Why do we have to pay each month?


Most businesses when they are purchasing something would prefer to pay for it outright. However organic seo things are different, and that’s because often a monthly ongoing investment is needed, and we will now explain why that is often so.

Why do we have to pay each month for SEO?

Google ranks websites according to how strong the websites “ranking signals” are. This means that websites on the first page of Google will be best optimised for a particular phrase or many phrases.

Let’s say for example you are looking to find a company that offers to build “bespoke kitchens”- well the businesses that currently rank on the first page will have most likely invested in SEO, and be deemed the most relevant for that term “bespoke kitchens”.

Yet, all those businesses that are on the first page face constant competition, meaning that there will be loads of other kitchen businesses that are also looking to get onto the first page.

Its therefore a constant battle to keep a website on the first page, and stop other business from beating your business.

This is why seo is a constant process, as there will always be other businesses which will be looking to take your place.

Will my website drop if we stop paying?

It most likely will yes. The reason being is if you imagine a brick wall, and your wall has one hundred bricks, well there’s always going to be a business that comes along that can add another few bricks, and this philosophy should be used when investing in organic seo.

That’s to say there will always be another business that could beat your company’s SEO by just implementing more seo. So, if you do stop paying, well this just makes it easier for another competitor to beat your business.

White hat

We only ever recommend investing in white hat seo. Sometimes your competitors will be so far out ahead, in terms of how strong their seo actually is, it can sometimes seem as though mountains will need to be shifted if you are to catch up.

This is sometimes where businesses and seo companies decide to cut corners, however when it comes to seo you shouldn’t cut any corners, as the main reason being is that your website could incur a penalty.

A Google Panda or Penguin penalty is just two types of penalty a business could get, yet with that said if a business does get such a penalty, well it can sometimes take a very long time to recover from such a penalty.

In the meantime, your business may well be no where to be seen on Google, and therefore cheap seo is often not worth paying for.

If you would like to invest in quality seo, which is always white hat, well why not give us a ring?