what its all about, well have a read below, before we do go any further, we would say this, whichever agency you hire, whether it’s the fantastic team here at Adore, or any other company or person, you do have to make sure your investing in quality.

So, what do we mean by quality? Well, you do have to make sure there following what is called “Google’s WebMaster Guidelines”– or if your optimising your businesses website, for say another search engine, make sure you or your seo company is following their search engine guidelines to the absolute upmost.

And why do we say this?

Well, so many businesses, and individuals simply make the massive big-fat mistake of hiring the wrong seo person, or business, then things can back-fire, and massively, the business may be slapped with what is often referred to as a algorithmic penalty, so for example, lets say your business gets hit by a “Google Penguin algorithmic penalty”– now that sounds a massive mouthful right?

Well, what it means is the seo companies that have been working on your behalf, or even work you’ve done, does not follow the Google WebMaster Guidelines”- so you’ve got a penalty, and this can mean that your company website, well, it can drop down the SERP’s like a hot-air balloon that has a rip in the balloon, so basically, your going to hit the ground with a bump!

But, with all seriousness, if a business gets a penalty, it can mean that it drops down the SERP’s or gets removed completely- so what’s our best advice that we can give you? Hire a respected, reputable, white hat seo company, that follows the rule-book, that has really highly experienced seo consultants, so you might want to think about hiring us?

First thing’s first, what’s SEO all about?

Well, if were talking about “organic seo” then its all about improving your companies “ranking factors”, such as the do-follow and no-follow backlinks, and the onsite seo, so your business climbs the ranks.

Okay, so why are businesses often asked to pay per month?

Because SEO is a continuous process, so what do we mean by that? Well, simply put Google ranks companies based on how strong their ranking factors are, so if your company stops improving your ranking factors, well, its highly likely that competition wont stop improving theres, so you got it, your likely to drop down the ranks, all well the businesses which have focused on improving there’s might overtake your business.

I am confused, what’s PPC, Organic SEO and Local SEO with Google My Business and social media advertising?

So, often companies here in Wales, and we mostly work with businesses in Cardiff, hire us to manage all of these areas, so we are what is called a “digital marketing agency” as we can take care for you all this forms of advertising.

Okay, but if I simply have a brilliant website built, well, surely my customers will come flocking to buy from me?

No, not really, this is a mistake so many company owners make when they talk to us, that is they spend a large percentage of their marketing spend on getting a website, yet to draw in customers often they need PPC, social media advertising or say organic seo, so do make sure you leave enough marketing budget for this.

Okay, so once I invest, and my website goes up, will it stay there?

No, seo doesn’t work like this, and this is a common mistake that some business owners make, where a website ranks should be considered as “live” meaning its prone to change, fluctuations, and shifts, a website could be second one day, 9th the other, and then 22nd the next.


Why do so many agencies I talk to, talk about an algorithm?

Does Google’s algorithm stay constant? So, what I mean is, does the algorithm change, and therefore where businesses rank change?



Okay, so why do so many businesses hire Adore Online Marketing?

So you might have run your business for a very long time, that’s to you might run a say construction business or alternatively you may run a solicitors practice, it’s just now you have deemed it a good time to invest in organic SEO.

However before you appoint a local agency to help your business to improve its SEO you want to learn a bit more about how SEO works.

This article has therefore been written to give you an idea of how the SEO process can work and why it’s crucial that you partner with a white hat marketing agency.


How can organic SEO help my business?

Well, it really doesn’t matter if you run a small business, lets say that just employs 2 people, or you run a massive company, employing thousands of staff, SEO if its high-quality, white hat and follow’s Google’s WebMaster Guidelines, can help to improve where your business ranks on Google, which can help you to obtain more customers.

What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

It doesn’t matter if you run a really large business or you run a small business what is important is that you invest in high-quality SEO.

So what is SEO?

Well, quite simply put it is the process of improving where your business ranks in a search engine like Google.

So for example let’s say that you run a construction business, obviously if you run a construction business and you specialise in loft conversions, you will want to get your business as high as is possibly can on Google for “loft conversions”
as obviously this would make it a lot easier for your customers to find your business.

However, the problem is that there might be hundreds of other companies that also want to be on the first page of Google.

So, this means that in order for your business to be on the first page of Google you need to have improve your businesses SEO.

So how does Google decide where to rank a business?

That’s the say how does it decide which businesses should be on page 1 and which businesses should be on page 9?

Well that’s a simple one to answer, as it all boils down to ranking factors, the businesses which have the strongest ranking factors will rank on page 1



Whitehat SEO

So what does white hat SEO mean?

When you visit your agency you may hear the mention white hat a lot of times. That’s the say when you’re sitting around with a cup of coffee discussing your businesses marketing plan, you might hear the words white hat being mentioned quite a lot

Quite simply put white hat means that the SEO work should be quality, however, what you have to be aware of as business owners is that some marketing companies say that the work is white hat when sometimes it is not.

