What does schema mark-up actually mean?



A lot of business owners can quickly become confused by the sheer volume of marketing jargon that some seo agencies use.

And a term that a lot of business owners can struggle with especially is “Schema Mark-up”.

So, we thought we would write an article that gets rid of all the complicated marketing language,  and instead explain things clearly.


Many search engines use Schema Mark-up

Its fair to say that when you visit most SEO company’s websites, well when they are offering seo advice normally this is in relation to how you can improve where your business ranks on Google.

However, with schema things are a lot different, that’s because its thought that many search engines worked in collaboration to create schema.

So, schema is therefore promoted by many search engines, not just Google.



As SEO consultant’s we have to look at your company website in the same way Google would. That’s to ask, is it clear what your company’s website is about? Also, how important is the website?

Therefore, you may hear your seo agency refer to “relevancy” quite a lot.

The reason being is your website must be relevant to what your business offers. So, for example, if you retail many different car brands, yet there’s one brand you want your website to appear high for on Google in particular, well you must ask how relevant is the website to that brand?

For instance, has the following been optimised in a white hat way?


·        Description of that car brand

·        Has that brand of car got its own page on your website, separate from the other brands of cars?

·        Have the meta titles, meta descriptions, title tags, alt tags all been optimised.

·        These are just some of the “ranking signals” that your marketing agency should optimise


And its then Googlebot’s job to work out the meaning of that page. Googlebot is used by Google to crawl and index your website.

This basically means that Googlebot will spot any changes that occur to your website and to notify Google’s algorithm of any changes that are made.

Then Google’s algorithm works out how important the website is, and how relevant it is for certain keywords.

So, for instance, when someone searches to find a divorce solicitor in a certain city, Google will show the businesses that have the strongest ranking signals, plus are the most relevant to the term “divorce solicitor”.


Rich Snippets

It’s widely thought that if your company website has schema, and the schema mark-up language is implemented correctly, then you can increase your chances of your business being displayed as a rich snippet.

If your website is displayed as a rich snippet, then this is likely to increase your businesses click through rate (CTR).


CTR Click Through Rate

When you think of all the businesses that appear on the first page of Google, all are competing for people to click on their business.

This means if your company manages to stand out, and manages to make the business listing more visible, well this will help draw more people to your website.

The more people that click on the add the higher the websites CTR rate will be. For example, if you see a business that has its star rating, in terms of how positive the businesses reviews are within the SERP’s, then this likely to obtain a better click through rate.


Getting started with Schema

We can fully appreciate that Schema will still sound a bit confusing for some business owners, yet Google have made the process of adding schema to your website really easy.

The Google Mark-up helper is a really easy way of adding schema to your website.



How we can help

If your business requires help with its SEO, then why not give us a ring? We implement both local and national SEO.

We are also organic seo experts. We only ever use the very best white hat methods, which means we only ever use the best possible seo methods. So, why not give our agency a ring today?

Does your SEO company guarantee results?


When we pay for goods or services, we expect them to be delivered when agreed. So, when business owners are looking for an SEO agency to partner with, often the first question they ask is, do you guarantee results?

However, what often mystifies business owners is why a lot of the leading seo agencies do not guarantee results.

Often the business owner states well if you do not have confidence that you can deliver, neither should.

 Well this may sound like a fair comment, however after reading this blog post you will be all the wiser as to why a lot of seo agencies do not guarantee results.


The benchmark is already set

There’s no two ways about it, for some business’s SEO has, and is still delivering the bulk of their sales.

That’s to say some businesses have become dependent on seo to drive sales for the business.

As the business has grown, and has seen what SEO can do, a lot of businesses then reinforce their strong position by investing more.

This often means that some businesses will have invested for many years. Therefore, the amount of SEO work that has been already implemented, well it can sometimes be substantial.

So, you guessed it, the benchmark set by your competitors may already be set very high.

That is why its important that when a business starts to invest in SEO, it’s crucial that the client acknowledges that the competition can sometimes be very strong, and the investment needed to catch-up with the competition can sometimes be a lot.

So, are you saying there’s no point in competitive business sectors?

For some business sectors there is no point trying to reach the top with an seo agency, if the budget that one business is investing is minuscule in comparison to some companies.

The reason being is that the companies that have heavily invested will have strengthened what us SEO’s refer to as “ranking signals”.

There are thought to be over 200 ranking signals in total. On a regular basis the search engines, such as Google read these signals, and the websites with the strongest signals will rank at the top of Google.

