How can we improve our local SEO in a white hat way?

You might be a business owner that has been investing in local SEO for quite a while, and are now simply looking to swap to a different marketing agency?

On the other hand, you might be a small business owner that simply wants to know a little bit about what local SEO is, and how it could help your business?

Within this guide we are going to explain how this type of marketing could help your business.

We are going to cover some of the main SEO methods that an agency like ours will use in order to optimise a website.

It’s worth making clear at this point, that our agency only ever uses high-quality white hat methods.

Some agencies will promote ways where the try to bring about short term SEO results, however if this results in the business incurring an algorithmic or a manual penalty later down the line, then this simply mean that the business could be removed from Google’s results.

This is why our business only ever recommend using white hat methods.

What is local SEO and how could it help my business?

Whether you’re looking for a business that can make a wedding cake, or perhaps you are looking for a local lawyer, it’s more than likely that you will turn to Google’s organic results, or PPC adds or Google My Business results in order to find a local business.

It’s also fair to say that most people do not go beyond the second page when they start looking for a local business.

That’s to say often they will use the first page results in order to find a local business that they want to use.

So for example let’s say that you are looking for a local business, if you are presented with PPC adds, Google My Business results, and 10 organic business listings, then you are unlikely to want to visit say page two of Google, this is why so many company’s pay an SEO agency to help keep the business on the first page.

For this reason many businesses now invest in white hat SEO, this means that every business sector ranging from scaffolders right through to large companies here in Cardiff use local SEO, that’s in order to obtain new customers.

However, from a business owners perspective investing in digital marketing can sometimes be very confusing.

This is simply because some businesses will offer social media advertising, others organic SEO, some local SEO, and some may invest in PPC.

Therefore sometimes a business owner will not know what to invest in.

They will simply not know which form of marketing that they should be investing in for the business.

As each business is different, they will need to work out which form of digital marketing will work best for that business.

Our agency focuses on offering organic and local SEO, we are now going to explain what this form of marketing is.

What are Keywords?

First things first, normally the agency will look at which keywords the businesses website should be optimised for.

For example, if you run a construction company, you may wish to optimise your website for “builders”, plus the name of the city in which you operate in.

However, you may also wish to optimise the website for “attic conversions”, “property extensions” and also for “newbuild properties”.

Therefore work will need to be completed in order to optimise the website for these various terms, that’s in order to maximise the chances of the company being called or a purchase being made.

For example, a business may rank on the first page of Google for “local builders”, yet the website may not appear at all for local companies that can complete “attic conversions”.

And it might be attic conversions that the business owner want’s to focus on, in terms of generating more work in that area.

Therefore often the marketing agency will need to sit down with the business owners and understand fully what areas of the business the company wants to generate more work in and sales in.

However, you do have to bear this in mind, you will be looking to beat your local competitors, with your local competitors have been investing in local SEO for say the last 10 years solid, then your business will have a lot catching up to do.


We say this because it all boils down to ranking factors, that is how strong are your businesses ranking factors?

Google’s algorithm compares your businesses ranking factors with your competitors, quite simply put if your businesses ranking factors are weaker then your business will rank lower.

Now if you can imagine that your local competitors have been investing in white hat SEO for over eight years solid, they will obviously have a very considerable head start over your business.

Therefore, you have to think about this before you start investing in this form of marketing, there will be of course be agencies that will state that they can close the gap between you and your direct competitors in a matter of a few months.

However, if the marketing budget is not set a realistic level, and the agency is then forced to cut corners in order to generate results, then it is entirely possible the business will later on incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty.

For those that do not know what algorithmic or a manual penalty are, they can simply mean that the business gets removed from Google.

What does white hat mean?

Our business will only ever use high-quality white hat methods, that’s to say we will only ever use white hat methods when improving your businesses SEO.

Some agencies do not use white hat methods, that’s the say they sometimes they cut corners and use low-quality methods, is when the business will incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty


How can our business improve our local SEO?

It’s important to know that is local SEO is not a one-off process, that can be completed in one large amount of work and then that is it.

Normally businesses partner with marketing agencies on a consecutive monthly basis, that’s in order to improve the businesses local and organic SEO.

If a business does not invest on a monthly basis, then it’s entirely possible that the competition will develop stronger SEO and therefore overtake your business.

At our agency we also do not recommend implementing work in one large amount, then leaving it many months and doing another large amount of work in one instalment, from our experience this does not improve the businesses local SEO.

It’s far better to work on improving the website on a monthly basis using white hat methods.