So what is the point we are trying to make?

What the point we are trying to make is you should only ever invest in top quality SEO.

This means that you should only invest in high-quality SEO which is white hat.

If a business does not invest in white hat SEO, and the work is instead low quality SEO then it’s entirely possible that the business will incur a penalty.

So, for example let’s say that you run a shop, and your shop sells electric bikes, and let’s say that you hire the wrong marketing company, let’s say that that marketing company implements low quality SEO, this means that the business could then incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty and this means that the business could be removed from Google.


Google Analytics account

We would highly recommend that your business sets up what is called a Google analytics account.

By setting up an analytics account, you can begin to start to see how many organic visitors are visiting your businesses website.

So, for example let’s say that you sell car parts, let’s say that you you sell high performance car parts, you will want to see if your SEO agencies are improving your company’s website.

So by improving we mean that you want to compare every month to see if you are getting more organic visitors, for example you getting more visitors to your website in February then you were in January I’m getting more in December than you were November, so you want to see that the amount of organic visitors are going up and you also want to see that these visitors are purchasing from your company.

So for example, there’s no point in having 10,000 organic visitors per month if none of them are purchasing from your company, so it is the SCO companies job to make sure that they are increasing organic traffic, but also they are bringing customers to your businesses website which are likely to make a purchase.

So, for example there is no point in the marketing company writing say a 10,000 word article about car drifting, and this attracts a lot of readers who are interested in drifting cars, but none of them make a purchase from your company.

However, if you write a article which describes which alloy wheels you think best suit certain cars, and people then want to purchase the A-line wheels from your business then you will obviously help the business to improve its sales.

Therefore the marketing agency job to increase the organic traffic but to make sure that you are bringing shoppers to your website which are likely to purchase from you

SEO Terms

If you were to ever meet your agency you are likely to meet a back link builder, a content writer, an manager and you might meet someone also which is managing your businesses Facebook, Insta Gran and LinkedIn advertisements.

When you meet with these people you might hear a lot of SEO terms which you are not familiar with.

There are quite literally hundreds of different SEO terms, however we will now go over some of the more common, that’s so you have a bit of an understanding about what they mean.

Now you might hear your marketing agency mention content marketing as this is a really important part of the SEO process, content marketing is simply written text like you are reading here.

You might hear your agency talk about backlinks, that’s because they are widely considered to be one of the most important ranking factors, however back links must be quality and built in a white hat way.


So what are keywords?

Well, quite simply put, “keywords” are words which you want your business to rank higher for in Google.

So, if you run a construction business, you might want your business to rank higher for “builders” plus the name of the city, which your company is based.


Your digital marketing agency should add a site map to your website, sometimes the site map is added by the web designers.

A site-map simply details all of the pages that are on your company website.


Content Writer

Now, you may meet a “content writer” at your agency.

A content writer simply writes the “content marketing” for a business.

So, for example let’s say that your business sells chocolates, that’s to say you sell chocolates online.

Your business might not have the time to write say thousands of words every single month for your company’s blog.

This is why often an agency is hired to write the content marketing.

Internal links

Your agency might add internal links, for example let’s say that you run a business which sells chocolates online, you might link from the homepage to the page which sells boxed chocolates.

You might write a blog post about a new chocolate bar which has a vanilla flavour, so you might add an internal link directly to the page which sells the chocolate that has a vanilla flavour.

So adding internal links onto your company website can sometimes help shoppers define products more easily, for example somebody might be looking for a box of dark chocolate, so if you are writing a blog post about chocolates that can be sent as a gift, you might link to the page which sells your dark chocolates.

Get quality backlinks

If your businesses content marketing is really good quality, then you might start to obtain high quality do-follow and no-follow backlinks.

So, for example let’s say that your business sells excavator parts online, and you write blog posts about how to change the oil filter and also the engine oil on certain excavators, you might then start to get links from websites which sell excavators, that might recommend your website as a place to get good information about how to change the oil and oil filters on an excavator.

So, when people are reading these blog posts about changing the engine oil on an excavator, and the oil filters on an excavator, they might purchase from your company, as you might end up selling more products because the shopper has found your business, because you have given the shopper useful information, for example, how to change the engine oil on a 20-ton excavator.


A lot of digital marketing agencies believe that one of the most important ranking factors, is back links.

That’s the say if your business has a lot of do follow and no follow back links which are high quality then these can help to improve your businesses SEO.

Let’s give you an example, let’s say that you run an Italian restaurant, let’s say that your Italian restaurant has won a lot of awards.