That’s of course if the website is also relevant for the question that is asked to Google.

So with that said, businesses that are at the top will have built sometimes many hundreds, if not thousands of good quality backlinks. Many hundreds of good quality content marketing articles may have been added. In a nutshell the competition may had the jump-start.

This is why its important to assess the mountain that needs to be climbed when investing in seo.


Why you should be wary of an seo agency that says yes to everything

Good quality seo takes a lot of time, yet if the quality is good Google, and the other search engines can reward you.

This means that a lot of time is needed to implement seo, and therefore the good quality agencies reflect this within their prices.

However, then you have the more unscrupulous agencies, these may say yes to anything. They may say that you can get your business to the top of Google in a short amount of time.

Basically, they may state the sky is the limit, and they are the geniuses that you need to pay.

For a temporary blip in time they may even appear to be fulfilling their promises, that’s to say visitor numbers are up, and some goods are flying out of the door.

Then things go quiet, very quiet. This unnerving quietness is caused by the website possibly incurring a penalty.

These can be an algorithmic or manual penalty, and this can basically mean that the website drops in terms of where it ranks.

If the seo has been really bad, in terms of quality, well the website may disappear altogether.

And this is when the business often finds out why that agency was so cheap, and why they were so willing to say that the sky is the limit.


Quality matters

As you can see, when it comes to SEO quality really does matter. This means in order to improve where a business ranks, you should invest in white hat seo. This basically means that the seo is of high quality.

Yet, do beware, there are so many rubbish seo agencies, that implement poor quality seo that still call themselves “white hat”.

However, choosing the right agency for your business that offers good quality work is important, as a website that’s hit by a penalty can be costly.

Costly for two reasons, one that it can take a long time sometimes to recover from a penalty, secondly if a marketing agency is appointed to rectify the penalty, then this can sometimes be rather expensive.

If you require help with your businesses online marketing, then why not give us a ring?

When looking for an SEO company what factors should we consider?


If you are looking for an SEO business, well, you are quite literally spoilt for choice. That’s because up and down the country, there are now so many digital marketing agencies.

So, this is good thing, right? Well, yes, from a customer’s perspective there are loads of companies, yet sometimes all this choice can make it more difficult to narrow down the list to just a few businesses that you may wish to visit.

Now, as most businesses owners don’t have the time to understand seo, and let’s face it, that’s what they pay us for, so we have noted down some questions that you might wish to ask your next agency.

Must be white hat

When it comes to SEO its most definitely not worth opting for the cheapest option you can find. The reason being is this, if you invest in rubbish quality seo, your website could incur a penalty.

Now your thinking penalty, well how bad can that be? You might be thinking along the lines of it being a penalty like when you park your car in the wrong place.

You might be thinking that you can pay a small fine, and everything will be good? Well, the answer to that is a penalty when placed on your website, for using rubbish seo doesn’t work like that.

Instead your website can drop in terms of where it ranks, which means that when people are looking for the goods or services that your business offers, well they may well have a hard time even finding your business.

Also an algorithmic or manual penalty can even sometimes mean your business is removed together.

And you would be mistaken if you thought that such an issue could be fixed relatively quickly, that’s because sometimes a website will not be able to recover, back to where it once was for months, or even sometimes years.

Then you have to think about how much an seo company may charge to rectify the problem. For example, if your website has loads of low-quality backlinks, and you’ve been hit by a Google Penguin update, well this can sometimes be costly, if you pay an seo agency to fix the problems.

So, a word to the wise, choose a white hat, quality marketing agency.

How have you found the SEO business?

Have you chosen your SEO business based on an e-mail that was sent to you? Or, perhaps a salesperson seemed really nice at a networking event?

Well again, you have to think, is this the best way to find a new marketing agency. Sure, sometimes it is, leading agencies attend networking events, and sometimes also e-mail various businesses, yet you also have to think about all the other businesses out there, and would it be better finding a business doing what it does best?

What we mean by doing what they do best is, if the company does seo, surely its better to find them online?

Yet, even then you have to be cautious, as some businesses will reach the top of Google using black hat seo, that’s before there own website gets hit by a penalty.

So why not have a look at the businesses the agency is working with? Are they well-known businesses? If so then this may instil some confidence in the business, then you may wish to phone the business and arrange a meeting, and take someone with you that knows a thing or two about seo.

In a nutshell, you have to make sure you are choosing a real white hat seo agency.