What does content marketing mean?

Okay now we’re going to start looking at ways that you can actually start improving your SEO, one of the main ways that an agency uses to improve a company’s SEO is to write content marketing.

However some businesses simply believe that content marketing is just writing text to a set word count, it is most definitely not.

That’s because if the work is low-quality, or offers little value, to the reader then it is likely to start driving the website rankings down and not pushing the rankings up.

So what is content marketing?

Simply put it is understanding the questions that your customers have, and best answering them better than your competitors.

Is the process of therefore making your website useful, yes it does involve giving away free advice, yet if the algorithm deems your website is a good quality source of information your business is likely to rank higher and therefore your business ranks higher you may generate more business.

So what is content marketing?

Simply put its about writing high-quality answers to questions that your customers frequently have, however more often than not this is not implemented correctly, then that the agency or the business purely focuses on SEO not offering valuable advice to the customer.

When it is clear to the algorithm that the work is just focused on improving the businesses SEO, then this is when the rankings may start to plummet

What are blog posts?

Broadly speaking content marketing can be split into two wind categories, that is evergreen content marketing, which is content marketing on the main pages of your website rarely change from month to month.

Then there will be a news or a blog section on most websites, where the agency add blog posts in order to improve the businesses organic and local SEO.

Are however more often than not multiple days per month need to be spent home in order to write high quality content marketing therefore the marketing budget must reflect this amount of work that is needed.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that this is just one aspect of the local process there are many more which will discuss in this article, that’s why a marketing budget should be set at a realistic level to allow this amount of month.

Why must the written work be high quality?

The written work must be high quality, it is not high-quality and is not a useful then the work is likely to be deemed as low quality and it could mean that your businesses rankings starts to drop.

So what do we mean by high quality?

Well let’s imagine that you are about to complete a DIY task, and you want to obtain some advice so you turn to

then you see to articles that have been written, one seems to be heavily promoting a power tool and therefore offers no realistic advice of how you should carry out DIY task stop

then you have another company which offers very detailed advice, does not seem to be promoting this service product directly and instead offers a useful article that allows you to complete DIY task successfully.

Which one do you think would be useful in order to improve the businesses SEO?

Well we most definitely think that the article that is useful to the customer, even though they are not purchasing directly from the website will improve the businesses SEO.

We say this because readers likely to spend a long time website, this would therefore reduce the businesses bounce rate and also this high-quality work is likely to be linked to by other websites simply because the website is offering good quality advice.

Are so for example somebody that interested in renovating homes, interior design or simply DIY may link to work because the work is such high quality.

This high-quality content marketing is therefore likely to attract backlinks, if the backlinks are good quality and ascending link juice through to the website then this is likely to improve the businesses local SEO.

On the other hand you have the website which is just promoting a powerful, the person looking to complete the DIY task will not obtain the advice they need, they are likely to leave the website more or less straightaway contributing to a high bounce rate.

Because the article is heavily promoting a powerful, it is also not useful to other readers to is not likely to attract a high quality backlinks so as you can see this form of local SEO often does not work in this is why high quality content marketing is often needed instead.

What are internal links?

Okay, so when you write a rather long blog post, often you will cover something that you may have already written about.

For example, let’s say that your business sells luxury candles online, one of your range of candles might be beeswax candles, you may have written an article about high-quality beeswax candles before now.

Therefore the marketing agency may link to the work, they may do this to an internal link and through anchor text.

This should be done in a white hat way, that’s the say the link should be linked to using white hat SCO.

What does anchor text mean?

As we mentioned in our previous point, you may wish to use internal links, the example we provided was beeswax candles.

Therefore you may wish to highlight beeswax candles news that the anchor text, however the anchor text must be optimised in a white hat way.


What does meta titles and meta descriptions mean

for every page and every blog post this should be a meta title and the meta description written which gives a brief idea about what that page or blog post is about stop

to write a meta title and meta description takes seconds, this is why it should be added to each page and written in a white hat way stop

What does on-site SEO mean?

On-site SEO simply refers to optimising the website on-site, this can mean optimising any from a meta title and meta description right through to optimising the website evergreen content marketing.

Often agency to improve your businesses local SEO in a white hat way, they will often carry is a mixture of on-site and also off-site SCO every single month.

So for example, let’s say that your business sells electric bikes online, the agency may optimise the businesses content marketing on-site and may start to build backlinks off-site white hat way.

Why is the design of your website important when it comes to SEO?

It’s really important that the design of your website is correct, if you have a website that has been poorly designed and this may mean that your website incurs a high bounce rate.

