Are backlinks still that important when improving a business’s SEO?


So, before we jump into explaining more about backlinks, lets cut straight to the important bit, and say yes, backlinks are still most certainly a really important part of SEO, despite what you might have read on some other blog posts.

Yet the backlinks that really help to improve a business’s SEO (search engine optimisation), well they are called “external links”, which are “do follow” now and which are very high quality. And when we mean high quality, we mean today, they have to be super high quality if there to help to improve your seo.


Here’s why you should never buy backlinks

So yes you guessed it, those backlinks that you can buy, say for just a few dollars, well there a total waste of time, they can damage your organic SEO- so, out best advice, just don’t buy backlinks.

The only backlinks that are worth building, are the really high quality backlinks, that are “do follow”, and come from a good website such as let’s say the Guardian newspaper, the BBC’s website, or let’s say if you run a solicitor’s practice, you will want a link from a website such as the Solicitors Journal, which is a very good website, so lets say that one more time, the only backlinks, which are worth building are quality backlinks.


So why are external links still important?

External backlinks, are still like votes of popularity of your business, which Googlebot indexes that is the search engines, such as Google and Bing, will use backlinks to work out how popular your businesses is. So, for example if you have over 1000 quality backlinks, from other quality websites, then obviously your website is likely to be deemed to be higher quality as well. Because why would over 1000 other quality websites, link to your website if it wasn’t high quality business? Exactly they wouldn’t, so Google knows, that quality websites, say like the BBC link to other quality websites, so, if you have a lot of quality backlinks, this will dramatically improve your companies seo.

On the other hand if you hire the wrong seo agency, and there’s millions of these, and the build let’s say 100 low quality links, that come from low quality websites, then this is damage your seo because your website is likely to be deemed as low quality as well.


So, what are internal links, and what’s the difference between external links and internal links?

Internal links, are simply links from one page or blog post to another on your website, they are  useful in terms of showing the search engines like Google, Bing and Duck Duck Go, which pages are important on your website and to give idea of what your business sells. So for example, if over 100 anchor texts on your website are all to do with luxury chocolate, then your websites, likely to sell choclate. So Google, Bing and other major search engines, use internal anchor text, and external anchor text, to work our what products, services, your business sells.




Google’s algorithm and Bings algorthim, uses backlinks to rank your web site


It’s well-known that Google, and Bing, uses backlinks to rank a website, in matter-of-fact most digital marketing agencies, ours included, believe that it’s the number one ranking factor.


Make sure that you write the anchor text correctly, so it must be white hat for example, make sure that you write all of the anchor text on your blog posts, and the main pages in a white hat way. If you need any help with this ask your seo agency for help regarding this.

However, for example, if you write your anchor text correctly, for example you accurately describe each product or service you sell, within the anchor text, for example let’s say that the link links to a page which sells “organic honey”, just simply describe the anchor text as “organic honey” and perhaps a brand name as well, such as “Rose organic honey”

This can help the search engines to understand what that product is.

In conclusion

Backlinks are still a very important part of seo, and you digital marketing agency should have a marketing strategy on how they are going to build backlinks for you.