Can they offer you a list of satisfied clients?

It’s all well and good a marketing business stating that they are the bees-knees, yet if they cannot show a list of satisfied clients, then their claims be well be exaggerated.

Therefore, look to work with a business that demonstrate positive results that they have gained for other customers.

Also, you may wish to look for a marketing agency that specialises in your line of business. For example, there are now so many seo businesses, that there are often marketing agencies that work only with dentists, or with divorce solicitors for example.

There are obvious advantages of working with a marketing business that specialises in your business sector, as they are more likely to understand what you do, and therefore should generate more effective marketing campaigns.

Don’t go too cheap?

All of us love a bargain, right? Whether that’s a really good price that we get on a new item of clothing or perhaps a really cheap holiday.

Yet, when it comes to online marketing, sometimes picking the cheapest company is often a mistake.

The reason being is if a company is offering an unbelievably low price, well that may well be because a marketing consultant is not applying much time to implementing seo.

Which means that the seo may well be automated, and talk to any seo agency, and they will tell you that automated link building is a really bad seo practice. It’s one which is likely to result in a penalty, such as a Google Penguin penalty.

Is the fee affordable for your business?

On the other end of the spectrum you may wish to choose a well-known agency, yet you have to ask can your business afford to pay high marketing agency prices?

The reason being is organic seo is often not a one-off process, meaning that most businesses pay monthly.

This means that some businesses may simply run out of funds, and that’s before the marketing strategy has really moved forwards.

So its important to get the balance right, that’s between not choosing a agency that offers rubbish seo, but also one which your business can afford.


You should carefully consider where the marketing agency is based, after all its all well and good choosing an agency miles away, yet boarding that train, and having to book a taxi on each visit will get tiresome.

So why not choose a marketing agency that’s based near your business? But, with that said, do make sure that they are white hat.

Is their knowledge kept up to date?

Sometimes some digital marketing agencies offer a very broad service, that’s to say they may offer everything from web design through to logo design.

So, with that said, some agencies will not have the time, or the staff to keep on top of the changes that can occur to SEO.

That’s because Google’s algorithm is regularly updated, and you should choose an seo business that keeps their SEO knowledge up to date.

Have you met the person who is managing your account?

Often when visiting an agency there will be many members of staff. Yet, more often than not the agency will have a main sales person, this is the person that often talks you through all the various seo packages that are available.

Yet, we believe when you’re visiting an seo agency, you should ask to meet the employee who will actually be managing your account.

You may wish to ask the employee whether or not they understand your business sector for example. So, if you run say a solicitor’s practice, and you specialise in the area of divorce, you may wish to ask if the agency if they have similar clients.

If your business requires help with its SEO, why not give us a ring?

How much do your SEO services cost?


If you’re currently shopping around for SEO quotes at this very moment in time, well, you’re probably now aware that SEO quotes can differ massively.

That’s to say some quotes may well be really cheap, so much so your eyebrows will be raised in suspicion of why they are so cheap. Then you’ll probably thinking, well come-on, what am I really going to get for that price- I don’t want rubbish quality work!

And then there’s the other sort of agencies that are right at the other end of the spectrum, these agencies may only want to deal with big businesses, so they price their services accordingly. And these quotes may well be shocking because of how expensive they are!

So sometimes the various quotes you get back can leave many business owners scratching their heads and thinking well who do I choose?

Well, one of the things that separates us from so many other digital marketing agencies is that we explain things clearly. So, without further ado here’s how we calculate our seo quotes and why we are such a popular option for businesses to choose within Cardiff.

Here’s what we consider when calculating how much to quote to our customers:

Level of competition

What so many seo companies do not make abundantly clear is this, how much work is needed to get your website onto the first page of Google is dependant on how strong your competitors are.

For example, there may well be some agencies that will grab your money, yet not really tell how realistic it is to get your website onto the first page of Google.

So, for example, let’s say your business makes handmade furniture, and you’re paying an SEO company say £300.00 per month to improve your businesses SEO.

Well, what the seo agency may not make clear is that there may well be other furniture businesses that are investing so heavily into seo that your businesses investment may well be considered an absolute drop in the ocean in comparison.

Now, this may sound rather defeatist of us! But at the same time seo agencies have a duty we think to be frank and honest with their clients, that’s about what’s realistic on a set budget, and what’s not.

So, in a nutshell, the cost of our SEO services is dependent on how strong your competitors are, and how much work is needed to beat them.

