What does NAP even mean?


Let’s be fair, the perception of us SEO types is that we do like to spout a load of marketing jargon all of the time.

And for some digital marketing agencies, well that be the culture, so it’s kind of true. Yet amongst that bunch of marketing types that like to blow hot air, are also those agencies that just explain things clearly. These marketing agencies don’t chuck in tons of marketing slang every time there’s an opportunity to explain a bit about our work.

Well we are most definitely the latter type of agency. So, now that we are operating in the sprit of explaining things clearly and concisely, lets explain what NAP means.

So, if your business is thinking about, or currently is investing in local seo, well you’ve probably been scratching your bonce thinking what does NAP mean, and where do I even go to obtain a business citation?

Here’s what NAP means:

NAP stands for name of a business, its address and its phone number, and that’s it!

Yet, it’s how your seo company or your marketing department optimise this information to help your businesses local seo is the important part.

As here’s the thing, your businesses website may look impressive, you may have powerful backlinks, and you may have the best seo agency is world working on your content marketing-yet what’s the point if the search engines don’t know where your business is?

As often people what to choose a business that’s local to them, a business that they can visit and buy something.

So, say you think you’re the best solicitor’s practice in your area, so you start firing off blog posts offering the best legal advice you can dispense, all the effort of improving where your business ranks locally.

Yet, if your seo agency hasn’t got the NAP information right, well you could just be giving away free advice, and not improving where your business ranks locally.

So, without further ado, let’s explain how NAP should be implemented.


Start onsite, make sure that the NAP information is spot on!

Okay, so now that you know that NAP stands for name of the business, address and phone number its important that you stick this on your website where Googlebot can read.

Googlebot is simply used by Google to read a businesses website. So, as you can imagine knowing where the business is located is super important to Google.

So, we would recommend sticking your businesses NAP information on the contact us page. But don’t embed the NAP information say in some image, as it would be hard for Google to read the information.

Instead clearly write it in plain text, and get your seo company to mark-up the NAP information using Schema.

Be consistent

Sometimes some businesses just make simple mistakes, which can make it more difficult to know which is the correct NAP information.

For example, on the contact us page the address may read, New Road, yet in the footer of the website the address may be written shorthand so states New RD.

Now this may sound a little over the top, yet when it comes to writing your businesses NAP information it must be spot on, i.e accurate and consistent.


Use a local phone number

Sometimes some businesses may have no other option than using a mobile number, as they are on the move and need to talk to customers away from the office.

However, if you can then do use a local phone number. When we say local, we mean which ever city you wish to improve where the business ranks, well use a phone number that has a local area code.

This beneficial when working on the businesses local seo.


Quality business citations

Google’s algorithm is thought to check the accuracy of your businesses NAP information with quality business directories.

Meaning, greater confidence is placed in your businesses NAP details, that are written on your website, if then exactly match the details that are written on a business directory website.

The reason for this is sometimes some businesses change their address on their website, yet do not update their businesses citations.

Now this can confuse Google, as your business appears it operates in two locations, yet your website states only one.

So, creating business citations are important, but maintaining them is just as important.


Schema mark-up

We mentioned schema earlier, yet its worth mentioning this again, as schema is a structured language, which allows Google to know where to look for your businesses address, phone number and name.

So, to help your NAP information be more easily read, well your business should use schema.

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