Can content marketing be used to help improve my businesses SEO?


It doesn’t matter if you own a dental practice, or whether you run a plumbing business, a lot businesses these days want to be on the first page of Google.

For some businesses it’s the only way the company obtains it’s customers, for others it’s an essential part of the marketing mix.

And if you were to talk to any good digital marketing agency, well, they are bound to say that content marketing is essential when it comes to improving a business’s SEO.

But what is content marketing?

Well, this article will explain why content marketing is so important in terms of being used to improve a business’s SEO.

We will also explain how Google’s algorithm rewards businesses that invest in high-quality content marketing.

So, it doesn’t matter if you run a multinational business, or you are a sole trader, if the content marketing is high-quality, then your business could earn high-quality backlinks, which in turn could improve your businesses SEO.

What is content marketing?

Mostly it’s what this blog post is, that is it’s written text, its text that Googlebot can read, and then relay the work back to Google’s algorithm.

So what do we mean by this?

Well, lets say that you run an online business, and your online business sells skiing equipment, so you sell winter jackets, hats, glasses, and not forgetting the all important skis!

So, let’s say you then employ a digital marketing agency, like Adore, and we start to add content marketing, we then write articles that your customers would most likely like to read, such as “where’s the best place to go skiing this year”.

This may have athletes who write there view, and then a few comments from people who are well-known as being experts when it comes to skiing, such as British athletes, plus also comments from manufacturers of ski products.

This article could then be promoted on social media, such as on Twitter and Facebook, and many thousands of people who are interested in skiing may read the article.

Some of the readers may have their own blogs, they may then mention the article and provide a backlink.

If the backlink is good quality, then this could help to improve your businesses seo, that’s because GoogleBot will spot the link, then Google’s algorithm will reward businesses that have high-quality backlinks.      

Why is it important?

Content marketing is important as if it’s done right it can inform Google’s algorithm that your business is relevant for a question that’s asked to Google.

So, for example, if someone was to search “local dentist”- which business will be ranked at the top of Google?

It will be the website that offers the best information, and also has the best links, a website with no information in the way of text will not rank on the first page of Google.

So for example, you may pay a web designer a lot of money for a new website, and the website for your dental practice may look great, but if the website hasn’t been designed with SEO in mind, then it might not rank very well.

So, this is where a digital marketing agency can help, they should write content marketing which has the following qualities:

·        Content marketing that is well-written

·        Written by an expert

·        Has links to show where the author has obtained their information to write the article

·        White hat

Why quality matters

You should only invest in high-quality SEO, if a business does not, then the business could incur a penalty.

For example, a plumbing business may hire a low-quality SEO business, and they may write “central heating repair” or “plumbers + name of the city” over and over again within the text, which can trigger a penalty, such as a Google Panda penalty.

How Google’s algorithm can decipher whether the work is quality:

White hat

All SEO work should be white hat, if not your business could incur a penalty.


All work should be researched, and often an SEO business will then offer a link to where the business found that information.


Back Links

If the work is of good quality, then other businesses may offer a link to the work.

Bounce rate

SEO agencies should aim to reduce a company’s bounce rate as much as possible.

Written by an expert

The content marketing should be written by an expert, or someone that understands your business.

Why you must find the right marketing agency

It’s important to invest in white hat seo.


How we can help:

We can offer white hat SEO.