As you imagine, if a group of competitors have all been investing say £1000.00 + into seo for say the last seven years solid, well, as you would expect, its going to take a lot of time and money for an seo agency to beat this standard of seo.

So, our quotes are therefore realistic as to how much work is needed. We don’t therefore price our services just to grab business from any company.

Why are some quotes much cheaper than yours?

There will be many companies that are much cheaper than us, and the main reason for this is that there are so many companies that offer “grey hat” or “black hat” seo.

This is simply rubbish seo, which aims to trick the algorithms into thinking that your website has stronger SEO than it really has.

The pitfalls of such an approach is the business will most likely incur a penalty because that business has invested in rubbish quality seo. This means the business could see its website removed from Google and the other search engines.

So, we simply don’t compete with the seo agencies that offer these seo methods and really cheap quotes.

Why do I have to pay per month?

Organic seo is a constant process, most businesses will always face competition that will always be striving to reach the first page of Google also, so a business has to defend or improve where it is ranked constantly.

If your business was to stop investing, well its likely that another business will sooner or later overtake your business.

What work will you offer for your fee?

White hat seo both onsite and offsite.

Can’t I just pay a one-off fee?

Our agency doesn’t offer a one off hit at seo, the reason for this is that it is possible to over optimise a website, that’s if an influx of SEO work is added to a website all at once.

So how long do your contracts last?

A lot of marketing agencies ask for a 12-month seo contracts to be signed, we only ask for 3 months.

White hat?

Always, we only every use the best seo methods.

Why not give us a ring?

If you would like to discuss with us further how we can improve your businesses seo, well why not give us a ring?

What is a 301 redirect?


When a business is thinking about investing in SEO, normally they are bombarded by tons of technical jargon.

The good quality marketing agencies, well they normally will be able to explain things in a crystal-clear fashion.

However, unfortunately there are still some agencies that don’t explain things that well. We are not one of those agencies, so if your struggling to understand what a 301-redirect means, well you will find the answer here.

404 pages

You should aim to minimise, or eradicate the number of 404 pages on your website. If your wondering what a 404 page is, its basically a broken link.

So have you ever been searching to find a product, perhaps a certain model of mobile phone, and you find the one you want, yet clicking on the link didn’t work?

Well, you’ve just clicked a broken link, or as us SEO’s call them you’ve landed on a 404 page. Your website designer, or your marketing agency should fix these.

And there are many reasons why a 404 page should be fixed, one of the most obvious is it doesn’t help your customers, secondly any good quality backlinks that were pointing to that page, well  they will be rendered useless.

That’s to say the link juice that is sent to that page, well it will be lost.

Now if you talk to any digital marketing agency, they will tell you that backlinks are a really important ranking signal. That’s if the backlinks are of a good quality, so in terms of SEO its really important to make sure that backlinks are pointing towards a page on your website that works.

Permanent redirects

There are all sorts of reasons why a business may use a 301 redirect, the most common reason that we find is that the business no longer stocks that item.

However instead of just deleting that item, your website designer may want to implement a permanent redirect to another item, this permanent redirect is called a 301-redirect.


You may already know that over 200 signals are calculated by Google’s algorithm. The websites with the best ranking signals, well they rank at the top.

However, not all ranking signals are worth the same. Many online marketing agencies believe that backlinks are one of the most important signals.

So, if your website has loads of 404 pages, and these pages have backlinks leading to those pages, well the link juice will not pass through.

Which basically means, unless the seo consultant implements 301-redirects those backlinks are pretty much useless.

Which is why sometimes some businesses can drop in terms of where they rank, because they no longer have backlinks leading to the right pages.

Google Search Console

Your business can use Google Search Console, that’s in order to see which urls turn up with 404 errors.

To do this you must click link report.

How we can help

Whether you run a global business, or a local business we will be able to help you by offering white hat seo.

To obtain a quote, why not give us a ring?

How can we get our business onto the first page of Google?


Most businesses would benefit from being ranked on the first page of Google. So, whether you run a solicitor’s practice, or you own a wedding cake business, most businesses now are investing in seo.

Yet some businesses may not have heard of this form of marketing before now, so let us explain what seo is, and also how it may help your business.

Seo stands for search engine optimisation. This process normally entails paying a marketing company like ours to implement work, however some companies also implement their own seo by employing their own seo employees.

