What does schema mark-up actually mean?



A lot of business owners can quickly become confused by the sheer volume of marketing jargon that some seo agencies use.

And a term that a lot of business owners can struggle with especially is “Schema Mark-up”.

So, we thought we would write an article that gets rid of all the complicated marketing language,  and instead explain things clearly.


Many search engines use Schema Mark-up

Its fair to say that when you visit most SEO company’s websites, well when they are offering seo advice normally this is in relation to how you can improve where your business ranks on Google.

However, with schema things are a lot different, that’s because its thought that many search engines worked in collaboration to create schema.

So, schema is therefore promoted by many search engines, not just Google.



As SEO consultant’s we have to look at your company website in the same way Google would. That’s to ask, is it clear what your company’s website is about? Also, how important is the website?

Therefore, you may hear your seo agency refer to “relevancy” quite a lot.

The reason being is your website must be relevant to what your business offers. So, for example, if you retail many different car brands, yet there’s one brand you want your website to appear high for on Google in particular, well you must ask how relevant is the website to that brand?

For instance, has the following been optimised in a white hat way?


·        Description of that car brand

·        Has that brand of car got its own page on your website, separate from the other brands of cars?

·        Have the meta titles, meta descriptions, title tags, alt tags all been optimised.

·        These are just some of the “ranking signals” that your marketing agency should optimise


And its then Googlebot’s job to work out the meaning of that page. Googlebot is used by Google to crawl and index your website.

This basically means that Googlebot will spot any changes that occur to your website and to notify Google’s algorithm of any changes that are made.

Then Google’s algorithm works out how important the website is, and how relevant it is for certain keywords.

So, for instance, when someone searches to find a divorce solicitor in a certain city, Google will show the businesses that have the strongest ranking signals, plus are the most relevant to the term “divorce solicitor”.


Rich Snippets

It’s widely thought that if your company website has schema, and the schema mark-up language is implemented correctly, then you can increase your chances of your business being displayed as a rich snippet.

If your website is displayed as a rich snippet, then this is likely to increase your businesses click through rate (CTR).


CTR Click Through Rate

When you think of all the businesses that appear on the first page of Google, all are competing for people to click on their business.

This means if your company manages to stand out, and manages to make the business listing more visible, well this will help draw more people to your website.

The more people that click on the add the higher the websites CTR rate will be. For example, if you see a business that has its star rating, in terms of how positive the businesses reviews are within the SERP’s, then this likely to obtain a better click through rate.


Getting started with Schema

We can fully appreciate that Schema will still sound a bit confusing for some business owners, yet Google have made the process of adding schema to your website really easy.

The Google Mark-up helper is a really easy way of adding schema to your website.



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