How do you build backlinks?


If your business has ever invested in SEO, then you are bound to have heard about backlinks long before now.

So, your SEO company has probably been banging on that your business requires more backlinks.

And most business owners understand that more backlinks are required, yet this sometimes mean that the business owner still hasn’t got the foggiest idea what they are.

Sometimes that person does not ask, as they know that their seo company will just state a load of marketing jargon!

However here at this marketing agency we are different, that’s because we don’t explain things using loads of jargon. We instead prefer to make things simple.

So, if you want to find out why backlinks are so important, and how they can be used to improve your businesses SEO then this is the blog post for you.


Backlinks are important

Backlinks are quite simply really important, so they are something your seo business should be working on in order to improve your seo.

The reason backlinks are important is there are 200 ranking signals, and backlinks are widely considered to be one of the most important ranking signals.

So yes its important to have meta titles and meta descriptions on your website, yet backlinks are considered more important.

Yet, as any good digital marketing agency will tell you, your business should be working on improving as many ranking signals as possible, as this is the best way to improve your companies seo.

Focusing too much on optimising one ranking signal, whilst ignoring all the other ranking signals, well that’s a flawed marketing strategy.


Quality is very important

We cannot over emphasise this point enough, that is when it comes to building backlinks quality is absolutely key.

So that’s right, its not about quantity its all about quality. Its far better to have a few really good quality backlinks, than it is to have thousands of spam backlinks.

And the reasons for this is clear, spam backlinks can mean that your website incurs a penalty.

We would highly recommend reading the following article.


What are internal backlinks?

Internal backlinks are a good way of helping a reader to easily navigate your businesses website.

So, for example, let’s say you run a dental practice, and you write a long blog post about how to look after your teeth, well you may just mention teeth straightening.

Now, teeth straightening is a service that your business offers, so you may highlight the term “teeth straightening” and use an internal backlink so that readers can easily get onto that page on your website.

This is a really good way of keeping readers on your website for longer, as they may click the link and spend even more time reading what your business has to offer.

Most digital marketing agencies believe that lowering a business’s bounce rate, while keeping a reader on the website for longer, well this can sometimes have a positive effect on your websites SEO.

What are external backlinks?

Now this is the really important part, so listen up, often the businesses that rank on the first page of Google have the best quality external backlinks.

All this means is that other websites have linked to that website. So, for example, let’s say you run an estate agency and you work closely with a company that offers to find your customers a mortgage.

Now the mortgage business may well link to the estate agency. So, the estate agency has now earned an external backlinks.

Your business therefore wants as many good quality backlinks that are relevant to your business as possible. Yet every single backlink must be built in a white hat way.

What is a no-follow backlink?

To improve where your website ranks, your business will need backlinks that are good quality and send “link juice”.

So, let’s say you sell luxury cars, and your dealership obtains a backlink from the car manufacturer, well the car manufacturers website will then send link juice to the car dealerships website.

Yet, no follow backlinks do not send link juice, they are instead no-follow, which means that the person who has given the link doesn’t want Google or any other search engine to follow that link.

However, this doesn’t mean that no-follow backlinks are useless, because quite simply put they are not.

The reason that no-follow backlinks are not useless is most SEO agencies agree that a healthy backlink profile will be made up of good quality backlinks, that are a mixture of both no-follow and do-follow backlinks.


What is a do-follow backlink?

A do-follow backlink allows link juice to be sent through the backlink. So, this means businesses require do-follow backlinks to help improve their seo.

However, all backlinks must always be built in a white hat way.


What does “anchor text” mean?

The anchor text is quite simply the text that you click on in order to follow a link. So, let’s say you are looking to purchase a new dining room table, and there are loads of different types of furniture that the business sells.

Yet, you click on the sentence “dining room tables”, the anchor text would therefore be dining room tables.


What is a link penalty?

If your website has low quality or spam backlinks, well this could mean your website incurs a penalty.

