How should I evaluate SEO performance?


Okay, so you’ve teamed up with a local SEO agency, and you’ve attended a few meetings with them, and its safe to say you are satisfied that they know what they are talking about.

But obviously you want to check how your SEO performance is fairing, and whether or not you are getting good value for money.

Well, as you might already know some seo reports can be mighty confusing, that’s because some are full of line graphs and so much marketing jargon that often it takes some time to actually decipher what the seo agency are talking about.

But do not fear, as we have highly experienced seo consultants that work for us, and we asked them what we think are some of the most important SEO metrics are.

So if these are not included in your seo report, well we would recommend that you ask your digital marketing agency to include them.


Okay, so this is a really important point, that is your website needs high-quality and relevant backlinks.

Now these backlinks must be built in a white hat way, so this means that the seo agency should be getting every aspect right. For example, if the seo company was to get building the backlinks wrong, well your business could incur a penalty, such as a Google Penguin penalty.

So this is why its important to have sent to you a list of links that the seo agency have built. And you should check these to see if they are quality backlinks.

Of course not every business will know what a quality backlink is, so we would recommend that you partner with an expert and pay for this advice independent of your seo agency.

Now you may well be thinking I am already paying an seo agency to build backlinks, why would I pay more to a backlink expert to check the links are quality backlinks?

Well, there’s an important reason for this, that’s because if your seo company gets it wrong, and the backlinks are not build correctly, well, your websites rankings could drop.

Now only this but your businesses rankings may drop for some time, that’s because there are many businesses that have received a link penalty, and they have taken a lot of time for their business to recover where it once was.

This is why backlinks are important, but its also important to make sure your only obtaining quality backlinks.

Organic traffic

Some business owners get obsessed with where their business ranks, that’s to say when making their morning coffee they may well be asking Google everyday where their business ranks for a certain term.

For example, they may ask Google “Divorce solicitors + name of city” that’s because they run a family law practice in that city, and they know as the owner of that business how important it is to rank for that term.

But here’s the thing, one day you may well be ranked first, the next day 3rd and then the following day your business may well be 1st again.

What we are getting at is your business will fluctuate in terms of where it ranks, your business will move up and down depending on where the algorithm determines your business should be.

Now most SEO companies would say don’t just check where your business ranks in just one snapshot in time, instead use Google Search Console to open up a wider timeframe, say 1 week or 1 month to get an average figure for where you ranked for “divorce solicitors”- and this would be the correct way of doing things.

But then again don’t just check where your business ranks, no, instead check how many organic visitors you are getting.

Because here’s the thing, your business may rank number 1 for some terms, but if no one is searching those terms, well what’s the point?

For example, you may make wedding cakes that are made from organic ingredients, and your digital marketing agency may e-mail you one day and say you now rank number one in your city for “organic wedding cakes”- great!

But if no one in that city is looking for an organic wedding cake, well- what’s the point?

So, this is where your seo agency should be checking if there’s a search volume for the keywords your business wishes to rank for, then where you rank for that term, and then how many organic visitors your website is obtaining.

And this is where your business should be using Google Analytics, that’s to see how many organic visitors your website is getting.

So, think of this kind of like you are running a shop, well if you were in the shop you would obviously know how many customers your business is getting. Well, measuring the number of organic visitors is the same thing, that is how many organic visitors are visiting your business.

Time on site

Okay let’s say your out shopping on the high street, and you want to treat yourself to a new winter jacket.

Now you enter one shop and the jackets look cheap, so naturally you turn around and you leave the shop. In total you were in that shop for less than 60 seconds.

Then you enter another shop, this shops totally different, it has loads of jackets, they are the style you like as the shop is tailored to surfers and the clothes are more casual.

Now you spend ages in this shop, you are there for over 30 minutes, that’s before you find the jacket you like, purchase it and leave.

Well, if someone was monitoring your purchase they would say that the second business obviously provided what you was looking for as a customer.

Now most SEO’s think that search engines, such as Google could be doing this for online businesses.

And this is why we SEO’s monitor time on site, that’s to say how long is the average person spending on your website?

Are they leaving in say under 30 seconds? Is the bounce rate really high? Why are so many people leaving your business so quickly?

If we were to change the information on your website, and its design is this helping to retain shoppers for longer?

And this is exactly the sort of questions that your seo agency should be asking, they should be aiming to reduce your businesses bounce rate, while keeping shoppers on the website for longer.

And obviously the whole point of this is to boost conversions, and get your business more sales.

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