So let’s say for example that you are looking to purchase a pair of work boots online, the SU agency might be successful in getting your business onto the first page.

However if it’s difficult for the shopper to find the pair of work boots that they like, in order to sort the items by size for example and if they are in stock, then if this is not possible then the business may incur a high bounce rate

as most digital marketing agencies will tell you, the business having a high bounce rate could potentially damage the businesses SEO over the long run

this is why it’s important that you work with your agency order to reduce your businesses bounce rate.

Why it’s easier to optimise a company website that has been online for longer

is often much easier to optimise a website which has been online for longer.

What do we mean by this?

So let’s say for example that you run a construction business, and you have just started your construction business with his brand-new.

Therefore the domain name is newly registered, so that the main aim has not got any SEO apply to have no backlinks to it.

When you compare this to the website that has been life the say the last eight years, that website will have accrued a lot of backlinks and may have had a lot of good quality SCO apply to.

So in essence a new business is starting from scratch, it is a blank canvas and this is often why a lot more SU work is needed on the SEO work that is needed must be good quality^

Why does organic SEO and local SEO takes so long to see results?

It can take a very long time for a business to see results from organic and local SCO, that’s simply cars you need to overtake your competitors in order to get on the first page.

For example it easier to get some businesses onto the first page than others.

He business operating the highly competitive business sector, then it will be a lot harder to get the business onto the page.

Why it’s important to have a fast company website

is really important that your company website is fast, if the company website is really slow then this is likely to lead to a high bounce rate stop

what does schema mean?

It’s really important that your agency applies what is called to you website, they may use schema to mark up the NAP information on your website. Line if you do not know what map means it simply stands for name of your business, its address and also the businesses phone number.

The NAP Schema

It’s really important to apply schema to your website so when your website is crawled and indexed the can easily read your businesses map information.

What does off-site SEO mean?

Now we will move on to off-site SEO, as you might have gathered local SEO can be broadly split into two main categories that is onside and also off-site SEO.

now in order to optimise a website often both on-site and off-site SEO need to be worked on every single month.

Off-site SEO can be building business citations, improving your businesses NAP details so that they are all consistent, and also building high-quality backlinks that will send link juice through to your company website.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are simply links that lead to your website, these links need to be high quality need to be built in a white hat way if they are to improve your businesses local SEO. Our

Why must backlinks be high quality?

If the backlinks are not high quality, in that they are low quality then this could adversely affect your businesses SEO because business could incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty.

So many agencies and businesses take the wrong approach to building backlinks, thinking that they can build low quality backlinks and this will improve the company’s SEO.

The matter-of-fact if more than likely likely to do the complete opposite result in the business incurring a penalty and therefore the website may be moved

What are business citations?

Business citations often then need to be built, they need to be built in a white hat way, the business should build business citations so that they mention the businesses map information.

You must make sure that your businesses map information is consistent.

For example let’s say that your business changes its address,’s phone number all the company name and it’s important that all of the companies NAP information is updated

What does NAP mean?

That’s simply means the name of your business, businesses address and also the businesses phone number.

This NAP information needs to be consistent or is will not help to improve your businesses SEO.

Why it’s important that business citations are consistent

let’s say for example that your SEO agency builds business citations to your company’s first address, and the company moves address within Cardiff to a new location.

The agency then continues to build business citations mention the businesses new address, there are there are therefore to business citations citing to different addresses and this can confuse the algorithm as to where the business is located.

Therefore if this occurs then this can mean that the business dropped down the ranks if there are different addresses mentioned within the businesses citations.

Why all backlinks must be high quality

Backlinks must be high quality, if all the backlinks are not high quality then the business may incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty.

Why it’s important to focus on quality and not quantity

really important when it comes to local SEO to focus on quality not quantity, some business owners think that by getting more of something they are obtaining better value for money but this is often not the case if it comes at the cost of quality.

For example you may hear some agencies reel off a long list of what they can provide free low fee, however same goes you do get what you pay for quite often.

By this we simply mean if the agency is stating that they are doing a huge amount of work for a very low fee and often the business owner should start to ask questions.

We believe here at our agency is far better to get a lower amount of work completed but that work to be high quality.

Social media

often a lot of businesses here in Cardiff you social media in order to promote the business and also to help improve the company’s organic and SEO.

For example for our clients we use Facebook and Twitter in order to promote a new article that we have written example.

We may then use hashtags that people use to follow that type of business, for example let’s say that you sell luxury candles we may use the hashtags such as beeswax candles for example.