A link penalty can mean that your rankings drop, or that your website is removed altogether.


So, how should our business build backlinks?

We think that the best way to build backlinks is to earn them. This means making your company website really useful.

So let’s say for example you run a candle making business, well why not create blog posts explaining how your candles are different, perhaps how they are made from natural ingredients for example.

Then people who have interior design websites may like your article, they may then choose to link to the work. This way you are earning backlinks, as opposed to asking businesses to link to your website.

Does my company require local or organic SEO?


Most businesses will have heard about “SEO”- that’s to say most businesses will know that if they don’t invest in quality SEO, well that their direct competitors may have a large competitive advantage over their business.

After all, let’s say you’re a solicitor, and you specialise in employment law, well a solicitor’s practice that is top of Google for “employment solicitors” as opposed to a business that has not invested in SEO, well the second business might be losing out on potentially a lot of business.

So if your sold on the idea of investing in SEO, but just do not know what organic seo is, or what say local SEO is, well this is the article for you.

What is local SEO?

So, let’s say that you run a business, that you sell craft beer, and you also rent your pub out for corporate functions.

So, let’s say here in Cardiff, if a business is looking to have a party, and the business wants a pub that offers quality beer, that you would like your business to show up on Google.

Well this is where our marketing agency could help, because when someone looks for “craft beer pubs Cardiff”- well we can help your business to come up on Google My Business results.

These results are different from the organic business results, and the Google My Business results will normally appear next to a map, which has red dots showing where the craft beer pubs are for example.

What does organic SEO mean?

Our digital marketing agency are organic SEO experts, and if your wondering what organic SEO means, well it simply means that we can help your business to appear higher in the main section of Google’s results.

So let’s say your looking to purchase a new mobile phone, so you search “mobile phone shops” near to me, now normally right at the top you will have PPC adds, then Google My Business results, and then after that, organic business results, we can help your business to rank higher in Google’s organic business listings.

What is Google’s algorithm?

Some businesses falesly believe that organic SEO is the same as PPC, this is not the case, that’s to say that some businesses believe that as soon as they invest in organic seo, that their business will appear higher on Google-but often this is not the case.

It’s not the case because organic SEO is a slow process, businesses that sometimes state that they can bring about ultra-fast results sometimes just end up disappointing the client, or sometimes using low-quality SEO methods which then trigger an algorithmic or manual penalty.

Google’s algorithm therefore calculates how strong over 200 signals are, then compares these to your competitors, if your SEO signals are stronger you will move up, if they are not, then you may move down.

What are algorithm updates?

Often algorithm updates roll out, such as Google Hummingbird, Google Panda and Google Penguin updates.

If your business has invested in top-quality SEO, then your business is unlikely to be hit by a penalty.

However, if you’ve invested in low-quality SEO, then your business could be hit by a penalty.


Why cheap SEO is often a false economy?

Some businesses just go with the cheapest SEO quote that they can find, however if the SEO work is low-quality then the business may incur a penalty.


What are the Google Panda and Penguin updates?

The Google Panda update impacted businesses that had low-quality SEO, such as duplicated content marketing.

The Google Penguin update impacted websites that that poor-quality backlinks.


In order to improve my businesses SEO, how many areas need to improved?

There are widely thought to be over 200 signals, so your SEO company should aim to improve as many as possible.


So, which one does my business need to invest in organic or local SEO?

A lot of businesses here in Cardiff, South Wales invest in both. Our SEO company can improve your companies organic and local SEO.


Why must all work be white hat?

All SEO should be white hat, if it’s not then the business could incur a penalty.

Why is my SEO company saying we need to pay each month?

Most SEO companies, including ours charge per month, this is because organic SEO and local SEO never come to an end, until the company decides that they no longer wish to invest in this form of marketing.

The investment never comes to an end simply because there will always be countless other businesses striving the reach the top, and take your place.


How much will this cost?

Please e-mail us for a quote.

Why are many marketing agencies saying that organic SEO is not a fast process?

