Why is my digital marketing agency insisting that we invest time into creating content marketing?

So let’s be absolutely fair, it doesn’t matter if you run a multinational business, or a small business, if your investing in organic SEO you want to make sure that every single penny is being invested wisely.

That’s to say should you may well be investing in social media advertising, SEO or perhaps your business needs a new website?

Well, if you’ve recently hired a digital marketing agency, and you’ve attended a meeting where they have generated a few ideas on how to promote your business, then you may have heard the marketing agency mention “content marketing”.

And your online marketing agency may well be saying let’s spend say 70% of your digital marketing budget on this, so you may now be wondering well, why is this such an important area of SEO?

Attract the right customers

“Hi there, we are just knocking doors to see if you would be interested in getting double glazing fitted?”

Hmm, how many doors need to be knocked before someone says yes, well, we are guessing a lot!

What’s a better form of advertising in our view?

Well, being ranked at the top of Google, and having a lot of genuine reviews from customers, so when someone does actually want to find a double-glazing business, then there you are right in front of the customer.

This is why we think SEO is such an effective form of advertising, as when someone is looking for the product or service that your business offers, there your business is, right in front of the nose of the person that’s looking for a company like yours.


And what is one of the main methods that SEO companies like ours use to help get businesses get onto the first page of Google?

You got it, through adding content marketing to a website, plus using content marketing to earn backlinks.

But here’s the thing, the content marketing must be quality, it must be white hat, it must be useful.

So many businesses think that writing content marketing and obtaining backlinks is an absolute piece of cake, however, a lot of businesses have also obtain Google Penalties, such as Google Penguin and Panda penalties because they have built links in the wrong way, or because their content marketing is simply not white hat.

So its really worth making sure all SEO work is white hat.


Does it really help to build backlinks?

Banklinko released a study of 912 million blog posts and found that 94% of all blog posts published have no external links pointing to them.

So it could be argued that a lot of blog posts do not obtain backlinks, however, you have to ask yourself, the really useful blog posts well they might.

So let’s say you have a DIY job planned for the weekend, your fitting a new bathroom suite, so you’ve found an article that explains how to fit a shower tray easily.

Now, why did that article come in the top three results for “how do you install a shower tray”- well its most likely because that article has a lot of backlinks.

A lot of other people may have found it useful, for example they may own their own blogs, where they have blogged about how they renovated their homes, and written their own blog posts, then linked to that website.

And if your website does obtain quality backlinks, then this can help to improve your SEO.

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