What does “NAP” mean?


So you’ve got a new website for your business, it looks great, but it doesn’t seem to be generating any sales, so what’s the solution?

Well, its now time to invest in quality SEO, and if your looking to sell your goods or services locally, well you will require local SEO.

And an important part of the local SEO process is to build citations, detail your businesses NAP information and make sure that all business citations are consistent.

This is where we can help, so if you want to find out more about what NAP means, and how NAP can be used to improve a businesses SEO, well this is the blog post for you.

What does NAP mean?

NAP simply means name of the business, its address and the businesses phone number, it really is as simple as that.

Why is NAP important?

Well, lets say you run a business here within Cardiff, and you mention your businesses address on your website.

Well, how would Google’s algorithm know if that information is up to date, that’s to say you could have changed address, or changed your phone number.

So many SEO agencies believe if all of your business’s citations, and the NAP information on your website is the same, well this sends a message to Google that the NAP information is more likely to be accurate.

This is why SEO companies always recommend that the NAP information is kept up to date, that’s both on your company’s website, but also on your businesses NAP details.

How can it be used to improve my businesses SEO?

That’s a simple one to answer, let’s say someone is looking for a “bike shop in Cardiff” and one business does not have any business citations.

Yet, the second business has 100 citations, these all say that the businesses address is within Cardiff, so which business do you think that Google’s algorithm is more likely going to rank higher?

That’s right the business that has over 100 citations, which are all built in a white hat way.

Why must my businesses NAP details be consistent?

This is another really important point to make, that’s because your businesses citations, and NAP information must all be consistent, so you shouldn’t write ST, if another citation says Street for example.

What are business citations?

Business citations are just mere mentions of your businesses NAP information.

So, if I run a business within Cardiff, could this improve our local SEO?

Yes, but only if its done in a white hat way. If implemented incorrectly then your business could obtain “conflicting business citations”- which are business citations that do not match, which means that this could damage your businesses SEO, rather than helping it.

Why must all work be white hat?

It doesn’t matter if you own a bike shop, run a hair dressers or have a website that sells candles, all SEO work must always be white hat, if its not, well your business could incur a penalty.