It’s normally not a fast process, it takes, many months to improve a businesses SEO normally. For some businesses it can sometimes take over a year to get a business onto the first page of Google.


How can your marketing agency help?

We can offer affordable white hat SEO.

“You only pay us when your website ranks on the first page”- why often this isn’t as fab an offer as it first sounds!


Okay, so you’ve just launched a brand-new business, so you have your new office, and you’re currently chewing the end of your pen deciding where to best place your marketing budget.

And this now has your cogs turning, you’re asking yourself what is the best way spend our marketing budget?

And you think, well it’s a no brainer! You want to have your new business on the first page of Google.

So, you start looking for seo agencies that are based in close proximity to your business. Now after a bit of research you find that some seo companies are stating that you don’t have to pay them a single penny until you get the business onto the first page of Google.

Brilliant you cry! That’s the one! And you think to yourself this must be one mighty confident marketing agency to only take my hard-earnt cash when I see results!

But hold your horses, this offer is sometimes not as good as it sounds, and here’s why.


Cutting corners, or as most call it black hat seo

Now we don’t want to burst your bubble, but the simple fact of the matter is most seo agencies don’t offer payment on results.

And the reasons for this we will explain later on. But let’s look at this point first, that is an agency that doesn’t get paid until they demonstrate they have your business on the first page may well be tempted to cut a few corners.

And here’s why, it takes months, even years for some businesses to get onto the first page of Google.

So for a super competitive business term, such as “car insurance companies” well it may take years to get that business to the number one position on the first page.

So how do some agencies promise to deliver but not take a penny upfront? Well, that’s a simple one to answer, as some will be willing to use black hat seo.

For those that do not know what black hat seo is, well its basically an attempt to fool Google’s algorithm into thinking your website is more important than what it is.

But Google is very clever, very clever indeed, so it will be able to spot such spam and issue a penalty onto the website.

Yet there may well be a window where for a very temporary period of time that the website does actually rank on the first page of Google.

And with the marketing agency keeping an eye on programmes that tell them exactly where the website ranks, well they just need that temporary blip in time to say, hey time to pay us, your websites on the first page!

Yet what they don’t say is hey, your website is more than likely to be hit by a penalty soon, which means it will drop down the rankings like a lead balloon!

Also they probably won’t inform you that the penalty will result in sometimes taking what feels like an eternity to recover!

Ranking on the first page yes, but it doesn’t mean nothing!

Sometimes some agencies will state don’t pay us a penny, well get your business on the first page of Google and we will use the very best white hat methods.

Well they may be fibbing about using white hat methods, or they may just use the correct seo methods.

Yet the keywords that they get your business onto the first page may not mean a thing!

The reason is that the agency may get the website on the first page, but its for terms that no one is looking for.

So, for example, say you run a gym, and the seo company gets your website onto the first page for “gyms that have running machines”- that’s all well and good, but is anyone looking for that?

In reality your going to want to rank most likely for “gyms + name of a city”.


Link spam

It’s really worth mentioning that some agencies catapult some businesses forwards using low quality backlinks, only for the business to receive a penalty.

Loads of businesses were affected by the Google Penguin update, so this means that loads of seo agencies were building low quality backlinks.

Some businesses would have seen their rankings decrease, whilst it also taking a long time in some cases for the business to recover.

This doesn’t take into account the absolute eye-watering sums of money that some businesses would have paid to rectify their websites.

All while the “pay us when you see results” agencies may have packed-up shop, or simply changed business name.

White hat seo, it’s the only way to go

So, there you have it, the way to really obtain solid results is to invest in a white hat agency that are experts at implementing quality seo.

How can our business obtain more backlinks?


If you’ve ever read an SEO report, or attended a meeting at your marketing agency, you will know that backlinks are a fundamental part of seo.

That’s to say often the success of a business will hinge on how many good quality backlinks they can obtain.

So often to put a business out in front of a competitor often the business will need to obtain good quality backlinks.

