Google My Business- how it can help to improve your SEO


Do you run a business here within Cardiff, South Wales?

If so then you will undoubtably want your business to standout online, and for this to happen an SEO agency, such as ours will normally be hired to improve a businesses organic SEO as well as the businesses local SEO as well.

And as any digital marketing agency will agree with, is one way a business can improve its local SEO is to create a Google My Business account.

A Google My Business account can allow a business to appear within the map listings, plus also for the business to improve its NAP information.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business allows a business to set up an account which will state key facts about the business, such as store opening hours, the address of the business, the phone number and also the businesses name.

So let’s say you run a pet shop within Cardiff, you could set up a Google My Business account, and then when someone is looking for a local pet shop, your business may appear in the map results.

How can my business obtain a Google My Business account?

This is really easy to do, just follow the link here, and you can start setting up your own Google My Business account.

What information should my business write on our Google My Business account?

It’s really important that you mention your businesses NAP information, so this means your businesses name, its address and phone number.

Will this help to improve our local SEO?

Yes it can, but we would say don’t think that your business will appear like magic within the Google My Business results, and the organic results, as normally more work is needed.

For example, your business will need to obtain real customer reviews, write content marketing and also often your business will need high-quality backlinks.

How can my business optimise our Google My Business account?

Customer reviews

It’s important that your business obtains real customer reviews, we say real because so many businesses write fake business reviews, but then Google’s algorithm can detect this.

This then means your business could incur a penalty.

So the reviews must be genuine, so that means left by real customers.

NAP + Business citations + NAP on your company’s website

The NAP information written on your businesses Google My Business account should match exactly with the NAP information written on your businesses website, and with business citations, its widely thought by many SEO companies that this when implemented correctly, can help to improve your businesses SEO.

Do you run a business within Cardiff, South Wales?

If you do, and your business wants to invest in white hat SEO, then why not give our digital marketing agency a call?