Why you shouldn’t rush writing your content marketing


Perhaps your thinking at having a bash at writing your content marketing yourself? After all, writing about issues relating to your business should be a piece of cake, right?

Well not quite, and here’s why:

What exactly is content marketing?

The most common form of content marketing is nothing more than just written text, such as blog posts which are then added to your website.

Sure, if you want to be a bit more exact, well, you could mention that content marketing allows on-site seo elements to be added to the work.

So your carefully written meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags and all that jazz can be added to the work as well.

But if we return to the nuts and bolts of the issue, and that is what exactly is content marketing?

Well, its more than just slinging together a piece of work to a set word count that’s for sure. The reason being is that your customers will arrive at your website wanting to find solutions to their problems.

If you run an accountancy practice for example, then possibly the visitor to your website want’s to read about new legislation introduced that may affect their businesses tax returns.

On the other hand, you may run a wedding cake business, and a potential customer may want to know how long prior to their wedding date they will need to make an order with you.

So, in a nutshell people have questions, and content marketing marries their queries up with a solution.

The best quality work answers their questions in such a way that is informative, yet not so detailed that it will send them to sleep.

Okay, so why shouldn’t it be rushed?

Content marketing that has been written in a mad rush rarely cuts the mustard where Google is concerned.

Google likes to reward websites that offer quality information, with higher rankings.

So, if your business has gone out of its way to explain an answer to question in great detail, making the article so interesting that readers have shared, commented and had a good blooming read of, well guess what? You will be rewarded for your efforts.

The work that has been slapped together because you’ve started it at ten minutes past five, and your going to be out of the door by half past, well, guess what? That’s not likely to help your seo!

That’s because it’s likely to lack detail, its also likely that it will not address the customers questions, in essence it really gives the impression that the business couldn’t be that bothered when writing the article.

Why is it so important that the work answers the question to hand?

Now we are getting to the heart of the matter. So many companies  just write content marketing to try and improve the companies seo.

This means that 500 words may have just been slapped on the blog section of the companies website, and the writer does not really give a fig if it answers the main question or not, they are just looking to improve the companies SEO.

This approach to seo is quite frankly finished. Google, and also all the other major search engines know if a piece of work is written to answer a question, or just written purely to try and improve the businesses seo.

So the long and short of the matter is this, you shouldn’t write content marketing just to try and improve your businesses SEO.

Bounce rates what on earth are they?

Imagine you opened a fancy new restaurant in the middle of town, and now it’s the opening night- yet most of your customers open the door and then leave!

You would be scratching your bonce thinking what on earth is happening here, right? You would be thinking where are all these blooming people off to? Have I got my prices right?

Well, a sky high bounce rate, with tons of visitors leaving your website straight away, well your digital marketing agency should be asking the same question as if you would if you were the restaurant owner.

So, yes, a high bounce rate is not a good thing. It means people are landing on your website, then leaving in a heart beat.

Is stuffing the writing with loads of keywords a good idea?

It’s an seo technique that’s as old as the hills. That is writing a piece of content marketing, then repeatedly writing keywords that you want the business to rank for within the text.

So, for example, if you run a law practice, that specialises in the divorce process, well some rubbish seo companies may deem it a good idea to write “divorce + area” again and again.

A word to the wise, this method doesn’t work, in matter of fact it is likely to be a sure fire way of getting a website hit by a Google penalty.

This means that when your busy working away, writing your content marketing, you should naturally write the text. This means if a keyword does naturally have to be written, because it fits into the flow of the sentence then so be it.

But don’t write the keyword repeatedly.

So what’s this Google Panda update all about?

Some of you may already know, that Google employs a rather sophisticated algorithm, and its this algorithm that rates how good your website is.

Now, in the process of Google’s algorithm rating how good your website is, will be another element of the algorithm that is busy at work.

Most SEO’s refer to these as “spam filters”, they are like filters that detect if you are trying to trick the algorithm.

This means if the seo agency in question are trying to cut corners, well you’ve got it in one, it will come back and bite the business in question.

There’s no shortcuts anymore, instead quality work needs to be implemented.

Hmm, this all sounds pretty confusing, how much do you charge?

Well, we did try our best to explain things as simply as we could, but we do understand that online marketing is a complex subject.

So, if your mind boggles at the complexity of what is needed, why not let us carry out the work for you?

Best of all our prices are reasonable and down to earth, so go on, get on the dog and bone and give us a ring today.