But how is this achieved? How are good quality backlinks earned?

Well hold your horses, as we will explain what you need to know.

What are backlinks?

Let’s start right at the beginning, as we appreciate that some businesses may have been told they need backlinks, but not know exactly what they are.

When you’re on a website, and say you are looking to purchase a new t.v, you may click on various televisions. Now when you click on say a picture of a television, you will be taken to that page to read more about that product, this is called following a backlink.

These sorts of backlinks are often internal backlinks, meaning they only take you to another page on the same website.  

So, for instance, the website may provide a link to the television manufacturers website, so you can read more about that television.

Now the company that manufacturers the t.v may link back to that website which retails the t.v, so the first website will also have an external backlink pointing either at the homepage, or another page on the website.


Votes of confidence

Backlinks are important to an seo strategy simply because they are like votes of confidence.

For instance, if a number of high-quality websites link to your website, well this reflects well on your website, therefore helping to improve your businesses seo.

Yet, as we will come onto later on, not all backlinks are worth the same, that’s to say your business should only be looking to obtain high-quality backlinks, from relevant sources.

Quality backlinks

When your building backlinks for your business you must remember this rule, quality is much more important than quantity.

So many seo agencies built backlinks for their clients just to say they have built X amount that month, yet often these would be the businesses that were hit with a penalty.

Instead its far better to only build quality backlinks, that’s to say links from businesses or websites that high-quality.

For example, if you run a solicitor’s practice, then the news websites for solicitors that are widely regarded as a respected source for reliable information, these are the websites you would want links from.



The backlinks that lead to your website should be from a source that’s reliable to you. So for example, if retail used cars, well there’s no point at all obtaining a backlink from your local golf club.


Anchor text

Anchor text is simply the highlighted text that you click on, that’s in order to follow the link. This text should be useful to the user of the website, it shouldn’t be used as an opportunity to just place text that you want the business to rank for.

So, for example, say you were a builder, a low-quality marketing agency may keep placing “builders + city name” in the websites anchor text, this is a sure-fire way of the business incurring a penalty.

Instead, if the page was talking about loft conversions, then simply use the term loft conversions as the anchor text.

Google Penguin and why spam backlinks are a waste of time

Google’s Penguin update penalised businesses that had low quality backlinks.

Other search engines have developed their own way of filtering out spam links. Some businesses also falsely believe that if they haven’t been affected by Google Penguin, then they are unlikely to in the future, this is simply untrue!

The Penguin update is now part of the algorithm, meaning if a website was to have low quality backlinks linking to the site, then this could mean the business incurs a penalty.

How do you earn backlinks?

As we’ve already mentioned, its crucial to get your businesses link building efforts right, as otherwise you could incur a penalty.

We therefore believe at this marketing agency, that the best way to obtain backlinks is naturally, which is sometimes referred to as obtaining backlinks organically.



If you place a really interesting and useful blog post, or page on your website, then people may link to that piece of work.

This means your business can earn backlinks just by offering good quality work. For example, say your businesses manufactures power tools.

And you wish to obtain backlinks from websites that are connected to power tools. So you may create articles that will be useful to people who use power tools.

So, for instance, you may publish an article on how to build a loft conversion, and which power tools you require.

Then people or builders that are about to embark on building a loft conversion may mention the work.

DIY websites may link to the work, and therefore your business will obtain backlinks.



Some seo agencies build links manually. However, its worth remembering that the backlinks must be high quality and from a relevant source.

With this in mind some marketing agencies contact another website, and offer them an article, then this article will have a backlink.

For example, the business may manufacturer running shoes, and they may contact websites that offer advice to those interested in running.

Then the company that manufacturers the running shoes may write an article explaining how their trainer is revolutionary in terms of how it absorbs and cushions against the impact of running on tarmac.

This article will therefore be placed on the website that offers advice to runners, and then has a backlink that leads back to the running shoe manufacturer, therefore a backlink has been created.



