What does your agency consider to be the most important ranking factors?


When you’ve had a website designed, you may well be busy now e-mailing and ringing various seo agencies, to book a meeting.

And prior to that meeting, you might be thinking, well, what is organic seo? Is it just backlinks, and writing content marketing?

Yet, as soon as you sit down and start chatting to a good seo consultant, one that knows their stuff, well, before you know it there chatting about “ranking factors”- how Google’s algorithm calculates the strength of over 200 different ranking factors, sometimes called ranking factors, and now AI, that’s artificial intelligence is now even part of Google’s rather brilliant algorithm as well.

So, this has you thinking, over 200 different ranking factors, that sounds like a lot of work!

And it often is, for some businesses, lets say e-commerce businesses, that want to improve their organic seo, well, sometimes it’s a massive amount of tasks, and often its too much for an seo freelancer, no, often a team is needed, that’s to say often an SEO agency, that’s because even though SEO is all about moving a business up Google’s ranks, or another search engines ranks, it often means you need an agency which employs multiple different skill-sets, from link builders, through to copywriters, through to a local seo expert, through to a designer who can make design changes, so in a nutshell, what is needed is often a rather superb digital marketing agency, and that’s exactly where our company, that’s Adore can help your business.

So, without further ado, below we are going to explain what our seo consultants, working at our agency here in Cardiff, think are some of the more important ranking factors.

Google’s algorithm doesn’t stay the same

So here’s the thing, your sat at your seo agency, and you say to them, once my business get’s to the top, it stay’s there, right? Well, no is the answer, you kind of have to think of where a website ranks, rather like the value of a business fluctuates up and down on the stock market, what does this mean?

Well, one day your business, here in Wales, could be number 1, right at the top of Google’s search engine results, brilliant, you think, that’s great, I am in first position, I don’t need to do any work, but then, after making no changes, none whatsoever, your 3rd, well why is that?

Well, there’s a simple reason for that, results on Google will fluctuate up and down, and one of the reasons for that is this, your competitors may well be also paying a online marketing agency to improve their site, so when their site’s seo improves, it may well overtake you, when you do work, you may start to rank higher than them, so where the site ranks, will fluctuate depending on how good your businesses seo is.

Google’s RankBrain that’s AI
So, you might have heard your marketing agency mention AI, or Google’s RankBrain, and wondered, well, how does AI work when it comes to improving a businesses seo?

Well, a lot of digital marketing agencies, likes ours, think that, a business, should have a low bounce rate, have a well-designed company website, should follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, should make the shopping experience easy for the customer, should have a very well designed mobile version of the site, and you should aim to make your ranking factors, such as backlinks, good quality and better than your rivals, if you want to move up Google’s ranks, or another search engines ranks, like Bing- sound like a huge amount of work?

Well, that’s because it often is, that’s why so many companies, here in Wales, from sole-trader plumbers, through to huge car insurance firms pay seo agencies, like ours Adore, to improve the companies organic seo, it can be a lot of work, and this is often why a lot of companies pay every month.

Avoid incurring a penalty!

Some companies, do end up hiring the wrong seo company, sometimes the company will get the seo so wrong, that the company will incur a penalty, at all costs all businesses should avoid getting a seo penalty, such as a Google Penguin penalty.

And, you as the business owner, well, you might be thinking, well, how bad can it be, is it like getting a parking ticket? You just pay the fine?

No, its nothing like a parking ticket, an seo penalty, such as say a Google Penguin penalty, can mean that some companies, because they have got the seo wrong, and not followed Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, well, the whole business could be removed from Google’s SERP’s, for those that do not know, that means, Google’s search engine results pages, also known as the SERP’s.

So you might be thinking, well, surely the business will recover, well, it can sometimes take some business a long time to recover, so what’s our word of advice? That is this, pick which agency you choose very carefully.

So, what does content marketing mean?

Well, its exactly what you’re reading here really, that’s to say, content marketing is often just the written word, often in the form of blog posts, the work should be useful to your customers.

It should also be “indexable” which means, quite simply put, Googlebot should be able to what SEO agencies call “crawl and index the page”- this simply means so, that Googlebot, can bring the work into index.

