“You only pay us when your website ranks on the first page”- why often this isn’t as fab an offer as it first sounds!


Okay, so you’ve just launched a brand-new business, so you have your new office, and you’re currently chewing the end of your pen deciding where to best place your marketing budget.

And this now has your cogs turning, you’re asking yourself what is the best way spend our marketing budget?

And you think, well it’s a no brainer! You want to have your new business on the first page of Google.

So, you start looking for seo agencies that are based in close proximity to your business. Now after a bit of research you find that some seo companies are stating that you don’t have to pay them a single penny until you get the business onto the first page of Google.

Brilliant you cry! That’s the one! And you think to yourself this must be one mighty confident marketing agency to only take my hard-earnt cash when I see results!

But hold your horses, this offer is sometimes not as good as it sounds, and here’s why.


Cutting corners, or as most call it black hat seo

Now we don’t want to burst your bubble, but the simple fact of the matter is most seo agencies don’t offer payment on results.

And the reasons for this we will explain later on. But let’s look at this point first, that is an agency that doesn’t get paid until they demonstrate they have your business on the first page may well be tempted to cut a few corners.

And here’s why, it takes months, even years for some businesses to get onto the first page of Google.

So for a super competitive business term, such as “car insurance companies” well it may take years to get that business to the number one position on the first page.

So how do some agencies promise to deliver but not take a penny upfront? Well, that’s a simple one to answer, as some will be willing to use black hat seo.

For those that do not know what black hat seo is, well its basically an attempt to fool Google’s algorithm into thinking your website is more important than what it is.

But Google is very clever, very clever indeed, so it will be able to spot such spam and issue a penalty onto the website.

Yet there may well be a window where for a very temporary period of time that the website does actually rank on the first page of Google.

And with the marketing agency keeping an eye on programmes that tell them exactly where the website ranks, well they just need that temporary blip in time to say, hey time to pay us, your websites on the first page!

Yet what they don’t say is hey, your website is more than likely to be hit by a penalty soon, which means it will drop down the rankings like a lead balloon!

Also they probably won’t inform you that the penalty will result in sometimes taking what feels like an eternity to recover!

Ranking on the first page yes, but it doesn’t mean nothing!

Sometimes some agencies will state don’t pay us a penny, well get your business on the first page of Google and we will use the very best white hat methods.

Well they may be fibbing about using white hat methods, or they may just use the correct seo methods.

Yet the keywords that they get your business onto the first page may not mean a thing!

The reason is that the agency may get the website on the first page, but its for terms that no one is looking for.

So, for example, say you run a gym, and the seo company gets your website onto the first page for “gyms that have running machines”- that’s all well and good, but is anyone looking for that?

In reality your going to want to rank most likely for “gyms + name of a city”.


Link spam

It’s really worth mentioning that some agencies catapult some businesses forwards using low quality backlinks, only for the business to receive a penalty.

Loads of businesses were affected by the Google Penguin update, so this means that loads of seo agencies were building low quality backlinks.

Some businesses would have seen their rankings decrease, whilst it also taking a long time in some cases for the business to recover.

This doesn’t take into account the absolute eye-watering sums of money that some businesses would have paid to rectify their websites.

All while the “pay us when you see results” agencies may have packed-up shop, or simply changed business name.

White hat seo, it’s the only way to go

So, there you have it, the way to really obtain solid results is to invest in a white hat agency that are experts at implementing quality seo.