Your seo agency should audit your businesses backlinks on a regular basis, this is to look for spam links.

Competitor backlink analysis

Often marketing agencies will look at your competitors backlinks, then they may spot backlinks that they may wish to obtain for their own business.

Therefore, some seo agencies use their clients competitors as a way of spotting link building opportunities.


How we can help

If your company requires more help in order to build backlinks, or requires more SEO advice, then why not give us a ring?

How did Googles Panda update change SEO?


If you know a thing or two about SEO, well you know that the Google Panda update was a big deal.

And for marketing agencies like us, it was a blessing. The reason that it was good news is that this update further clamped down on websites using low quality seo.

So, we all know those agencies that offer seo services for an absolute pittance, well often they can do this because they are offering spam.

But over the years Google has clamped down on rubbish seo tactics, and now most businesses know that the only way to go is to invest in quality work.

Businesses now know more than ever they need to invest in quality for one simple reason, low quality seo will mean that a business will see its rankings drop, or even worse a big fat penalty plonked onto the website.

And for those that don’t know, a penalty will mean that a website drops in the SERP’s or the business can be removed all together.

So, in 2011 a major update was released, it was a complex update, one which targeted websites using rubbish seo.

Amit Singhal, who is Vice President of Search at Google stated that Google had made the algorithm update as scientific and mathematical as possible.

The update was focused on weeding out low quality onsite seo, and as this blog post will state, the update is still in force driving up the quality of websites that are shown in the SERP’S.

Which websites did the Panda update particularly target?

The Panda update was a massive update, and it meant that websites that had the following design were adversely affected.

Content thin

Ever landed on a website, and the content is thin, meaning there’s not much substance. Possibly the only thing that stood out was a title, that was written purely to get that page to rank for that term.

Then if you were looking for say a local business, you may see a long list of areas mentioned, in a vague attempt to try and get the business to rank in a massive area.

This is poor quality seo, and this is the type of websites that Panda would strike with a penalty.

Poorly constructed

Websites which don’t have any direction were also affected. We believe that a website should have a clear navigation of all the pages. So if the pages were all over the place, and no clear way of getting to the page you wanted, we believe these websites were negatively affected by Panda.


This is the best word we can think of to describe really poor onsite seo. That’s to say every title, meta title, meta description and alt tag are often crammed with words the business wishes to rank for.

There is no, or little attempt to offer information that will have any meaningful use, instead the business has just focused on trying to get the website to rank for a bunch of terms.

These websites would have been penalised by Panda.

Duplicated content

Websites that have duplicated content will be affected by Panda. This is why its so important that your seo business creates original, high-quality content marketing.

Keyword rich

It’s simply a really old seo tactic, that no longer works, and that is to write phrases that you wish the business to rank for over and over again within the text.

However, this is now a sure-fire way of your website incurring a Google Panda Penalty, and also the website to drop in terms of where it ranks.

The Panda update is improving and sophisticated

Sometimes some business owners think that an algorithm update is rolled-out, and if their website doesn’t get hit by a penalty straightaway, that the business is home and dry.

However, the Google Panda update can affect websites at any time, that’s to say just because your website hasn’t already been hit by the update, that it won’t in the future.

So good quality white hat seo is an absolute must!

So how should our business be creating content marketing?

Your business should be investing in high-quality content marketing that adheres to white hat standards.

Your seo agency should keep their seo knowledge up to date in regards to implementing white hat work.

Google’s set of questions

This article written by Search Engine Land is also well worth a read:


The most important thing that we cannot stress enough is that all seo work must be focused on implementing quality work.

Whether that’s writing a blog post for your website, or perhaps building backlinks, quality does truly matter.

Must live up to expectations

This point is really important, that’s because so much content marketing has been written just for seo gain.

So, for example, you may be looking to fix an annoying leaking tap within your home, so you go online to find an answer.