There are many ways to optimise a website. Yet, to give you an idea of how this marketing process works we will explain some of basic principles that the seo process involves.

Crawling and Indexing

The first part of the seo process is to make sure that Google, or to be more exact, “Googlebot” can crawl your website.

Now, if your wondering what “crawling and indexing” actually means, well it’s simply it means whether or not Google can read your website. This is so Google can update what it refers to as its “index”.

Sometimes some websites simply cannot be crawled, this may be due to something as simple as the “no-index” tab being clicked by mistake. This can mean that the business would never get ranked on the first page of Google, that’s unless the problem is fixed.

So, the very first thing your seo agency should do, is to make sure that Google has a sitemap of your website.

This is a map of your entire website, this is so Google can crawl the whole website easily.

Google will do this automatically, yet sometimes some seo agencies also use Google Webmaster Tools to make sure that Google can crawl the website.

Also, from time to time your seo company, or website designer may well make some big changes to your website, this is sometimes when the marketing company will request that the website is recrawled.

For example, you may well run an e-commerce business selling shoes, so when you update your website with a brand-new range of shoes, you may ask Google to recrawl the website.

(request a recrawl)

Google’s algorithm

Now, have you ever wondered who decides which companies get placed on the first page of Google?

Well, its not a person, it’s in matter of fact an algorithm that decides. Google’s algorithm is also no simple mathematical formula, one which can be understood in a matter of minutes.

Nope, its far more complex than that, it has some of the best seo agencies, including ours constantly trying to figure out how it exactly works.

And there’s a very good reason for that, Google’s algorithm works very well, yet it constantly being improved. In matter of fact Google themselves state that in 2016 alone, they launched more than 1600 improvements to the algorithm.

So sure, you could do your seo yourself, but most businesses understand that if you really want quality work, well often you have to partner with a white hat agency like ours.

In a nutshell, Google therefore has in its index a good idea of each businesses seo strength.

The websites that have the strongest ranking signals and are the most relevant for the question will get served at the top of Google.

Google hates spam

If you’ve read this article and are now thinking that seo sounds like hard work, well you would be right.

Yet, there’s always going to be those businesses that try and cheat the system, and try an cut corners.

With that said, Google is very good at detecting spam. So, if your website invests in low quality seo, well its likely to receive a penalty.

Even if your paying an online marketing company to implement your seo, we think business owners should still know what constitutes as low quality seo. As otherwise, how will you be able to tell if your seo agency is doing a good job?

A good place to start learning about how Google fights spam is here:

Does your business need help with its online marketing?

If your business requires help with its online marketing, then why not give us a ring?

7 things to consider before you invest in organic seo


It’s often when a small business has a quieter than average month, when the business owner(s) start to rack their brains as to how to drum up business.

Loads of ideas may spring from seemingly nowhere, such as shall we attend that business exhibition that’s going to take place around the corner in a few days?

Yet, through your grapevine of business contacts, you may have heard that SEO is now the way to go.

However, this form of advertising is very different from other forms of marketing. That’s to say you can’t just plonk a large budget with an seo agency, and then expect the volume of sales via organic seo to soar (that’s despite what some agencies may tell you).

So, a word to the wise, if your thinking of investing in organic seo, well we would recommend sticking the kettle on, and have a read of this rather informative article before you do.

#1 You can only beat your competitors once your stronger than them

This is a fact that some seo companies neglect to divulge in an initial sales meeting.

That’s to say, eager to get your signature onto a contract, often some agencies will sell the illusion that results will occur over night. That’s while neglecting to inform how the algorithm actually works, and how results can be achieved.

So, in short, each website is evaluated by an algorithm, now if you want to optimise your website for Google, well there are over 200 “ranking signals” that are taken into consideration by the algorithms.

In short, backlinks, meta titles and content marketing are just some of the ranking signals that are weighed-up when determining how strong your website is.

Now here’s the heart of the matter, you can only overtake a competitor when your websites ranking signals are deemed stronger.

So, with this in mind, you have to be realistic that if a competitor has been investing in seo for some time, well you have to ask how realistic would it be to push them out of the way in the first month of your business investing?

Not very is the answer, so if you do sit down with an seo agency and they are laying all the cards on the table, by stating how strong the competition is from the outset, well this normally a good sign.  

#2 SEO is not created equal

If your buying a new car, well its easy to shop around dealerships for the best deal. After all, one model car is the same as another, that’s if the spec is the same.

