How can we improve our businesses on-site SEO?

Okay, so it really doesn’t matter whether you run a large business or your a sole-trader, as its safe to say that most businesses would benefit from improving their on-site SEO.

As we will come onto later in this article, on-site seo is a large part of the seo process, simply because there is so much work to do, for example adding meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, internal backlinks, content marketing, anchor text and so much more.

But let’s now have a look at a few ways that you could improve your businesses onsite search engine optimisation.

Meta descriptions and Meta titles

What are meta title’s and meta descriptions?

Well, let’s say that your looking to purchase a pair of ice skates, you know the make of ice skates that you want, so you are scanning your eyes down Google’s results (SERP’s), so that you can see that make of ice skate, and if the retailer stocks the ice skates that you are looking for.

Then you see result number three, it has the following description:

Meta title: We stock a range of different ice hockey skates, plus we offer free delivery

Meta description:  Welcome to “company name” we stock a range of different ice skates, including the following “brand name” plus we can deliver the very next day for free.

This is an example of a meta title and a meta description, plus it’s a really good one- and why do we say that?

Well, it is likely to improve the businesses CTR (Click Through Rate)– and what does that mean?

Well, no matter how hard your digital marketing agency works, your business is always going to be just one business that’s listed in the SERP’s. So for example in the organic results, your business will normally be just one of the listings, and there are normally 10 in total.

So sure, the marketing agency may get your business into the number one position, yet if the business result in the number 3 position says something that the shopper is looking for, then that might grab their interest.

Such as the exact product they are looking for, plus an offer, such as free delivery.

So, your marketing agency should spend a lot of time making sure that the meta titles, and the meta descriptions are well written. We recommend Yoast if you do have a WordPress website, as this can be used to ensure that the meta title and meta description are written to the right word count.

What does white hat mean?

Well, what we mean is write as if you are trying to encourage a shopper to visit your website, don’t just cram the meta title, and meta description with loads of different brands, or offers, as if they click on that page, and it doesn’t offer what the shopper wants, then the businesses bounce rate is likely to increase, and this could adversely affect the businesses seo over the long run.

Use Google Analytics to monitor your company’s bounce rate.

So, do adhere to white hat seo methods always.

Content marketing

Are you adding blog posts to your website?

But your SEO does not seem to be improving much?

Well, here’s the thing, so many marketing agencies offer local SEO, yet they do not get the content marketing right.

And, what do we mean by this?

Well, some digital marketing agencies still think that if they write the content marketing to improve the businesses SEO, and not focus on offering useful information to your customers, that this will improve the businesses SEO, however Google’s algorithm is far too sophisticated for a marketing agency to be writing content marketing that is just aimed solely at improving where a business ranks.

So for example, lets say your business sells winter jackets, now if your marketing company just keeps writing articles that mention “winter jackets” and “winter coats” repeatedly, well guess what, this is not going to improve the businesses SEO, its actually called “keyword stuffing”- and it is bound to negatively affect your businesses seo.

However, if the company hires a respected marketing agency, like Adore Online Marketing to write a high-quality article which explains the latest fashion styles, when it comes to winter jackets, and which options would be best for this winter, well, this is likely to do much better. 

So when writing content marketing, we always think that you should follow the following rules:

·        Must be white hat

·        Must be useful, so does it answers the shoppers questions?

·        Must be well-written

·        Should include some links to show where the information was obtained

·        White hat anchor text

·        Meta title and meta description

·        Should have a word count that exceeds 1000 words

New pages

Does your business need new main pages added?

So, this is a really basic question, but sometimes a business will hire a web design business, and they will offer a really cheap quote, but that’s on the basis that the site may only have a few pages.

But as any good SEO consultant will tell you, its important that each main service that the company offers, has its own page.

This so when GoogleBot crawls and indexes that page, it can read a meta title, meta description, alt tag, content marketing, anchor text that are all written to describe that one service.

So, for example let’s say that you run a plumbing business, we would recommend that there’s one page for the boiler repair, one for boiler replacement and another then for emergency plumbing.

Then you can add the following to each page:

·        Title

·        H1-H6

·        Meta title

·        Meta description

·        Alt tags

·        Content marketing

·        Internal backlinks

Internal backlinks

Is your business using internal backlinks?

Make sure your website can be indexed

Can your website be indexed, or is the “no-index” button on? To check this you should speak to your website designer.