Yet instead of finding an answer to fix a leaking tap, you are presented with web pages that you think will answer the question, yet are just promoting say a new set of taps, or bathroom products.

This can be annoying for a visitor, as they want to fix their tap, they don’t want to shown a page on your website that poses as if its going to answer the question, but really doesn’t.

So, what will happen is visitors will simply leave the website quickly, this in turn means that the website will incur a sky-high bounce rate, which many seo agencies believe can adversely affect a websites rankings.

Lower the bounce rate

Therefor when creating blog posts for your business, or creating content marketing is important not to write for just SEO gain.

It’s important to offer useful information to your perspective customers, and by doing so they are likely to spend longer on your website, and this will be picked-up by Google.

So, in a nutshell, creating really useful and high-quality content marketing, that is crammed full of useful advice, this is often where the real seo value can be gained.

Partner with a true white hat agency

Does your business need help with it’ seo? If so, we are the white hat seo agency that can help.

What does NAP even mean?


Let’s be fair, the perception of us SEO types is that we do like to spout a load of marketing jargon all of the time.

And for some digital marketing agencies, well that be the culture, so it’s kind of true. Yet amongst that bunch of marketing types that like to blow hot air, are also those agencies that just explain things clearly. These marketing agencies don’t chuck in tons of marketing slang every time there’s an opportunity to explain a bit about our work.

Well we are most definitely the latter type of agency. So, now that we are operating in the sprit of explaining things clearly and concisely, lets explain what NAP means.

So, if your business is thinking about, or currently is investing in local seo, well you’ve probably been scratching your bonce thinking what does NAP mean, and where do I even go to obtain a business citation?

Here’s what NAP means:

NAP stands for name of a business, its address and its phone number, and that’s it!

Yet, it’s how your seo company or your marketing department optimise this information to help your businesses local seo is the important part.

As here’s the thing, your businesses website may look impressive, you may have powerful backlinks, and you may have the best seo agency is world working on your content marketing-yet what’s the point if the search engines don’t know where your business is?

As often people what to choose a business that’s local to them, a business that they can visit and buy something.

So, say you think you’re the best solicitor’s practice in your area, so you start firing off blog posts offering the best legal advice you can dispense, all the effort of improving where your business ranks locally.

Yet, if your seo agency hasn’t got the NAP information right, well you could just be giving away free advice, and not improving where your business ranks locally.

So, without further ado, let’s explain how NAP should be implemented.


Start onsite, make sure that the NAP information is spot on!

Okay, so now that you know that NAP stands for name of the business, address and phone number its important that you stick this on your website where Googlebot can read.

Googlebot is simply used by Google to read a businesses website. So, as you can imagine knowing where the business is located is super important to Google.

So, we would recommend sticking your businesses NAP information on the contact us page. But don’t embed the NAP information say in some image, as it would be hard for Google to read the information.

Instead clearly write it in plain text, and get your seo company to mark-up the NAP information using Schema.

Be consistent

Sometimes some businesses just make simple mistakes, which can make it more difficult to know which is the correct NAP information.

For example, on the contact us page the address may read, New Road, yet in the footer of the website the address may be written shorthand so states New RD.

Now this may sound a little over the top, yet when it comes to writing your businesses NAP information it must be spot on, i.e accurate and consistent.


Use a local phone number

Sometimes some businesses may have no other option than using a mobile number, as they are on the move and need to talk to customers away from the office.

However, if you can then do use a local phone number. When we say local, we mean which ever city you wish to improve where the business ranks, well use a phone number that has a local area code.

This beneficial when working on the businesses local seo.


Quality business citations

Google’s algorithm is thought to check the accuracy of your businesses NAP information with quality business directories.

Meaning, greater confidence is placed in your businesses NAP details, that are written on your website, if then exactly match the details that are written on a business directory website.

The reason for this is sometimes some businesses change their address on their website, yet do not update their businesses citations.

Now this can confuse Google, as your business appears it operates in two locations, yet your website states only one.