The work should also be high-quality and white hat, if it’s not, well, it’s likely to have what seo companies refer to as a “high-bounce rate”, this simply means that people are not reading the work for very long at all, so, what should happen is, the written work should be good quality.


When you first hire an SEO company, they might start to talk about ranking factors. Now, as a business owner, you know that you need to invest in high-quality and white hat SEO.

You may also know that you should only invest in SEO that followsGoogle’s WebMaster Guidelines.

Now, you may have already chosen the SEO company that you wish to hire here in Cardiff, and as part of the initial work that they do, they may write a marketing strategy.

Now as you are read over this marketing strategy with a cup of coffee, you may start to see that ranking factors are mentioned frequently throughout the marketing plan.

This has you thinking what exactly are ranking factors, and why are they so important to the organic SEO process.

What are ranking factors?

So, what are ranking factors?

Well, as you can guess Google has to rank as businesses according to how strong they businesses SEO is.

Now instead of just ranking the business on its SEO generally, instead it is thought by many marketing agencies that are over 200 ranking factors are weighted.

The businesses which have the strongest ranking factors, will rank on the first page of Google.

However, as we will explain later on within this article, not all ranking factors are worth the same.

Some are a lot more important than some others, for example a lot of SEO agencies believe that high-quality, back links which are built in a white hat way are worth a lot more than some other ranking factors such as for example the alt text.

So it’s part of an company’s job to work out which ranking factors are worth more, and to make sure that these are optimised in a white hat way which follows Google’s WebMaster Guidelines.

Why your company must only implement high quality SEO.

Your agency must only use white hat methods when improving your businesses SEO.

If they do not use white hat methods, and instead the business uses low quality SEO methods is entirely possible that your business will incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty.

So let’s give you an example, some businesses will be impatient and will not be willing to wait how long it takes to improve a businesses SEO using white hat methods.

This is when some businesses will use low quality SEO, however this often results in an algorithmic or a manual penalty.

If a business incurs a Google, algorithmic or a manual penalty, then this could mean that the business is removed from Google.

So, every aspect of improving the businesses organic SEO, whether it is building high-quality back links or let’s say writing the businesses evergreen content marketing needs to be done in a white hat way.

A lot of businesses have incurred algorithmic penalties, for example those businesses might have built back links that have been deemed as low quality back links.

This means that a lot of businesses here in Cardiff have incurred what is called a Google Penguin penalty.

There are many other types of penalties, both manual and algorithmic which businesses can incur if they implement their SEO incorrectly.

Now, it’s worth bearing in mind whatever size business that you run, that if you incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty then this can mean that your business is removed from Google.

So, what does our marketing agency recommend? We recommend that you only invest in high-quality work.

Why must my company follow Google’s WebMaster Guidelines?

A business should follow Google’s WebMaster Guidelines, because if it does not, then the business could incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty.

Therefore when you are picking and agency to improve your businesses organic SCO you must make sure that you pick an agency which offers high quality work.

Far too many businesses, both large and small businesses just pick an agency based on price, however what you really have to pick an agency based on is the quality of the work that they offer.

They should offer high quality white hat SEO

Why ranking factors can change in terms of their importance

So, let’s say that many digital marketing agencies believe that high quality back links are the most important ranking factor.

This doesn’t mean that this will always stay the same, that’s because experienced SCO agencies will know that Google makes frequent changes to its algorithm.

That’s to say, the algorithm does not stay the same forever, Google is constantly improving its algorithm, so where a lot of marketing companies think that one ranking factor is the most important now, this doesn’t mean that it will stay the most important ranking factor forever.

And because there are over 200 different “ranking factors”, you have to expect the importance of different ranking factors to change.

So just as an example, Google’s RankBrain is thought to be number three in terms of importance,, but this doesn’t mean that this will change in the future, simply because Google is constantly improving its algorithm.

So, it is an SCO company’s job to make sure that they understand how the algorithm is improving, therefore the really good SCO agencies make sure that they understand as quickly as possible how the algorithm is changed and how this might impact their clients organic SCO.

The businesses which keep doing the same type of organic SEO, without factoring in that Google’s algorithm does change, will mean that they may not be implementing the best and latest SEO.

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