Backlinks – why are they so important?



We can all shout from the roof tops how good our businesses really are, but this may just come over as a bit biased.

As naturally every business is going to state why they are the best thing since sliced bread!

Yet there’s something that separates firms that are ranked at the top of Google, and those that are on page 10 of Google- and what is that?

Well we will tell you, often it’s the quality of the business’s backlinks. And as you read through this article, we hope to convey to your which backlinks are important, and which ones your business should be avoiding at all cost.


More is always better- right?

Well if it means having more rubbish quality backlinks, well the simple answer to that is a big fat no.

Here’s the thing, Google’s algorithm and the other search engines reward websites that have quality backlinks.

Yet if a business builds low quality links, well this can result in the business incurring a penalty.

So, the more quality backlinks the better yes, yet the more low-quality backlinks your business gets, well this can mean that your business drops down the rankings.

So, what links should a business be building?

Well, now that we’ve covered that low-quality link building is a total waste of time, we have to concentrate on the links that can help to improve a businesses SEO, and these are:

High-quality links from websites that you know only offers top quality information

Let’s give you an example, so that you know what we mean, say you run a dental practice and your dental practice has recently branched out into offering cosmetic dentistry.

Well, as a dentist you will know of websites that offer good quality dentistry advice, for example such websites may well be followed by most dentists. That’s to say when there’s something that effects the dental profession it is discussed on this website.

Not just that the website has work written by dentists, and other experts, its also a place where the information can be trusted because it is known throughout the U.K as a leading source for information.

Well this is the sort of website that you will want to obtain a backlink from.

Yes, but that would be very hard to do, these websites don’t just hand backlinks to every business do they?

No, they don’t, and that’s the whole point. You want where you are getting your backlinks from to be a website that sets the standard of work it publishes to be of a very high standard.

For example, you want the information that’s published only to be written by experts, and you want the website to only link to authors that offering really high-quality information.

This means that when a business obtains a link from such a website its worth something.

The websites that offer links to any business, or worse charge the business a fee for providing a backlink, well these websites could actually mean your website’s SEO doesn’t improve, that it actually becomes weaker.


Okay, so how should my business be obtaining these good quality links?

Well we think the best way is to earn links. That’s to say publish really good quality blog posts on your own website, make the information so good that businesses around the country will want to mention your work on their own websites.

So for example, let’s say your dental practice specialises in teeth straightening, well, why not use your expertise as a dentist to explain what this procedure involves?

For example talk about how long it takes to get the teeth corrected, talk about if the process hurts, talk about likely costs.

This way other websites may link to the work, for example a fashion blogger, that may have a massive following may write an article about how to achieve a great smile.

That blogger may talk about teeth whitening, they may also talk about teeth whitening, they may also mention in their article that they have read a great article, which answers some commonly asked questions, and its written by a dentist, so its this way that your business could obtain backlinks.

Of course, you don’t need to be a dentist, you could be a builder, an accountant or even a furniture maker, it doesn’t matter, just put your knowledge of your business to good use, that’s by offering useful information that your customers will want to read.

I haven’t got the time for this, can your digital marketing agency help?

We sure can, the truth is that implementing organic SEO often takes huge amounts of time. Most businesses have not the staff to implement seo themselves.

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