Therefore anyone interested in these types of candles meets Bath following your account, they may then start reading the articles that have been written on the website, they may even provide a backlinks to the website if they think it is a good quality website stop

How you can promote new work that is being added to your company website

We may therefore use social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.


You may wish to set up a company profile on Facebook


You may wish to use Twitter in order to promote articles that your company has written.


Why we believe high-quality white hat agency is best place to write the content marketing

Some business owners believe that they can complete the content marketing themselves, and do not need a high quality and respected SEO agency in to complete the work.

However what a lot of business owners quickly find is the have not got the time to be writing the thousand word article a few times a month.

Instead it might write an article that is just a few hundred words, and if it is poorly written in terms of it does not offer much useful advice to your customers then it may result in your business incurring lower placement in terms of where it ranks.

For example so many businesses get writing the content marketing wrong, by simply mentioning the words they want to the business to rank are too much causing sometimes an algorithmic penalty.

So what do we mean by this, let’s say that you run an Italian restaurant for example, you may start to write articles yourself and you may mention Italian restaurant plus the city or town which your restaurant is based.

However as this is not likely to be useful information in terms of a blog post, if it is written in the wrong way then it may mean that your business is placed lower down the ranks.

Instead what is required often is a high quality and respected SEO agency to write the content marketing in the way with a can get your business to rank higher for Italian restaurant in the city or town in which your business is based

What does evergreen content marketing means?

You may have read within this article that we have mentioned evergreen content marketing white a few times that’s because it’s an important part SEO.

For those that do not know what evergreen content marketing is, it is simply the written text that is used when your main pages of your website.

So let’s say that your business sells for example garden sheds, you may have a range of different garden sheds and you may simply write on each product a description of the garden shed.

As you plan on selling these garden sheds for a very long period of time, you do not therefore change the product description and therefore this evergreen content marketing stays the same for a long period of time.

This is as opposed to content marketing which is added to the blog posts, which is sometimes added to a number of times per month therefore pushing the last blog post down and the newest what is often displayed right at the front.

While content marketing should have a high work accounts but also be high quality

The content marketing must also be high quality, if your business ever writes low quality content marketing and this could mean that the business drops down the ranks.

Content marketing must be useful to you all customers, for example asked last offer useful advice

What is ‘Google My Business’?

Your business should have a my business account, you might wish to ask a digital marketing agency the set up your my business account.

The my business account should have your businesses map.

Your business should have a my business account, information here should match exactly with your businesses citations.

The NAP Details on Your GMB Listing

The my business account should match exactly of your business citations.

Why your company should aim to reduce its bounce rate

You may wish to hire a digital marketing agency, such as door, to help reduce your businesses bounce rate.

Your business should lower its bounce rate, and into keep your customers on your company website for as long as possible

Why your business should focus on improving its organic visitor numbers but also making sure that these visitors are likely to purchase from your business.

It’s really important that as your agency aims to improve visitor numbers they also make sure that these visitors coming to the website are likely to be people that are interested in your product or services.

For example car let’s say that you run a wedding company that manages a couples wedding you might write a several articles about a celebrity wedding the this

This type of article might receive a lot of organic visitors, as a lot of people might want to read about a celebrity wedding, yet it does not necessarily mean that any of these people reading the article use your company to manage their own wedding.

Therefore your agency should attract people who are interested in your company and the products and services your company can offer

Why your agency may need to add new pages

Sometimes when a company comes to our marketing agency they will have a really basic website.

Two for example let’s say that company is landscaping business they want to generate more work for garden fencing, decking and also summerhouses.

This will be very hard to do unless the website has pages created within the main menu order to advertise services.

So sometimes a digital marketing agency will recommend the first tasks is to add main pages that advertise the services such as decking, fencing and summerhouses for example.

How a penalty could fall your business back

if your business was to incur an algorithmic penalty, or a manual penalty simply because you have hired the wrong SEO we then this can simply mean that your business will for down the ranks or it could be totally removed.

Also very business owners that know about algorithmic or a manual penalty is will know that it can take a very long time for a business to recover from such a penalty.

Therefore any businesses which are cutting corners or using low quality methods of SCO should be avoided, because they could result in an algorithmic or a manual penalty being applied against you business

Why we would recommend focusing on one city or town based on where your company is located

Some companies, for example let’s say a skip hire company may try to optimise the website for a massive area.

However we would recommend that you concentrate on improving the SEO around where your business has a actual building and where it is located.