Your Italian restaurant has awards for fine dining, these back links might be high quality so they help to improve your businesses SEO.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Your SEO companies, might rewrite the meta titles and also the meta descriptions on every single page on your website and this also includes the blog posts.

They might rewrite all of the meta titles and meta descriptions because they are aiming to improve your businesses CTR.

Your business might also add schema, this is so your business can obtain possibly a featured snippet.

So for example let’s say that you run a Greek restaurant, and your marketing agency successfully add schema to your website, the schema then might produce a featured snippet, the featured snippet might feature your businesses customer review

So for example your group restaurant might have on average five star reviews from over 200 diners, therefore the marketing agency which is the highlight this using schema, the schema markup can therefore be used to markup your businesses reviews which can mean that your business obtains a featured snippet.

Alt Text

Your agencies should add alt-text, alt-text should be added to each page.

Create Quality Content Marketing (Evergreen content marketing and content marketing)

Whichever marketing agencies that you hire, they should create quality content marketing, if the content marketing is not high-quality, then this could mean that your business drops down the ranks.

Far too many businesses partner with the wrong agencies, which then write low-quality content marketing, whether this be product descriptions, evergreen content marketing or your businesses blog posts, this can mean that instead of your business going up the ranks, it can drop down the ranks.

For example, the algorithm might deem the written work as low-quality, and therefore your business could drop down the ranks.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

It’s really important that your company website works on smartphones, if you have not got a mobile version of your company website then you might want to get one designed.

That’s because let’s say that you are a plumber, let’s say that 40% of customers find a plumber on their smartphone, obviously if you haven’t got a mobile version of your website built, then you could be losing out on these customers potentially .

So you may wish to hire a web designer, the web designer could then build a mobile version of your company website.

Why do we say it’s important to create an SEO strategy?

Well, quite simply put, because there is so much work that often needs to be done, that’s to say often a huge amount of SEO work is needed, for example the business often needs to write the content marketing, it needs to build backlinks.
Also the agency will often need to improve on site SEO, such as meta titles, meta descriptions, alt text, anchor text so there is a massive amount of SEO work that is often needed, so therefore whichever marketing company that you hire they should write a marketing strategy.

So for example let’s say that you run a solicitors practice, or let’s say that you run a dental practice, the marketing company should write a marketing strategy for the work that they are going to do, for example in the first month they might build high quality back links, the second month they might build business citations in the third month they might write the businesses content marketing.

For every single business it should have a unique marketing strategy, because the SEO work should be tailored to that business.

For example a business might have very strong back links, so the business can then not build back links instead concentrate on improving the on-site SEO.


Google Search Console

Your marketing company should set up a “Google Search Console” account for your business

Yoast WordPress Plugin

a lot of companies, that’s the say companies often use what is called a Yoast WordPress Plugin, it’s really simple to use this plug-in, and it can allow your SEO consultant to write the meta titles and also the meta descriptions.

A “meta title” and also a “meta description” should be written for every single page on your company website, and also for the blog posts.

SEO Manager/Strategist

Often there is a huge amount of SEO work that is needed, this means that a lot of agencies employ content writers, they employ somebody that can buildlinks back they might employ somebody that manages your businesses social media such as Facebook and Twitter and also possibly instant.

They might also employ a strategist who writes the marketing strategy, they should therefore be a manager which manages all these people.

When you want to update on how your SEO is improving obviously you don’t want to be talking to 8 different people let’s say, so a lot of agencies employ an “SEO manager” who is often the single point of contact when you want to discuss with the agency how your businesses organic SEO is improving

SEO Specialist

There are over 200 different ranking factors, for example one example of ranking factor is back links another is content marketing another could be your businesses product descriptions, all of these ranking factors must be improved in a white hat way.

If you’re not improved in a white hat way in your business could incur a penalty.

Yet for some businesses there is often a huge amount of SEO work that is needed.

So this means that often an SEO specialist is needed, it is the SEO specialist job to work out which ranking factors should be improved first.

Because there are so many different ranking factors, there are over 200, it is often the SCO specialist job to prioritise which SEO ranking factors should be improved first.

For example, the organic seo expert might spot that the business has really good high-quality backlinks, that’s to say the business may have a lot of good quality backlinks, which are “do-follow” and “no-follow”- so the SEO specialist might decide not to concentrate on backlinks, but to instead concentrate on improving the businesses on-site SEO such as meta titles, meta descriptions, alt text, and anchor text.

Social Media Manager

For some businesses they heavily advertise on Facebook, Twitter and also instant, obviously the business might not have the time to manage the businesses social media, so they may appoint a companies that can manage the businesses social media as well.

For example some agencies now offer web design, organic SEO, local SEO, content marketing, and also to manage your businesses social media such as Facebook and Insta grand Twitter and LinkedIn.

