Some of the things you should know before choosing an SEO company

So, when looking for a local seo company it is as simple as just searching “SEO + name of city”-right?

Umm, well, nope it often needs a lot more thought than that, that’s if you are looking for a high-quality agency, one which offers white hat work.

And this is where business owners may well be saying, “well the businesses ranked at the top must be good at what they do, otherwise they wouldn’t be there, right”?

Well, that is very true sometimes, and most businesses deserve to be at the top space on Google, because they have used white hat SEO and they have also made sure the SEO work is high-quality, so they have followed Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and they have made sure that all work is of a very high standard.

However, if you were to chat to some marketing companies, well, they are bound to say that sometimes there will be some companies that use low-quality SEO, as a way to get there selves to the top quickly.

However, sooner rather than later they may and are more than likely to incur a penalty, such as the Google Penguin penalties, however with that said, in that temporary window of time, when they are say 1st in the results, well, they may obtain customers that think they are the bees knees, when they are in matter of fact not very good at what they do.

So, what do we mean by this? Well, as any good agency will tell you, it is possible to use low-quality SEO methods, yet we would never in a million years recommend this, as its more than likely your company will incur a penalty, such as a Google Penguin, or a Google Panda penalty.

So what’s the solution, well, that’s simple, you must only choose an SEO agency in Cardiff that offers high-quality work. And here at Adore we offer very high-quality work, we can offer the following work to improve your company’s marketing:

  • Content marketing
  • Onsite SEO
  • Build backlinks
  • White hat SEO
  • Offsite SEO


#1 Quality is an absolute must (White Hat)

Whether it be link building, or let’s say writing a piece of content marketing, the work must always be high-quality.

So, let’s say for example you run a business that makes luxury cakes here in Wales, and you want your business to branch out into offering wedding cakes.

Now, if one seo agency let’s say based in Cardiff claims they can get your wedding cake business onto the first page in a matter of weeks, and a second seo company says looking at the competition, this could take around 6 months to get your cake business onto the first page, which business would be better?

Well, this all depends on quality

If the second business is using white hat methods, then this is the business to opt for, that’s because you should always choose quality work as we think here at Adore Online Marketing, based in Cardiff, that it’s always better to opt for white hat work. If the first business is not using white hat methods, and is instead just using low-quality methods of SEO, well, the business could incur a penalty.

A link penalty, such as a Google Penguin penalty could mean that your business is removed off Google.

So, instead of just opting for an SEO agency that states what you would like to hear, i.e getting your business onto page 1 quickly, only opt for the business that offers quality SEO work even if this takes a lot longer.

A lot of businesses here in Wales will not want to wait, they will opt for the marketing agencies stating that they can get the business onto the first page in say a few weeks, however, you do have to keep this in mind, a lot of businesses also receive a penalty, and then drop out of Google, or get placed on say page 10 of Google’s results, so then those businesses might have wished that they have opted for a better SEO company.

#2 Some promise the earth and do not deliver

Some marketing companies can therefore make promises and then they do not deliver, so only choose a white hat and reputable SEO company.

#3 If your website get’s penalised then it cost you dearly

If a website does incur a penalty, such as a Google Penguin penalty, then the business could be removed from Google. So only invest in white hat SEO.

#4 You will often need content marketing to be added to the site

Sometimes a business will say that they want to invest in white hat seo, but they do not want blog posts to be added to the website. However, as most digital marketing companies will recommed, often content marketing will need to be added.

#5 You will need high-quality backlinks

Your business will need high quality backlinks, so for example, let’s say you run a construction business, you will want quality backlinks from construction related websites.

#6 If you stop paying then often the website can drop

Let’s say your business sells luxurious wines, and you then deliver these to peoples homes, now a marketing company may help get your wine business onto page 1 of Google, however, if you were to stop investing in seo, then its entirely possible that after a few weeks or months the website will drop.

How we can help

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