Well, this can’t be said about seo, the main reason being is that what one seo agency offers is normally quite different from what another agency offers.

One agency may well be adamant that backlinks are the way to go right from the get-go, yet another may say that the website requires more onsite seo. Who’s right, and who is wrong is open to interpretation, yet one thing is for sure, white hat seo is a must.

#3 Go cheap and it will cost you                                 

You may now be at the stage where you are resolute that your business requires SEO. It’s at this stage you start to search for local businesses that offer seo services.

Normally there will be the agencies that are well-regarded, and offer white hat seo services.

On the other side of the equation will be those agencies that compete solely on price, and may offer deals that are often substantially cheaper than most other quotes.

Getting a good deal is one thing, yet if the agency does cut corners, and by this we mean using low quality seo, well this can cost a business later on down the line.

The reason being is some agencies try and fool the algorithms into thinking a website is more important than what it actually is. Often this is achieved through backlinks, yet one thing is for sure low quality seo will result in a penalty.

A penalty, such as a Google Penguin penalty can sometimes be costly to recover from and mean that a website will see its rankings drop, or the website removed from a search engine all together.

#4 Will targeting these keywords really help your business?

Sometimes an agency that’s eager to secure business will state that they guarantee for a website to get onto a first page in a set timeframe.

Yet, as most agencies will tell you, guaranteeing results when the agency doesn’t know if a competitor will step-up seo activity at any time is somewhat of a risk.

As you can imagine, a business that’s used to occupying the top spot on Google will often fight to retain that position.

That is why an agency should use every portion of the monthly budget to leverage as much advantage as they can for their client.

Yet, an agency that’s sometimes eager to show results, will sometimes get a business to rank on the first page for terms which may not help their client.

For example, the business in question may well be a dental practice, so normally such a business would want to rank for the important terms, such as “dentist + area name”.

Yet, instead the agency may get the business to rank on the first page for “dentists that have good reviews within my area and are also cheap”.

Not many people, if any at all, will make such a search on Google, so in a nutshell it’s a pretty useless seo tactic, yet one that is sometimes used.

#5 we will pay you, that’s when I see results

Most leading agencies do not obtain payment when results are obtained, and that is with good reason.

The reason is that most businesses appreciate that in order to beat the competition, a benchmark has to be exceeded.

And for highly competitive industries, such car insurance for example the benchmark will be set high.

Meaning large amounts of quality backlinks, and countless articles will need to be written to attempt to exceed the standard set by one or many competitors.

With this in mind, its impractical for any agency to implement ongoing work without a payment.

Yet, once again some agencies do promise such results. Yet, what can sometimes happen, is some agencies may be confident that they will obtain results because they are cutting corners.

This means that some agencies will cut corners by fooling the algorithms, which will sometimes produce short term results (not advised, only use white hat methods).

Those results are often short-lived, that’s until the algorithm detects spam, and detects low quality seo methods being used. Which at this point a penalty is normally applied, and this can mean that the website will either be removed, or drop down the rankings to point that it will have no visitors at all.

So, this is why we will only use white hat methods here at our agency, we would also advice that all businesses only use white hat methods.

#6 Don’t be impressed by endless lists

So, you now have several quotes from a bunch of seo agencies in your inbox. Yet, now you’re in a bit of a dilemma, that’s because nearly all of these quotes are pretty much the same, that’s in terms of price.

So naturally the next logical step would be to ask these agencies what you will be obtaining for your money.

It’s at this point that some agencies believe that by listing endless lists of marketing jargon, that they will appear to offer better value for money.

When in reality this should send alarm bells ringing, and that’s because you should partner with an agency that explains things in a crystal-clear manner.

There’s no point in opting for an agency that is making out that they are the seo guru’s, and bombard you with endless marketing jargon.

#7 Can back-up what they advise with logic

There are so many businesses that have differing views of how seo should be implemented, and that is understandable, as some agencies are more effective than some others.

Yet, what we believe a business should fear is a marketing agency that just follows the latest craze or shortcut.

Instead some of the best agencies in the whole world understand white hat seo, know which methods are the best, and therefore take a long-term view.

That’s to say, such businesses don’t look for quick-wins, they instead build quality seo strategies that aim to adhere to the highest white hat standards.

We are such an agency, and we use our years of seo wisdom in order to implement our marketing strategies.

Marketing agencies that are looking to cut corners, and get a business to rank high for days, without considering if the website will get hit by a penalty, is a company in our opinion operating without logic.