So, a lot of businesses now want to hire a business which can manage the businesses SEO, web design and social media these companies are often called digital marketing agencies.

However whichever digital marketing agency you hire you must make sure that they offer top quality white hat work.

If you hire a really good and well respected digital marketing agency, they can help to improve your businesses organic SEO, if it’s a really good company, they can also help to improve your businesses website design, and they might also offer to manage your businesses social media.

Why you shouldn’t rush writing your content marketing


Perhaps your thinking at having a bash at writing your content marketing yourself? After all, writing about issues relating to your business should be a piece of cake, right?

Well not quite, and here’s why:

What exactly is content marketing?

The most common form of content marketing is nothing more than just written text, such as blog posts which are then added to your website.

Sure, if you want to be a bit more exact, well, you could mention that content marketing allows on-site seo elements to be added to the work.

So your carefully written meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags and all that jazz can be added to the work as well.

But if we return to the nuts and bolts of the issue, and that is what exactly is content marketing?

Well, its more than just slinging together a piece of work to a set word count that’s for sure. The reason being is that your customers will arrive at your website wanting to find solutions to their problems.

If you run an accountancy practice for example, then possibly the visitor to your website want’s to read about new legislation introduced that may affect their businesses tax returns.

On the other hand, you may run a wedding cake business, and a potential customer may want to know how long prior to their wedding date they will need to make an order with you.

So, in a nutshell people have questions, and content marketing marries their queries up with a solution.

The best quality work answers their questions in such a way that is informative, yet not so detailed that it will send them to sleep.

Okay, so why shouldn’t it be rushed?

Content marketing that has been written in a mad rush rarely cuts the mustard where Google is concerned.

Google likes to reward websites that offer quality information, with higher rankings.

So, if your business has gone out of its way to explain an answer to question in great detail, making the article so interesting that readers have shared, commented and had a good blooming read of, well guess what? You will be rewarded for your efforts.

The work that has been slapped together because you’ve started it at ten minutes past five, and your going to be out of the door by half past, well, guess what? That’s not likely to help your seo!

That’s because it’s likely to lack detail, its also likely that it will not address the customers questions, in essence it really gives the impression that the business couldn’t be that bothered when writing the article.

Why is it so important that the work answers the question to hand?

Now we are getting to the heart of the matter. So many companies  just write content marketing to try and improve the companies seo.

This means that 500 words may have just been slapped on the blog section of the companies website, and the writer does not really give a fig if it answers the main question or not, they are just looking to improve the companies SEO.

This approach to seo is quite frankly finished. Google, and also all the other major search engines know if a piece of work is written to answer a question, or just written purely to try and improve the businesses seo.

So the long and short of the matter is this, you shouldn’t write content marketing just to try and improve your businesses SEO.

Bounce rates what on earth are they?

Imagine you opened a fancy new restaurant in the middle of town, and now it’s the opening night- yet most of your customers open the door and then leave!

You would be scratching your bonce thinking what on earth is happening here, right? You would be thinking where are all these blooming people off to? Have I got my prices right?

Well, a sky high bounce rate, with tons of visitors leaving your website straight away, well your digital marketing agency should be asking the same question as if you would if you were the restaurant owner.

So, yes, a high bounce rate is not a good thing. It means people are landing on your website, then leaving in a heart beat.

Is stuffing the writing with loads of keywords a good idea?

It’s an seo technique that’s as old as the hills. That is writing a piece of content marketing, then repeatedly writing keywords that you want the business to rank for within the text.

So, for example, if you run a law practice, that specialises in the divorce process, well some rubbish seo companies may deem it a good idea to write “divorce + area” again and again.

A word to the wise, this method doesn’t work, in matter of fact it is likely to be a sure fire way of getting a website hit by a Google penalty.

This means that when your busy working away, writing your content marketing, you should naturally write the text. This means if a keyword does naturally have to be written, because it fits into the flow of the sentence then so be it.

But don’t write the keyword repeatedly.

So what’s this Google Panda update all about?

Some of you may already know, that Google employs a rather sophisticated algorithm, and its this algorithm that rates how good your website is.

Now, in the process of Google’s algorithm rating how good your website is, will be another element of the algorithm that is busy at work.

Most SEO’s refer to these as “spam filters”, they are like filters that detect if you are trying to trick the algorithm.

This means if the seo agency in question are trying to cut corners, well you’ve got it in one, it will come back and bite the business in question.

There’s no shortcuts anymore, instead quality work needs to be implemented.

Hmm, this all sounds pretty confusing, how much do you charge?

Well, we did try our best to explain things as simply as we could, but we do understand that online marketing is a complex subject.

So, if your mind boggles at the complexity of what is needed, why not let us carry out the work for you?

Best of all our prices are reasonable and down to earth, so go on, get on the dog and bone and give us a ring today.