If a business tries to optimise the website for to larger area, in that it tries to optimise for multiple cities or multiple towns and this can mean that the SEO becomes time-limited and the SEO marketing strategy might be unsuccessful.

We would therefore recommend that our agency that instead you concentrate on improving the local SEO for the city or the town in which your business is based.

Why we would recommend using a local phone number

We would recommend that using a local phone number rather than using a mobile phone number.

We say this because it can help to improve your businesses SEO if you use a local phone number.

Of course a mobile number can refer to a business which is based anywhere, however the local phone number is based on this is another signal that your business is based in the town the city which can help to improve the SEO.

However once again do make sure that your NAP information systems, consistent, by that we mean that the NAP information to match on your website your business citations and on your my business account.

Why if your address changes or phone number or business name NAP details should be updated accordingly.

If your address, company phone number or company name changes then you should tell your marketing agency immediately so that they can start to take you business citations.

If you do not update your business citations and your website states that you are in the new location and your business citations the you are in your location then this could simply mean that your website starts to drop down the ranks because an SEO agency will deem this company is having conflicting business citations.

By that our business is saying that it is based on two different locations when actually it is only based in one which could negatively impact the businesses SEO.

Why your company website should be easy-to-use

you should make your company website easy to use, by that we mean every aspect of your company’s then a shopper is likely to leave your website and instead use a competitor’s website.

This is often why a SEO agency has to work closely with a web developer or a web designer. Line you may wish to choose a digital marketing agency which also employs web developers and web designers as well as SEO consultants.

US the business owner may find it easier to manage if you hire a business that has web developers, web designers and SEO consultants all working one company.

We say that because managing separate business can sometimes be difficult in terms of managing amount of calls and emails that will be needed to 2 separate business are to hire a separate SEO agency and a separate web design company.


Why a lot of companies use a/B testing or sometimes split testing

Once you have hired a web design company, you may wish to use the SEO agency to recommend ways where they can implement split testing in order to see if they can improve the company’s bounce rate.

When we say improve the company’s bounce rate is simply mean to lower the businesses bounce rate.

Also split testing is used to see if the web design company can help to make design changes in order to improve the businesses sales.

For example company might use split testing to change the appearance of the homepage by adding a slider which advertises a sale that the business has on, this sale might mean that more sales are generated this people click on the slider in order to purchase a product.

Because the design change has increased the level of sales the has, the web design are may make this change is permanent in order to help the business to generate sales. Line on the other hand design company in the SU agency design change has actually have a negative impact on sales therefore rooms back to how the website prior to web design changes.

Why you should aim to make your content marketing a lot better than the competition

You should aim to make your content marketing a lot better than the competition, if your business is not on the first page, yet you just trying to match the competition might not overtake them. Line however if you plan on implementing high quality white hat SCO which is a lot better than the competition in time you will start to overtake the competition.

Therefore you should not just aim to match the standard competitors are setting terms of SEO you should aim to be a lot better in terms of having better SEO.

Why taking shortcuts does not work

There are so many companies within the UK that state that they can provide very cheap SEO services, however as the business owners you have to weigh up how much work can actually be provided free very low fee.

If the agency is cutting corners in order to obtain results, then this may mean that the business later incurs an algorithmic or a manual penalty.

This is why we only recommend a white hat methods are used

Why you should always use white hat methods

We strongly recommend that only white hat methods are used, that’s to say high-quality methods of SEO should always be applied even if it means that it takes a lot longer for the business to see results.

As earlier mentioned within this article if a business was to incur an algorithmic or a manual penalty, then this can mean that Roxanne the ranks was removed from, which can mean that it may take a very long time for the business to recover, so simple not believe that low quality and cheap SEO total false economy.

Why sometimes better to use a high quality and respected SEO agency

we believe it is far better to use a high quality and respected SCO agency like a door, we are an established SEO agency that is based here of Cardiff.

We can help to improve your SEO

Algorithm changes

some businesses will try to have a go at improving their SEO themselves, however we would recommend that you respected and white hat SEO agency as they should have an in-depth knowledge of how the algorithm works on how the algorithm will penalised any website which does not use white hat methods.

Therefore when you pay an SEO agency to implement high quality white hat SEO, the company should have a lot of experience of the algorithm and also how the regular algorithm changes will impact how SEO should be implemented. Line for example, how the Panda dates changed how SEO should be implemented.

How our agency can help your business

we run a agency based here in Cardiff, we work with a number of different businesses in order to help improve the businesses local and organic SEO.

We will only ever use white hat methods, if you would like a quote why not give our agency today?