So, creating business citations are important, but maintaining them is just as important.


Schema mark-up

We mentioned schema earlier, yet its worth mentioning this again, as schema is a structured language, which allows Google to know where to look for your businesses address, phone number and name.

So, to help your NAP information be more easily read, well your business should use schema.

How we can help

If your business requires help with its Seo, then why not give us a ring?

We can help with:

·        Local and national seo

·        Link building

·        Content marketing

·        Social media advertising

What is Google’s Knowledge Graph?


Some businesses still think that SEO is all about writing as many blog posts as possible and obtaining backlinks.

However, SEO has changed, no longer does quantity win the day. Now its all about quality, and that means answering your customers questions better than your competitors.

Also, your businesses ranking signals have to be white hat, as any deviation from white hat seo, well the websites likely to be hit by a penalty.

And now business owners are being informed by marketing agencies that its all about “things and not strings”-but what does this even mean?

Well, do not worry, as we will explain all.


A place, a person or even an event can be an entity. Its basically something that’s well-known, and Google has got very good at understanding these entities.

So, for example, let’s say the entity is a famous electric car brand, well Google will know all the relevant facts about that entity.

Yet Google doesn’t stop there, it also knows people that are connected to that entity. Also the technology that drives that particular car, well Google will know about that, and all the famous inventors that may have contributed over the years to allow that technology to work.

So, as you can see, its like a web of knowledge, yet Google knows how all the pieces fit together, how they interconnect.

Yet the important events, people or places are called entities.

Knowledge base

As you can imagine, Google has loads and loads of sources where it can obtain good quality information. So, this information can presumably be cross-checked, so that Google can build a knowledge base, and this knowledge is stored in what we SEO’s call a “knowledge vault”.

So, like any good contestant on a gameshow will have a good knowledge base of general knowledge, well so does Google.

Yet Google’s grasp on important facts is getting stronger and stronger as each day passes. So Google is building more confidence and knowledge on entities, and in the future us SEO’s believe that Google will have an incredibly in-depth knowledge of many more entities.

Why do I keep hearing this phrase “things and not strings?”

Us SEO’s sure latch on to buzzwords and phrases, yet this one is an important one. This means that “things and not strings” is actually a description that is used to claim that Google is becoming less reliant on backlinks, and more on its understanding of entities.

Now, before you start to think that backlinks are no longer important, do not, as backlinks are still an essential part of any seo strategy.

Yet, this phrase things and not strings offers us an insight that Google is changing, and its knowledge on businesses, places, and things in general is getting better.

The onus is therefore on us SEO’s to help define a business, which is an entity so that Google can gather the relevant facts, and then the algorithm can therefore weigh-up how relevant and how important that business is when Google is answering a question.

So, for example, seo agencies like ours can see as likely direction for seo in future, that is when someone asks Google to find say a “divorce solicitor” it might not be the businesses with the best backlinks being displayed at the top of the results.

Instead it will be the solicitor’s practice which is the most defined entity. That’s to say the entity has been deemed the most relevant, because Google deems that as the most important business for that query based on:


·        Quality of information of that the solicitor’s website offers

·        How important that business is in the local area, i.e business reviews

·        Quality of NAP information

·        Social buzz on social media


This is just a theory at the current time of writing, as seo’s now at the moment still appreciate that backlinks are still a very important component of an SEO marketing strategy.

Yet, many seo agencies, including ours believe that this phrase, “things and not strings” is an indication that Google could be removing its self slowly from backlinks as a major ranking factor.


Rich snippets

If your business is well-known, well its probable that Google has knowledge of the business in its Knowledge Graph. 

This means that when people search for your company, they may be presented with what is called a “rich snippet”. Which can include links to other entities which Google deems are related to your business.

So, it could be a link to a website which explains more about your businesses founder for example. Or perhaps your business is closely aligned to a charity, and the link to that charity is also displayed.

So basically, the rich snippet will often give facts about your business, and links to more information about those facts.


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